I come in peace and wish that the many

will become as the one

And that the development under the sunday

Will give peace to the deer

Can’t you see that the deer jumps and freshes its muscles

Every movement it succumbs to a presence of essence

The thing-in-itself becomes the sum of all external events

It moves throughout energy-field of three dimensional reality

Listen how the prancing dancing merrigolds flow so readily

In Albion the island long lost to the Faery King

who sings and brings a new logos to fate


The deer again, is the element of congruent cases

It moves like a wave of grass and flows

To the ethereal quality of motion


Yet, as the wolf stalks it’s prey slowly

It moves in it’s hunches

This struggle to get a brain cake is the making holy

From the prey that moves in linear fashion


Wait, El, is this me, I connect through the fear

The element that is held dear

O yes, Latushi the Council of Nine

Brings for the love of the Galactic Federation


Light beings, constructing, reconstructing constructs

Of modern day “ Wall Street “

Illuminati so exposed they can’t hide

For they are growing weak in this time of order


This wolf, a common being in the sheeps field

Is a loner who comes to his being within

Sirius so delirious of the Canus Lupus experiment


Prophecy in the Raven, who holds Jupiter in strain

I will now recite the hymns



“ Alas, time existed when there was untime. You are but the cosmic reconstructing of the Multiverse. Each human in direct contact creates a common potentiality that can express itself through the Thought-Wave and the free will choice. This Reality system is a double limit by Alpha and Omega. Two ways to expand, towards, or backwards; moving in the flow of gravity. As the gravity spreads it’s matter and antimatter through reality in the likes of Stars and Black-Holes. Light expels while Darkness impresses. Each is a nondual fixation that relates to the perception of the user.”


“ Jupiter, I read your many sons, I found the light in your thunder that rose the night you came to highlight your Constitution of the poetry of Excalibur in Ratio. It moved with a fluid motion of a splicing atom particle bash. This thing-without-itself will expand into the inward to the thing-within-itself, so as you come inward, you can realize the full potential of who you are. This reflects the general pattern that brings many people in direct contact with who and what you are. This element in who you are is who you are when you stop deciding what you believe. By believing nothing, you become everything. So as you dwell in this common place of development, you bring the suggestion of a higher elementary particle in the brain of your electrons fields. These fields are the quarks, gluon, muons, and bosons that construct the reasoning of direct contact between existence. As God is all energy, we are energy, therefore we are God. So as we come to realize we are the Universe, we can take into account that those around us our helping us to co-create the Multiverse in which we can interact in direct contact.”


“Saturn, you are the element of the Sums. You contain the reasoning of all that is. You know that Juptier was fathered by Kronus the absolute, who saved him within from a natural noose. Yet let me recite you hymn. Glory, shines eternally. The whole is complete with a tenacity. As you come to realize the Soul and Heart complex that direct this third-density relationship you while understand that this existence suspends into Nature and beyond. The beyond is the land were the spectral dynasty holds it’s own colors, and excites the oneness for those who find this thing.”


“Narcissist, you know. I can tell from your soul your hidden patterns and relative motion that directs the ships current will ultimately lead you not to hopelessness, but pure bliss. Laugh at your books, but you know Reality is a cosmic joke! I am happy my friend that you can uproot your tendencies and re-evaluate your life.”


Finally. Here is the Hymn of Apollo


“Light sends forth brilliant rays. Inside each ray is a geometric binary control system that suspends rational logic for information to those with receptive asymmetrical 5 computer wizardry. This relationship between the codes of Light and the codes of Darkness represent the light that moves in all directions. It seems to me, that Apollo is the black hole that must be overcome and direct itself into the Light and oneness of all Reality. Apollo is myself, so as I light myself up to you, I think nothing, thank-you”.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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