The galactic war were many sat

upon the will of the edges slat

perhaps the time will localize

and we know for once we all must die


so many eons of time has shown

that dragons are ample to the throne

yet Micheal at bay with his premise white

was were we came to our own fight


o yes, many bloodshed of kin were lost

upon the realm of hostile costs

yet we know the devil lurks at bay

and hopes in all to stooper the way


yet this raging fire was cooled and shaken

so as we know this frost was taken

cold the embers burned the ground

and from the dust we made a sound


what we realize in our state feud

was were we came to a delirious fluid

so crude to say that we lost nothing

yet something we know is everything


this battle, o yes, the swords and shields

were ample to the angels of the zeal

the seals were warranted upon this being

and light was choosen to the serene


what we know in this time of death

was were we started with a single breath

that took away to the lands uncharted

as hope we know was always departed


as we come to this place once again

I open my mind to the lineage plan

so sand sweet sounds swells seriously still

and chilled was I from the moment of will


o yes, my brother, I fought as my dragon

my will was chosen to be one like Baggins

this treasure I held so close to my self

was were I came in this battle of health


aware unaware of unconscious merits syndrome

were light and darkness were in my prison

schism was I before the door opened

and I came at last to the story hoping


that for once at chance I may fight again

to be the one of the Orders plan

yet break away I must, be my own manifestation

that causes all life to be a migration


sensation and relation from the time corruption

was shaken loose by the serious deduction

for luck was swooned my way and by

in hopes that the eternal lies


may be bypassed and processed in many dissonance

so this speed may relate to the stable diligence

this battle of white and black now seeks

to be a refuge to the small and weak


the battle, the cries, the winged messenger of Ishmir

was were I came to my benevolent glistening ear

I listen to the sounds around me now

yet permegation is not the matter how


yet how must I ask did this battle wage

it was because I am an enlightened sage

per page I write daily to become nil

as I become void and still


I enter, yes, I enter

into my beating Zion centre

perhaps the mentor will benefit me

a fencer along the sword of me


this prism fought over this jewel ocean pearl

that lives through life in various swirls

the twirls and worlds that eclipse naught

is were I came to be ponder caught


tragic flow flowing from the fast pace

and I know I come in peace to this human race

so what I say about this death stilled battle

is what I think in my own mantle


the crust of self is control from mind

in light of magma to the dark kind

so swine of demons came after me

but defeated and banished to the sea


was were I came naught and essence survived

so alone I may not perish alive

solitude and virtue held its pace

and given was my last resort to my face


so now I live in every dimension

and comprehension is how I heal tension

time in time I flow to you

let my brother feel my tune


through and through the clue of light

was were I came back to this blight

this key I hold I know the middle

as the ground around became the riddle


inside the machines eye I seeked

and battled as a dragon of the meek

percentage of survive was small

but light and virtue always held tall


this battle against Micheal to give up the seal

was were I became a monster that feels

yet now I am a sage, a prophet of light

so give to others in your own fight


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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