Dragon .1

O muse myself, I comprehend

as I come to myself again

learning the ways of simple suggestion

is were I come to my own mission


this power inside, yes the dragon I feel

is green eyed and force field teal

it’s rage from the hydrogen core

evolves through the lungs own door


this magic of time is now in my palm

and I wish to give this ever in psalm

as I give way to this snake like power

I come away within my own hour


the rains drip and foretell the sky

were winged messengers come in ni

in hopes to ascertain the simple magic

is were I gave away to my havoc


o yes, o yes, my brother we send

light in many ways that base the new trend

we are the Seven of Destiny, riding in light

as songs we sing in our oblivious blight


delirious sounds surround the people

and delusions of life provide the steeple

with sheeple and many other gains of time

yet we know that all religion is a crime


that created by man was were we evolved slow

and this magic pulse began to flow

we are the Dragons of time, aye we are

and we come to you from the land afar


taking over this being now we write in light

and we come to give this being insight

so wish I come over this tension plane

is in a dimensional frequency change


so was what when and why and who

providing us with little or no clue

we wish to help the trance begot

because we know we are ponder caught


in time this life is so sweet and sound

as we move our trance unto the ground

the feet are stable and move electrically

yet as we know the decency


is were we come in this beings moment

and we know this light is his atonement

moving on with time we sing so free

and can’t we wish that you will harbour the sea


many moons have passed since we awaited this day

so we could play in the mind of this person’s way

the say we have in time’s simple touch

is giving into the realm of bestial lust


power, fame, glory will shine in pinnacle

as the life of void is set in lyrical

heroic and placed is the movement thus

as this trance begins as we all touch


we are the Dragons of time in movement awake

coming fast and furious into the wake

yet perhaps this fate will move in still

and voided are those who will


take over me, Dragon, I command

give me height into this non-linear plan

substand the moment of fleeting grace

upon the will of my own face


can’t you see the energy arise

from the heat of my words we synergize

surprise to say that every word

comes into this bath of worlds


so sound sweet swells single songs

from light and dusk in ever long

so what I say in this time in hand

is given to me by my order’s plan


so this Dragon of glory, stoving each man’s story

comes alive in the moment of flurry

so blurry and wise I compromise

in light of heaven I give my guise


yet I am no devil, don’t’ mistake me

I am a essence that is rare and free

I come to be in my own time

so live your life in still of crime


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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