Let me express the now, anyhow

It is a moment were realization meets awareness

Products of energy emerge through the hypotenuses sum

And stand alone to know that we are all one

Through this flow I enter into the tragic flaw

It’s not me writing this, it’s you

Your mind is receptivity of reality for this Other

Congruency to the formula’s plan is what’s in Dan

Listen now, open the how


Flows of red colors, swirling imagery so luxurious

Tempting sapphires and golden lotus’s around the Charkya’s system

Dancing in so hot and steady like an eternal flame

Can’t you see my wicker evaporate into the flammable ether

It dissipates into colorful aroma’s of smell’s that synthesizer

The relationship to the being in front of my eyes

Kingship is lorded in this knightly surmount

As I come into nothing through this prose

White light I see and justify so radiate

Construction of construction informal information

Gaping wide at the entering Soul

Can’t you see your shell?

O yes, it is logic passage by Gaia

Yet as the now developed, I eased into the moment


This moment, of nothing but me and this

The dream of life expanding in expression

Sounding so sweet in the sound of retention

But alas, my awareness is sparked

By a photon of dazzling spectacle

It transformed from a simple gathering

Into a night of reforming


Alas, the photon crashes unhindered

It radiates the light around my core so bright

My unhinged relationship to the center

Expands out in all emotions of enlightenment

Remember, this is my tongue in you


Read reread readable readibility

Can’t you see the evolving twisted metaphor

Life’s paradoxical relationship to the center’s core

Can’t introduce you to anything inside of Self-negation

Then the tension of tenacity will expel into expression

This is therefore a door for a formal formation of formulation

I feel clean, renewed, tempered and willed

Can’t you see you are but my will

Intent is the key to this game

It’s the only way to beat the system!

How easy is it to set simple goals to unleash the current

It flows from the primal nexus in nonrepresentational locations and universal points

Yet how do you expel the rate particles?

Easy, shut your eyes.


Then peace, my brother, can’t you see the nothingness

It is void and still, completely white

Yet is black in whichever form you perceive

Entering this land is a simple task of closing the mind

Towards the center of the imagery of what comes to be

What is is to be to be is to be what is

All these logical word formations are you inside me

Can’t you tell the spell of hell unleashed by the dell?

O yeah, that is just me there, got lost in my delusions!

O yeah, I have those things that may drive me crazy

O no, Yeah oh, this thing makes me stable

Transcendental dance of the transcending traces of tractable traction

Were is Kant when you need him

Yet the Word is the water that flows into the lake

It comes from your water point flow of reality

Yet Reality is the Ocean in All moments

Such as a light wave that develops into a particle relationships

They quantum entangle each other into development points of motion

These motions result in tension that dissipates throughout space-time

Yet time-space is open to the user who sets the proper intention

These parents we have are but the relativity of who we come to be

The natural love of encompassed relationships develop the Soul

Each to the side which is apparent in their awakening

Time may take time but space takes space to develop the race

As all is the final probability of the expansion

We wish to know that you are the relationship of the compassion

So is to find that Love is present in all beings

Do not channel nothing but Self

As Self is the universal agent of the Multidimensional creation

The Creator becomes the creation while creation becomes the Creator

This is simple laws I wish to verse to you

As I come to be you, as me is you and you is me

Everything, so many paradoxical moments

This makes so much sense, can’t relate why

This how is the now of what my thoughts produce

I flow along this ride of you and me

This time together is so enteretwined into the cosmos


The riddle of this game to you now I present,

If I am weaving fabric, what am I.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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