Dragon’s Breath

In the darkness; order, upon renewal, disorder. A realm hidden from our ego but known to self. This law, dictates that all moves in various states of renewal, each which, as time passes, moves to a lower state of entropy. The first frame of light was due to the change in time. Accordingly, this changed brought forth the first elements that changed and formed due to the linear propagation of our dimension. Each dimension that is framed is just order being crated by the subset of beings or galaxies or universes. As furious as the supernova was this flash of existence. It moved in all directions and flowed from the essence that it was. This essence created a duality y system for each user within the confines of each dimension. Yet, each essence is nondual with the loss of perception, both become and transform into the other.


As the essences of fire, heat, air, wind and matter constructed the basic premise for a monolith, the beginning was subjected to the command of the Council above the Universe. These Councils were the members of a Galactic Federation that announced how each Universe shall evolve. They used the fundamentals of order and disorder to subject each user to maximize their potential within the frame of reference to that systems potential. Thus as one becomes Apollo, so such one is Christed.


Before the beginning, there existed a single Dragon. This Dragon is named the Prime Creator. It’s winged messengers are those who transcribe. All together, this Dragon’s tears were what created Love. Inside his oxygen chamber, he sent forth hydrogen combustion to the frost of stillness he called nothingness. As nothing became something, it evolved into everything. This breath of fire and tears of love entertwined so that the universe was able to be that dualistic state. Each state moved and became conditional to the Primal Principle. Each principle of reflection showed that each benefactor to the light could bewitch the motion current and add elements to the single breath of white light. Slowly, as to pause for certain, the existence moved due to the water entering us and creating us as dust from the fire and water feud. Thus, the ashes formed the clay from the onslaught of water and fire. These elements fused together. Additionally, water evaporated into air and as the beginning approved of this local phenomenon,, so such did everything express furiously unto its big crunch.


After the beginning, the subset basis of the Dragon’s reality so such sifted through the elements and became a merger of life. Each breath of fire, constructed the Multiverse, and as each Multiverse was crafted, the beings were also created. They grew from the smallest fragments of the color white. Each form was exposed through the crystallined grid within the Dragon’s combustion chamber. These different colors promoted many different strains of “growth” within the Goldilocks basis.


Each growth was fueled by the First Dragon and it’s emanations were brought forth as the Eagle, Dove, and Hawk. Until these arch-types evolved into form, they were set at will. Thus each evolution of everything constituted that all must be evolving to a higher state of order.


The Druid’s form of metempsychosis allows for these occurrences to happen in time. Each renewal of being further constitutes reality of permagence to the user. The spell of Nature so enacts its matter to Mother.


Before all this occurs, the elements add a new pore to Nature through the form of the Old Ways. This relationship from the Primordial soup entertains the fact that each relationship to the Dragon’s breath is what fuels the core of happenstance. Each happening results in further discourse of a reality that changes at will. Each will of the breath evolves into the “matter-of-sound”. This representation dictates that matter is an expression for a greater matter potential due to the fixation of central points of power. These assemblage points dictate that the essence of noumonial things elevates itself into a higher form.


Each form of higher attributes coalesce with the out-pouring happenings of outer-matter. These forms, which came from the basics, evolves within and without the energy field. This grid of energy, suspects its form to the suggestion of each Council. This Council of Nine represents the first forms of order unto the system. The system is beingless until the merger with the Prime Creator. This molten cool “aether” provides the distillation concurrences to flow within the natural confines of represented reality. Each substance or law must first be finalized by the Alpha Centurion of the Galactic Councils foresight. All these members of energy result from the first state of consciousness of order or nothingness. These states are then marketed to a lesser Council that so creates the differences of command. The lesser Council, the Council of Seven, re-initializes the programs direct access root into the spiraling helix of each universe’s code and the cellular memory of each entity is added within.

Nine makes laws, Seven implements; all Systems and Councils undergo the basic shifts of high entropy to low or low entropy to high.


All shifts on a relative and quantum scale both supply the probability that time advances through the seeing light to give us the probably of disorder.


Before all these things occur, the definite branch of consciousness comes through waves of the elements forth-coming. All waves of consciousness represent a frequency that compounds itself to each essence and as each essence finds its home, the thought involves to a matter-of-sound and creates the essence of that reality or reality-of-things. Such, no-thing is derived on a quantum level as everything.


As the essence begins to compound into various forms of bacteria and organisms, the essence so rare to life co-created its consciousness through the first wave of matte-by-sound. These single celled thought forms made by the distillation of water and fire, so became ordered and thus evolved into a higher form through man ages. Each segment or age rationalized; through the consciousness of each own, to a higher rate of order until it rests and thus continues again.


As the bacteria began to develop, so did the polarities and causes of duality of perception. As fire is x and air is y, all formed to be xy in various symmetries. These dualities formed the first constructs for the homo-sapien to evolve himself in. The evolution through plants is what superseded all lifeforms.


The beginning of time so undergoes a rapid transformation due to the information geneisi of light and darkness. Each attribute applies itself through the breath and as each breath of the dragon cycles through Multiverses, many filaments are created and shaped the geometric form into many carrier packets and shapes of growth due to the evolution of synapses between the webnet and many other basic lifeforms that so radiate the information packets of the age carrier agent.


As to state, the breath of life was created by a being who became ware of itself through the nothingness of realty, and so suggested to itself the change of fundamental reason into a state of disorder were whence went itself into itself and through itself and fabricated another breath which cycled through infinite. It created the entropy for various states for matter and consciousness.


This Dragon was the first of many beings to support the framework of the dissonance of essences. The minutia of atoms were forged by the electron that gives matter its perceptible state to our holographic Multiverse. The neutron thus, is an intermediate state of flux that suspends reality in the trigonomal force. It also shows that the electron shows light because it is information. The information of a genesis from the first breath so crated a subset analysis of the fundamental choice of reason. Each subset of reason developed into various potentials that could be harnessed through the spheres to allocate its attention to the fabrication of reality. Each passe brought light to the realms of information and thus as everything expanded, it forces itself to be itself.


The rate of progression of molecules is in direct ratio to the amount of gravity within the strings of entropy. Each string loses it’s gravitational force as it moves away from a central mass. Each mass moves from the first ring of order and thus expands into the Sun-breath of energy. Each ring moves from the circumference of the rings that support the element. All elements expand in a circular spinning motion within the confines of the end-of being. Also, the end-of-ring is the presidential of the reelection of the spheres that allocates each universe to form the bubbles of each contract of the “linear-highway”. The “linear-highway” is the space between universes that allow for direct contract with the essence of each propagation. Furthermore, each propagation reflects the harmony of the forward and reverse system of all Multiverses.


Afro-mentioned, the beginning of the rings brought a simple inertia system that follows the will of the Dragon’s breath. Each breath unleashes its torrent of energy in the forward cone that expand from a singular point until it reaches its end-point and dissolves or reaches it’s beginning point that reflects the various reflections. Upon reuniting, the element is created thus again, into a form of re-occurence that directs the element into it’s path. Each path of elements constituates a relationship of lienar propagation in our 3d reality.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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