Faded Line

Faded Line


trying to find that once faded line
between this that yours, that and mine
shelled from my own all of emotions
I scratch for tranquility from within this commotion
diving deep into the keyhole, I search for the mechanism that fits just right
can this wall be unlocked, or should I lock myself right in tight?-
the once so happy glee, is no longer a part of me
as each brick stretches as far as no man can see
mud,water,straw, earth, water and air has created my own prison
any attempts to escape wouldn’t produce a scare
freedom from this emotionally cloud box
would construct new beginnings, were I would go, I know not
the wild, open land, which myself had set closed
would allow the dissonance, of this one sided prose
when everything around me starts to crumble
do I be humble or create new bricks from this stumble?
the soft warm land my heart attempts to see
has been hardened by my own self absorbed gluttony

brick by brick, clay by layer
the faded line is almost there
cracks and chisels, sweat and screams
tearing down this fortress, what can it mean

stepping fast

freedom in this uncharted land
was always restricted from my own hand
looking as far as many men have seen
I graze upon others walls, were I once had been
locked away in a shell closed tight
allows for haunting thoughts, diminishing the bright light
quite like a mouse in a cage searching for food in a fortified maze
crazy how I trusted my castle of distraught
for it hardened my heart, producing negative thoughts
were am I going? what have I been?
is clouded in mystery, fogged by the unseen

feeling around me, all I sense is pain
o why all this suffering, were is that clay again?
my heart is not happy, my body aches and aches
building new walls, what it would take
that is yours, and this is mine
I know i would negate myself from that sunshine
looking down, I see the line the wall was there
the shut off, shut down is what no man should bear
off in the distance must be a place of solitude
were the wall is down yet up, without the faded crude
I never been so alive, yet never so dead
that hardened inner place is one of dread
no restrictions, just a beat followed with a strum
my search for food has just begun
tranquility can be found without a shell
it just allows piercing arrows that don’t quell
the world is out there for us all to see
please know the line has let me to see
the only thin I can do is be me
me in a land of fog, toil and snares
bring it on, I jest with a dare

glancing at the far off wall once there
I can only hope that you want to share
a lifetime of ups and downs
sometimes yellow, sometimes brown
the greatest thing is no surprise
love, beauty, and trust based on compromise
the all is torn down feelings are felt
will it be a candle, or just melt?


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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