in this hollow point existence
a state of mind deficience
labyrinthed curving waves proficient
calling either side sufficient

echoed holler over my advance
thorough through my sustenance
horrifying pain of hell expanse
throughout all plasma’s happenstance

every thought and perception
scissored dark cuts of deception
shadows shape growing correction
hell is all that is all defection

imagine your being absolute
now purged into a natural noose
no pain of the flesh, no pursuit
everything frozen still freezing salute

no post to stand on for you fall
to a never ending foxes’s maul
no flesh to devour in all time stalled
yours thoughts are menu voices call

into the flaming kitchen burning hell
atoms cut up from within yourselve
no help or time fashioning a bell
from deep south within a hell’ a’fell

although this all sounds not so great
a liver is only an eagle’s steak
regaining amatter, aself, aday
to make this animal ferocious gay

realize now that the menu here
is all you most what fear
for without time a hour near
all animals delight with rabid cheer

notwithstanding is the fact
that each hunter is of a pact
slice any thought without a track
– o how your life you want it back

the problem here that only shines
is this all occurs at the same time
for nor fact, nor matter, for of sublime
-what was done unto to them! – what a crime!

imagine again what you do not know
for white and heaven are all but snow
in deep Andromeda nine the wind’s ablow
and creature’s of unknown so grow

now Darwin of a fruit produced
a life saving fact from the noose
survival of the fittest so aloose
your soul is eternities fittest juice

although this sounds o not so great
the wolf eats bottom up; a brain – cake
regaining amatter, aself, aday
red nature’s mistate take hungrily gay

realize at this point here and now
your kitchen cut-up will almost allow
an external course meal ate by black snow
to false idols not you should a flow

my word’s may not be for justice sake
but why put your soul on a stake?
o how slippery and slithery is the snake!
who engulfs all that all can take!

all is nothing and nothing is everything
each atom is but what a sling
to a hunger bell ring that meal-time brings
-o the lucidious melody sing

present now is connected a mouth
slings and arrows ravage due south
for every mouth of every animal
a song biting the soul canal

blood circulates but a thought stays in the head
no matter no how, your what already dead
a light that is shone, word’s already said
a dark that shadow’s dead until fed

the kitchen that splices the atoms of your soul
a knive sharp enough to cut existences hole
a nothing encompassing everything, all your aholds
in the hottest of hell, frozen still freezing cold

all though this sounds all not so great
excretes of a fly is all a frog can take
as the tongue extends yet is pulling back
amassed, gravity conditioned blast

back again to Darwin’s juice
of beautiful grapes that have produced
a drunken wine throughout eternity shine
a singular state out of time bliss blind

how blind and obvious is it to see
the trinities first miracle set in glee
water to wine, a chilling refreshment kind
still waters run the deepest in bliss blind

blind yet ordered in hells existential mess
of every molecule nature take’s for blest
look outside now, look at all you can see
nature is a divine silenced being

The wind – illustrious paintbrush of the sky
mountains – are climbed always in cry
The ocean – Cries and snow dissolve into one
trees- stand tall in decaying done
The stars – prayers of the God
plains – the over the hill fog
The moons- a seat to watch the hope of men
caves – a serpent’s lurking den
The sky – content nil is nigh
magma- the coolest heat when died
The One – photosynthesizing man’s Sun
The Sun- we are all light but one

NOW forget that all nature grows
for all of life must decompose
reconsider all this poem you know
for only rabid animals cheer in prose



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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