End Point

End Point


Pathetic once, once always pathetic
hedonistic through lying heretics
Capture a star with black matter
for black are both stars that shatter

A one eyed cyclops within the event horizon
who hungrily hooks nature’s balance law liaison
Along the hook, line, sinker of time should have been
the negative particle, black pathetic sucking in

Worlds, dimensions, loss of comprehension
fabric’s tension on time’s disconnection
In a reality of unbalanced reflection
the opposite attraction; over edge suspension

A void; God’s wall writing does not exist
for nature’s black negativity persists
Positively assuring mans hollow point disturbance
all atoms exist for entropy to persist

Dark matter parasitic on energies capacity
to feed the cyclops cryptic existence Chasity
for unknown, unwritten, unheard and unseen
is the density of this panacea being

A panacea pulled through it’s own
purging systematically fabric’s conical cone
Anathema the Anemia, an equilateral
of the forward and reverse collateral

The unknown movement and speed in this place
were life’s upright, leftdown are rather displaced
No right angle’s, no (let) a(x)ioms, no matter to trace
the golden rule, or half rule of the golden face

The unwritten ruler written out of existence
no knowledge wrote on grey area dissonance
but each word written on Nebuchadnezzar’s wall
a void idiom, between black and white walled Eden tree fall

The unheard sound of nature’s calling wind (swaying no tree)
voiceful and moving yet perished within fin
No meters or seconds to sense akin
in a senseless dimension comprehension oblivion

The unseen light in front of a shrouded eye
beyond the horizon of the dead yet alive
A force pulling everything inward, amassed
by the one eyed, third eye flash

no matter how strong molecular forces bond
forces unweave and no matter belongs
in time’s destroying single pointed wand
waved in a spectrum were no time prolongs

Off a single ball of twine, destiny eye will unwind
a time out of time, voided by blind mankind
Free of fabric’s chain, disillusioned pain
in a existence of negativity reign

From dark growing prophets of unwinding time
was pulled an existence thread, off a singular twine
out of a inward pulled nothing, pushed an outward pulled in
over the edge’s ledge maker’s puppet beginning fin.

For the Hedonistic, lying pathetic heretic
ate like a famished cyclops; positive matter sick
purging all residing black matter cathartic
Nature’s euthanasia to all biotic



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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