O mighty gods, hear my plea

Give me grace and justice

Live in my thoughts and restore

Your might, your light, your wills a shore


Thus at once Zeus spoke to me

Young oracle, this is standard fee

To live in yourself until the age

That reasons develops to the cage


Thus a thought, a spark unknown

Deep in my crevice I was shown

Artemis the young buck in the wild

Shielded me from my senseless guise


And thus I begin to muse

Now Hera was in a form begunst

And spoke riddles like her godlike pose

She thought at first the first of man

Must be in line to the developed sand


Yet these gods of war are like Ares

Whose bloodshot eyes kill all fairies

And thus the war begins in council

How do you restore providence on earth

As earth is the basis of free will

All in all the likely kill

To still their mind of the best


To devour others is their feast

And thus Hades with a sly intent

Pulls them down into the Styx

Until they repent


And fused their being with the serpent

Is how they live in the beyond

Yet beyond is within and without

So live at peace without a doubt

For peace of mind comes and goes

And doth thy will seldom flows


At the council Apollo sat

And was rather flat

He willed his self upon his core

And mused himself to open doors

Thus thy will hath spoke

And gods enrage by infant choke


How can man relate the fall

When substance continues and always stalls

Yet within the chaos their held a light

That shines through darkness and the night


It seekeths itself in seldom hopes

To willeth what save and rope

Expanded now is my mind

Full of essence divine


I feel the gods recite thy wish

To clean our act and be a gift

To express inside our wonder and peace

To be a one with the time and grief


Thus we will the wheels woes

And to false idols you shall not flow

Thus again the oracle spoke

In ten years the maker wrote

To evolve into sense and hope

Salvation to others who with they wrote


How could my mind seer advance?

Is it me or is it this trance

I hope to find some common ground

For what goes up must come down


Thus my essence in order relates

Thy will of gods is yours to bait

A logos path that will showeth you

What you want form self comes true


Therein this line I write to you

I love you my dearest clue

How do I return to my dread

I wish to be continually fed


My thought evolves into a form

Above below the stratospheric norm

Now I feel the spheres align

And my mind is at peace and blind

Thus the gods sat and said

Who is certain thou must be wed

To a Venus, Aphrodite, a love of earth

But beyond is your realm first


And thus the spell broke my mind

And I was free of fabrics chain

To be at one win a dimension beyond

Thy thought evolves through reasons gone


For stilled is my pleasure of reality

For in this moment I am a fatality

Hades is me and I am Hades

Zeus is me and so is Clatos


Thus my will aligns and sphere

Boundaries disregard and I am free

To expound my mind and be all

From the woods the green grows tall


For now this continuance of thought

Expresses my innermost caught

And I see what the tree of life

Gives to me in my strife


To compel, reason to restrain

From ambitions urge and selfless gain

As thus spoke the word of life

Do as thou wilt and harm no life

Now Poseidon echoed from the grave

Are we not from the sea, is it not our slave


For commenced all from a golden egg

Do harm to no man and you will be saved

As the wild grows stronger each day

Mother cisterns herself with sheer

She expands upon a relationship


That compels us to the sea by ship

As thus we live at peace with self

We sleep away our days of health


And though we seldom think

Will my will live or sink

And thus the oracle spoke

Be free of chains, reason and choices

Do what no man has done before

Open up wide to sevens door


As thyne will abides with light

Seldom do you wake at night

For in myself you seldom reason

To live in deities way of treason


As compelled my muse to say

Do what thou wilt in every day



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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