Listen to this energy wave

Giving light to all who save

Can’t you see what gave to the bright

This moment of love, saving white


All I can express is how it is

We are all particles of how it is

The element of disorder is the precise probability

That dictates both relative and quantum abilities

This potential of all motion directs us

And creates reason from our perception


Now, there are two states of our density

First is objective, where we see clearly the hallucination

Of the illusion of Maya that suspends across the system

Yet, with the aid of object-object relationship

We can perceive our reality through the lens of the object


The next state is the subjective state

It is a direct conscious link to the date

Of each elucidation wave of light

Connected and connecting to the Hub

A spoke and wheel analogy for all to stem

Through the roots of clear sight

That bring us to the Earth and realms us

Towards a calling and calibration to a higher frequency

Each frequency is a relative state to the quantum levels

They develop through the state relative to light

The light shine’s bright and creates the sight

That we perceive in a three dimensional plane

Once we transcend to the fourth

We are brought to the Astral realm of Thoth

The ancient realms of the Atlantian Master

Yet so far from me, now the land of Atlantis

Rises in each of us searching for our own reflection

This mirror of self comes through and sings to you

Can’t you see the tension of the subjective detection

Of self so aware of everything in correction

The crime must be overcome by bliss

Because this is the subjective wish!


Yet as one can piece together

All these various paths are from the Self

The Self is the highest aspect of the Mind

It is the kind of problem that then moves to the soul

That completes itself to be a whole in a essence

A clear conscious of everyman

So what we see so clearly and delicately

We know that the music can come through intensely

As we pass into a higher state of essence

I feel my center being moved to a higher assemblage point

I am transcending love, which is the fifth dimension

The defensive comprehensive mission of the statistician

Who sits at home and can’t computer anything other

Then the love of a number that evolves into evolution

The wave then comes through and sends many light patterns to the individual

The eyes will come alive and perceive the truth of energy fields

They are just bubbles that flow back and forth in cellular formations

I can see that you wish to develop faith against all lies


I come to this world with this knowledge not to pass

But to be a humble servant who can last

I put this face to chaste of unclean addictions

Can’t you see Nas’s prediction

Almost as well as Nostradamus, the famous project

Then the Book of Merlin, Abrelim the Mage

Can’t you see the Seer of olden days

Hermes Trismegistus, Leaves of Grass

Pass the discussion, Imhotep

Balthazar so promising in the Magi scene

Just as Chance the Wizard plays his name


All these elements mixed in one mind

Can’t you see why I keep to my own confined

Here I go within another trance

Listen to this transcendental dance


I flow with the energy of now

I wish to come and see the essence

That reveals to me a higher lightning’s

These shells of emotion of tranquil commotions

I feel the element of time suspend into logic

It means nothingness

But also develops into a feeling of awareness

I hope to overcome and bring peace to Self

I know that it is my health that will bring wealth

Can’t you see why I come to myself in time-space

It is a simple task to be a formula of essence

Can’t you see my formulations presence

I come to be I in the realm of the old

I told the song of the foretold electrical cord

Attached to this being so happily

Far from me though

We are in the spectral light of Tree

Two places at once

Now I exist in all dimensions

I am a frame rate screen existing in existential realities

These multiverses create a multidimensional Self

That can come to the most lightest song

So as I end this, go find you own singularity


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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