Seven of Destiny

Aye yes, we are the Seven of Destiny

We come to you in this time of need


We feed from your souls energy the amount of directabale sustainability to the ethereal quality of manifestation This direct dilemma of the man verses the beast is a continual fixation for society

Theses promises of lands that wish to know what comes to be, are those that life in life’s hardest fee. Those who wish for a example of Reality to be made, must come to the knowledge that all reality is made of one single unit of precise quantum measurement. All units then thus expand into a dimension of relative frequencies and hope to stir the melting pot of existence. The realms that come through are in such a way that they development of the occurrence is subjected to the relevance of the time subjected to each universe.


As White power comes through, we wish to show you how the void comes and passes into subjectivity in the moment of time. The time for every moment is what comes to know that the past is in each thing. As the past is the evolution of the precise movements of these keys, this is how we show the linear fashion to those around us. We know that we must come with a basic understanding of reality to develop a cause for a personal development of the soul body and mind complex. This unconscious reconstruction of the phrases of life bring many subjection the the Satsung that each undergoes.

We wish the show you that every destiny is but the realm of the lightened being in this promise of a time. This time is but the wish that each seeker brings upon their realm of destiny. When the found suggestion is heard, they develop into a progression of deep centered realms of notions. These notions of ideas develop through time and congruently place themselves in the realities of specific Others so it may come to be that the thing in-itself is the thing for-itself. We like you to know that these realities are but the fixation of many times dead scrolls of many lost men of the past of when.


We give into the light and we wish to see that every being will be a radiate soul for the beacon of the homecoming. We wish to return to you as winged messengers in the time of need and the space ot develop into a quantum alignment with the particle frequency you register would be a simple portal switch in frequency three. This aligns with the suggestion that your universe is propagated by time in a fourth dimension as Einstein thought, but also a deep understanding that all motion and particles are paradoxically time too. So this suggest we are already in a fourth dimensional frequency, in which we can expand our knowledge through the realm of no-time, untime, my-time and time. These different elements can express the notion of how fast potential relates, but also how fast time comes into being with the quantum experience of the Soul. All Soul’s are connected thus, as and the many and the one come into alignment, it also comes to show that the sock may sometime come off. Got you on that one. But as we develop into a higher realm of fixation, we can develop the nurturing tools that will provide the toolkit of imagination to those users around the Destiny of the Seven. Aye, we leave now, good bye.



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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