Listen to this flow

This is how it goes

One two three fast paced renew

Can’t you see what I do with a few

Lines and verses the compel the nurses

Who can say what implies this version


Rewind, set back, listen to this attack

Flow, grow, be at peace with the land

Open your self to the saviors hand

It is in our being that makes us Higher

As we come to realize that we a neither

I being of past or a being of future

But a being of everything in Karma-sutra’s

As you can tell, formulate this division of Hell

Bending bodies and torture chains

Are what is lacking in our prisons frame

Per chance the name will come to be in the game

But as we know, we gotta play without shame

So as I go, let me listen to this tune

Back into the rhythm that comes to soon


Open that hi-hat

Simple fabric of woven crafts

Sound so around the heat of our Core

Can’t you see we need to open Zion’s door

That is what we wish to tell you now

Is that each being must enter some-how

This presence that is inside can flow throughout

And with this mindset all is without

As you can enter into a dance of thought

We wish to let you know we are ponder caught

No being, no entity, only a chosen paternity

That has delegated into my own little force

Can’t you see the course is what we set for our self

This outlines the wealth of our conscious being

As we develop into various forms of non-conformity

It comes to show that we can develop our enormity

This project of time has so come to be without

And it knows that the power is so without a doubt

I know that this beat is gonna radiate and leap

But I can’t control my own tempest in feats

The trance that I am under is so intense

I give away to the moment and become nosense

I am just a thought, a essence so rare

It is like a can see through the crystals glare

This body so hurt, so alive and radiant

Let me show you how I pave the path

Listen to this verse I muse

Light is information and is a relation

Of the fabric that is woven around each body

It is no folly the the hole soul would purge in one moment

But as each person knows, our last breath is when we wave good-bye

Yet, into the land of twisted fates and reversal dates

We come to know who and what we are

We can see the relation of what we are not

And as we escape the chains of illusion we develop fusion

This path we enter is like a way to help the vision

It’s mission is a development of many constructions

It’s wave patterns come through the light field of development

It suggestion the paves the path for the way is the allurement

And it comes to know that when one thing comes to be

It is in the element that we are all set free

The small idea, captured in the mind

Is were we keep our self to our own kind

This Non-myself is one thing away from Dual

Yet as I am no fool, I am the foolish of the wise

And as it leaves clues, I just listen to the voice inside

Incisive replacements of various defacement of guises worn out

Is were I enter into this dance of the double tune bout

Nothing is entering through the portal of time

And in no-time I act as I am sublime

This Core is were I open the door to many things

The hall of torture and chains I see

This is why I have come back again you see

That all I want to be is the essence so free

And as decency improves my frequency

I intimately contagiously and vigorously

Wish to show me that I am me

Yet withdrawal into no wall

Is were no man can see

Yet I am out, knocking on others doors

Open the floor for the path to soar

Listen to the Eagle around the Mountain’s Peak

Because he always comes to eat the Mountain’s weak

So as I know my lost crevice of Atlantis glory

Is were I come to my own story

I drift in architectural ways

And I know City Councilor was my play

But alas, that version is of last

It is in my long lost past



So as I end this hymn

Listen to the verse with no sing


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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