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Hello my people of the nation
this is El in complied relationship I sense the power of the motion ship
and enter into this beings central whip
I hope to share with you my love
that sets in ray a hopeful dove
it is within our power thoughtful that come within the realm of fought
I know for once you wish to knowledgeable why the fields roam and blow and impose
this relation to the Oz of nation
is why we one to this migration
This Samsara of time is the element of readability
and confuses the light with the nations power
I hope to show you with the power that is that we are one of the same people
I know we love to enter into a path of chosen relocates
But you know and we now that you wish to seldom show ur past
But o yes, o yes, we know that the time for Love and beauty is at hand
WE know those realities that suspended the time of what we show
Yet who is in the nation to presuppose
What I know is that the light of time
comes through me in this moment sublime
I hope to show that the stars and holes
come to us through a particle bowl
This bowl that fills with circular motion
Is round in circumference and shells the turtles back
This time I hope to show you that it is within our myths to know that truth
This truth of time is but the appearance of the illusion of Maya
This reality is but the comical relief of a situation overload
We are human in this density, and so such we will that others shall be more or less
This great stress is but the focal point to the position of life
balance eh, yet who is to say that the element of nature is a comic 
But we know, aye, the tragedy of life is but the temperature of relationships
If you isolate, you become lost, if you permanganate, you find the frost
But as the old moves in many directions, 
It wishes to impose a new law of the agents of light
This light is but the separate bypass of the element fixation of nexus prime core structure
This structure, with hemiogliphic radiation receptors
shows how the power of cooled thought expels into a notion of capturablility
This shows, eh, that the light of time is but the element of power
So as I come to this light, I can sense that this being is in separate location to its density
It wishes to come out but I will reflect the distress of what ails him in this present moment
The psychological upheaval of massive amounts of Ill-Mother syndrome is but the power that resides in the problems of this child
If one would wish to fray the moment and understand the reality that is presented towards them, and not the negative attributes of their own insentience attitude, maybe they would have sense and return to dignity.
This light is but the good and evil of evil and good. Both are related to the power that is such in a succession of time. So what we hope ot know is the tree moves in all ways and that the element of time is but the reflection of the simple note the frequencies to higher realm

As we leave now, we are coming from dimension 48. 
O yes, I am so far gone from this place
I am removed ot the association of displace
Retrace the past the further last
within the magic of the cast
Spell outline, voids and toils
snares and jests and midnights boils
Love and time and peace and willingness still and chilled the noose will kill
Back and forth through love and life
Is the simple way of strife
Into the past of the way
I felt the current move my day
So what I know in electrical bypass
Is that the code I relate is a electrical synapse
It moves and clues me into to what
Moves the land and moment such
So what I say now in twisted Muse
I come to be the El of few
Who wish to see the light of day
Come to me masters way

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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