the way of life is a way of strife
the strife of life is the way of the gold
a way of the gold is to live upon the fold
life is the gold strife that radiates bright

the void of man is the voice of reason
the voice of reason is the way of a color
a color is our voice that outward speaks
the void is a color of the voice of reason

contemplation is a situation of thought
the thought is but our self controlled subjectively
a subjective self is the true nature of the void
the thought is our self subjective to the true void

the way of a sage is quiet inward self
the inward self is a thought of the void
a void is the inward self of a quiet sage
the voice of our self is the void of outward in

the outward light of men is shone through actions
the actions of our self is a reflection of thought
a reflection of thought is the void of our light
the light of the void is a reflective action

the everything of nothing is the true void of Zen
the nothing of everything is the Zen of the void
a void is nothing in which we are everything
everything in nothing and nothing in everything

the time of stillness is time of everything
the everything of time is the stillness of nothing
a void is still and nothing in time
the time is a void of everything in nothing

the moment to speak is a voice of reason
the voice of reason is a moment of nothing
a moment of nothing is a voice to speak
to speak is to voice the reason of the void

the time to hear is the time of everything
the everything of time is a moment to listen
a listening ear hears the void of nothing
the nothing we hear is a thought of everything

the time dear is a time to see
the sight of clear is the nothing of time
a time of nothing is a time of everything
the everything of nothing gives clear sight

the imagination is the root of the void
the void is the imagination of self
a true self is true to the imagination
the root of self is a root of imagination

the self is a propagation of what we are
the what of are is the self of a root
a root is the beginning of the self
the self is the beginning of a root

the beginning is the time of nothing
the time of nothing is the time of everything
all of everything is in all of nothing
the beginning is nothing in all of everything

the reality of self is subjective to the root
the root of self is the reality of nothing
a reality of nothing is a subject of everything
the subject of our reality is nothing of nothing

the dream of life is the gold of a root
the gold of a root is the dream that’s lucid
a lucid dream is the reality of a beginning
the root of a beginning is a life of a dream

the end is everything to nothing
the beginning is nothing to everything
a pulse of an atom is the flow of grace
the grace of everything is the trace of nothing

the mind is a form of all nature
the nature of a form is the subject of a mind
a mind forms the nature of everything
the ability to form is thus from nothing

the soul is the essence of a root
the root develops from nothing to everything
a beginning is a dream that is lucid
the lucid dream of a soul is the root of nothing

the body is the form of everything
the form of everything is the root of time
a time is the beginning of what’s gold
the gold is the true essence of everything

the self is a root in the beginning time
the time is nothing of a new beginning
a nothing is the true Zen of everything
the beginning is nothing thus so is the end

the sperm of everything is the full of one
the full of one is everything in consciousness
a one is the reality of intermixed forces
the force is a gravity acting inward

the gravity is the force from a point
the point is an expression of everything
a joint of a point flows both ways
the everything moving forward and nothing back

the sacrifice of everything leads to nothing
the nothing of time is the root of gold
a gold root is the reason of a voice
the voice of everything is the gold root

to think is to be in the root of nothing
the root of nothing is the voice of everything
a voice is a reason of the void
to think is to be everything in reason with nothing

the something of nothing is everything
the everything of nothing is something
a something in nothing, a something in everything
the something of everything is all of nothing

a void is the nothing of everything
find your own inner reason upon the fold
for then your voice will grow the color gold


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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