This man of short stature

Was in the tomb of nature

He fused his being with the tree’s

So that each their own could see

Feeling this was that and who

Amongst the underbrush a song


“Sing ye tree’s

Set Bacchus free

Till morn anew

Fresh and through

Expand thy leaf

Fall gravity down

Replenish the grass

Grass so green

Be at peace

Live in a tree

Set free thy will

Become all stilled”


In deep the forest foretold

That the elf was feverishly cold

He needed fire to heat the core

Of his sand upon the floor

The tree’s whispered in his ears

Do as thou wilt my dear

So as he found his nectar bliss

He feel in love with the land tis


His dreams of fragments

Were long begotten

He felt his elfish was forgotten

The time he fell into entity

He compounded his life in rarity


Let us sing the song of his moon


“Reflect dazzling emerald

The twilight passes

Aemryst beauty

Showing her glee

Shining sapphire

Beyond the crust

Magnetic relation

To our core”


The songs of the elf will be heard thus

As he himself was natures trust

And he is but a grain of sand

Now deep centered in the woods

Is a fountain of youth

Daily he bathed so his thoughts were anew

Upon his realm of thought

He was a man a caught

Here is his song of sun


“Thy beating photon

Agent of light

Information genesis

Corruption of fright

Fleeting love to all

Expand thy rate

Shine through ages

Making goldilocks state”


Now the elf of the woods

Stood in the pace of life

He contended his being along the tides


This song of life is infused

With myself and others

In this retreat of solstice

The elf’s essence is restored

And thy fleeting son of rocks


“Hardened like steel

Magic appeal

Fortress of ages

Mountain sages

Behind the hills

Formation of sand

Reaching skyward

Deep in earth

Magma flowing

Flux of self

Essence growing

Battle with water

Making forms

Esoteric reaction



So this song of life expels

A fleeting moment chime

In such a such a way

The magic of divine

The elf of time stilled

His memory of will

He sings his tune to nature

And expects nothing in return

Thus the rapture promotes light

As one can see one can’t

Therefore let him recite

Thyne line of air


“Ether combust

Pinnacle of breath

Fire dances

Movement pressure

Essence of life

Fulfill thyne cup

Movement of self

Inside my core

Breath of life

Death of strife

Nature’s health

Beyond the self”


The elf in the forest stable

Found within his clause a fable

A moment of bliss beyond him

And such he relates


“O alas thyne spell is wove

It grows and flows the most

Centered inside the being of queen

It releases its power and scheme

In moments recollected

It feels itself connected

To the universe and cosmos

Enstaring his vision”


Let us sing again the song of water


“O myriad eternal

Bless this life internal

Grace of life and sea

Power through me

Express thyne will

Harvest my perception

Be water stilled

A flawless complexion

Rivers and snow alike

The great ocean of light

Expanding every year

Receding every year

Control the inner wisdom

Grace to the heat

Silent always

Learn to beat”


As flowing the years of elf

He founded his idiom of self

To produce a making lie

That we all perish and die

As such, the forest grew silent

Not even the owl spoke

For in this forest was a wolf

He silently searched for growth

Finding only the herbs and roots

He seen the elf on a noose

This is the song of wolf


“O my moon

I howl all day long

Can’t you feel me

I am one with you

I feed upon prey

That hierarchy instills

I love your reflection

And craters of light

Can’t you save me

I feel incomplete

Thus my pack

As a formation one

Seeks refuge in rocks

Were time stands still

Flying through land

We use our paws

Living is thus

A communion of pack


The elfs song lost in time

He fell into his personal rhyme

As such the elf lives in trees

They are hard to spot and see

He is of noble Saxon birth

His landscape of thought enters in

And floods through every fin

As such, the elf always knows

To which way the winds ablow

Here is his song of wind


“Circular motion

Force and height as one

Movement occurring

Silence of atoms

Breath of gods

Ample divination

Expressing mother

In all racing moments


The nature of this elf was all nature

And the fabric of reality controlled

His will and power to seek out

Those in he found his rhythm

Now here is his own tune


“Spheres around me

I seek shelter

Tears surround me

I live in hope

Prayers adhere me

So does thy will

Selfishness astounds me

So I feel still

Words ground me

And thus I am

Spells found me

Thus I am free”


The elf in the woods finds

His own cycliliner cycle

He knows his energy of trees

And thus he feeds and seeds

Thyne wind blows due self

To bandits and meager doubts

As thus the song of heat

Is now transformed to his beat


“Heat so hot

Hot so cold

Every essence

Dies and grows

Such a way

Combusts the ether

Providing flames

To all the keepers”


The elf was found inside

Yet he lives outside in the woods

Feeling his moment chime

He reveals the song of time


“Time so lovely

Jove so time

Essence exposing

Linear lives

Motion potential

All is a guise

Energy in time

And time is essence”


What moves this elf to the trees

Its his thoughts alone thus he’s free

So sing an ode to nature

Before all becomes extinct

The race of elfs is in between

All the forest, mud, and underbog serene

As the elf recites its old

He is beyond his years a told

Now he sings of fire


“Dancing magic

In the ether

Furious feature

Wizard flames

Conical of heat

Prime essence

Substance defeat

Power awing

Cleaning agent

Powerful detengement


The elf now felt the forest

Its log and tress within the mire

Dire were these songs of his

That felt the air, birds and tis

A spell of self over demise

As such ample thoughts devise

Here is a lyre of old notes

Listen as we speed and float


“Life is a river

A source connected

It flows in essence

And develops haste

The river running

Down to the stream

The serene of magic

Comes to us clean

Dispelled are myths

A lake of source

That flows tither

A feeling begunst

The roots of self

Self is nothing

And nothing is self

Expand they will

Float to the sea”


The mystic elf repelled his song

As such the beat moves along

To story himself in a guise

To what to what a surprise

This song a hymn of mystery

Comes to me from the sea

The sea of Poseidon’s reach

Thus the wild elf named Artemis

Lives and thrives on green

This is the muse of wild


“Trails and tracks

Along the road

That instills the wild

A child of nature

In between chorus

Such the wild sparks

A herald lark of day

Night comes soothing

As such thyne will abates

Essence of nature

Within and without

Is all and nothing

The wild grows

So my self flows”


The wild elf in the woods

Succumbs to the forest stood

As thus thyself gains front

Of an elf that loves magic

The magic of what is what

The story of grace and death

He is a mouth of soul

And such is a way of muse

Let us here his muse


“Song a sing of heavenly notes

The forest gives and floats

Upon the essence of love

Creation that dispels trust

Thus the world mused

The world in its entity

Controls the will of self

The reincarnation of non-being

Is found within Mother

Mother is all of our free will

And the trust she gives

Is beyond what lives”


Here ends the muse of elf.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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