Pump that beat, listen to this feat

Compared to the beast I release the tensions crease

What I say is in a way a developed play of a complexity

That expresses itself in many ways to the flow

What in essence does the flow give the vibe to

Its the song of your element in the spectral dynasty

When that song is heard within and without

It develops into many develop attributes

It comes from the Otherworld and develops into an artist

Who comes to Reality with a user complex

That makes the path for the formal reconstruction of the dendrites


Wait, hate, anger fate

Lets go back to the madness

Rhyme in time so sublime in crime

Its ejected and rejected from the detected corrected detective

If you think your tight, what this rap express

It a savage way that is right from the light of the bright

Its time to comply the denying relying crying being

What does the projectively protectively current say

Bass to haste back in pace to the race

They calling me insane cause only I’m taking over my brain

What can I say

I am a lowlife who is nothing

Everything comes to be in something

So as I address the test and express the less intest the lie

This subjectivity comes in an intensity of a density of objectivity

This verse and song is fire

Desire supplier that requires me to develop

So what I envelop is how I

Wait, what is this I

I can’t be I unless I am I not I

What I say is how can beingness be beingnot in nothingness

Yet everything is one and the Sum of the Others come

Through, this is the style song that influxes the wrong

So what I say I come back to my Self of self of self of Self

Let me know, let go, go to the flow, grow in the glow of the new now

How, I unknown think towards somebody that is readily nobody


O man, I’m not changing, thoughts created before denial was satisfied

Why can’t I join into the thought system, o wait, I am the system

Back again, relax, it’s a cool flow that you fail in cisterns

That crevice the norm under the storm that creates the form of life

The strife the creates the hypocrisy of the delusion requires Atonement

Yet forgiveness must be readiness in apparently all lives

You are everything you wish to be and are not to be what you aren’t able to see

O yes, fairies dance around marigolds in fleeting forests ferns

Madness corrected to a perfect scenarist




About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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