Stand Tall Up Hall

Stand Tall Up Hall


How long does this mountain stand tall
before it tumbles, crumbles, begins to uphall
Roots so deep, holding loose sentiment complete
eventually create a new life compost heap.

The shifting plates, the every growing green demand
formulates a new rock, able to withstand
The test of time, night’s cold storm brew
erosion, your kind, the attempts to hold true.

Piercing the sky, this shield and a sword
has no armour, other than a rock solid core
The only rock that breaks this stone
is a stick that shatters the bone.

From it’s own nature avalanches decommerce
scorched by fire, shaken loose by uneven earth
left-sde down by its own serpentine water
Why does mother do this to father?

A parental dilemma, crossed between the children of its stream
a rocky jaded landscape held together by the serene
(serendipitous moments pass by without notice,
in a landscape of this freshly wonderful bliss)

for what juxtaposition these two lovers have
a father growing tall, a mother going mad

In a time held together by the river of it’s own
the downstream battle to the ocean won’t dethrone,
The rock temple of up high, the Solomon of the known
decimating the unarmored maiden who stands alone.

For the only unknown of this one-sided rock
is how dense the mind is somewhat like a block,
For how could Solomon’s baby wisdom be split in two?
The depressed, narcissistic, without any clue!

For commerced is the avalanche of it’s berth
against all nature it will likely submerse;
everything of the present, everything of the past.
This quarry of downfall will be it’s last.

The might of this mountain will finally stand
and be a rabid wolf at the sLaughter of the lamb.
Thrice, Jesus first swallowed this meal at a glance,
and left only bread and wine for fellow participence.

The stream, the river, the malicious sound venomous snake,
leads to a calmer place you cannot forsake: the ocean of mistake.
For now Solomon the wolf rests at the lake,
from the lambs slaughter he took all he could take.



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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