The Book of Daniel

Praise the Lord


Chapter 1


Praise the Lord, thy everlasting name

Holy is the face of source

Gaze upon thy will of land

As thus to pass the time


Alas, o ye sons of time

Thee universe is interwoven

Thy wills address the scorn

That heats the blood


Inasmuch to say

Holy, holy is the name

That life doth preach

The source of creation


O ye nothing thou hast come

Through thy light of living breath

Pieces and fragments all lost

As you come o thy Isreal


I see the pain of ages

The gnarlish idols of Rome

Thy vision of distorted prophets

Who cage themselves fully


Yet who can see my words

Is not but on but all?

O ye redeemer, Christ blessed are ye

As all nations fall


Slowly have thou shown

My God

That light imbues the color

Address the nations above


For below is what is

Heaven shall have its prize

And local shall shun the universe

For thy will is woven


O ye praise of God

Daunty is thy hour

For present is thy compass

That leads me to still waters


O thy face, within the crystal

Gazing do I see your flame

Lost is the moment now

Yet found is always within


I ode this chapter to my song

Were all Zeus doth sing along

Compare thy love as a simple bird

A dove that flies through ages


O thy dove, light hast thou shown

In the meeting of diligence

Doeth thou hour protest

Yet there is no argument


O Lord of light

How quiet is your name

It swells the ocean current

And moves tides to bays


The order and refinement

Of this simple praise

Comes from the land beyond

Were such songs do daze


So as I end this first

Be ready in God’s own plan


Chapter 2


O they eyes open

To thyne will I see

O Lord majesty


I come before thee

Open and willing

To fuse the love



O lord your listen presence

Moves like a cold wind

The tree’s rustle to your name

And flow with the cosmos


O as dust we shall

Perish into energy

O thy light of words

Come from nothing


I see deep into the realm

Of order and light

The equinox of time

Holds your power bright


Coming before thee

O my master thou

Hast given me sanctitude

In this unwary place


So lord I express thou

And it keeps like lambs

Who lay by my Leo

A lion and wolf


I see the pastures soften

The dew of early morn

I confer the light

Into the stratosphere


O holy holy is thy face

Golden light doth harvest fate

I see the essence surround

As this sound comes through me


The light of a crystal

Reflects at prisms point

The order it absorbs

Connects me to the power


O thy son of man

How’d do thy faire

Upon thy ship thee roams

And begunst anew


Yet renewed is my song

So live in thou wilt along


Chapter 3


O lord thy light hath shone

That son of man and men

Sit hitherto to your right and left

Thee angels along the sides


The Seraphim and Cherubim

All call to your name

Hosana! Adonia!

Limeteria develop the score


The fallen angels of men

Do so roam in the middle

Thy plural lands show

That love doth prevail


In as thy light

The world is one

Praise o thy highness

Your light endures forever


Chapter 4


Thy light of circles

Lord of hosts

Ample is your quiet name

In all moments


O thy tree

Life comes from thee

Your dendrites sway

To love and music


Song of men and man

Nothing surest been

O light of heaven

Reflect in me


O light inside

How wonderful art thee

Whal’st certain thy fields

Of daffodils flow


The light to our feet

Suggesting thy name

All moves in power

And mercy so bestows


I thy scent of God

Smelleth do you

I feel your presence

Within and around


O sound here thy call

Let ocean sway away

As the marigold grows

In light of reason


O thy merge

The field grows

Thy light of infancy

Doth swender now


Hollowth by thy name

All calls out to thee

Yet simple do we feel

In thy essence rare


I come to thee

Lord of hosts

To hear your word

Written through my wand


I suspect no other

Yet all is within

Deep in Zion located

Are the shells of men


Deep doth we breath

In light of the equinox

Spring has showered

Thyne simple rose


As light begots

All comes to thee

As power subsides

In essence we are free


Chapter 5


O I see thy fate

Lord of hosts

Suspended is your name

Serpents tongues craft


Fallen are the angels of time

To Nuit they foretold

10,000 days in the fire

Until eternities cold


So as I come to you

Eternal rest I feel

Yet love surrounds me

Gentle touches pause


Powerful is your name

Lord your light shines

Heavenly is the host

That provides me words


O gentle winds move

To the silent breeze

Echoing the wide landscape

Of grasshoppers roam


Yet do we find peace

Of mind in motion

Only you o lord

Gives me firmiative


Your aura of light

In depth do I see

Transfixed above

Are you my lord


Thy notion of single time

Alone with the source

Moves me forward in time

O time moves


I can see the risen self

A song proclaimed by men

Who doeth thy simple

To honor his name


Yet simple is found

In o lord me heart

Its love is replaced

With your feeling of awe


Awe my lord rises

To you in all stances

So as you move us

Make your light present


Chapter 6


Thy circle of radiance

The crown jewel

The majesty begunst

Hopefully renewed


O my lost prophets

Why so sad in tale

Isn’t light but love

To thy splendor!


Worthy is the lamb

Who rests in his coffin

Anew is the wolf

Who I am behoofed


Light shines in all

Yet none send light

How can muse open

To thy lord of hosts


Control and amplitude

Settling water

Wavelike emotions

Recover inside


Three eyes I see

Inside the prism

Four untold songs

I see in light


Magic of arcane

Twist of truth

Intervene redactions

Of order


Chapter 7


O light outside

Worthy is your name

Apollo searches

For your years in vain


Heavenly casts do shower

Upon thy realm of antiquity

I sun shades the moon

In an expression


O light of hosts

Meek I come to thee

The singularity

Is your breath


I come ready and weak

To confer your tongue

O central fire depicts

A God worthy of wolves


So stalking thee I represent

A moment inside

The life blood flows

In what I know


Worthy is the lamb who slaughters

Himself to the name above

Light sends them gifts

Of portal planes beyond


The temple of rocks

Moves my love today

I feel his essence

Surround my core


O core of light

How worthy is God’s will

Gently I come before

The hosts of heaven


I see now the plenitudes

Of work done by man

Yet heaven doth surprise

An immortal pen


S as I gaze inward

I see light and seers

Ages long past inside

That I may unlock


So as the time slows

I move my muse today

Let light above the shroud

As all is serene this hour


Chapter 8


Free this voice

O heavenly hosts

Consume the fire

Of angels and demons


Lightly the dew sprinkles

It’s wet upon the dew

As heaven falls down

The crown rises up


O angel I see inside

Thy jeweled wings ravage

The internal music of my soul

Light shine in love


Love of gravity

The gravity of love

Me and the son follow

The time in heat


O thy eyes of lord

From above thy ascends

To will the forsaken

The jewels glisten


I speak of love

I speak of light

Both by still waters

Were grace comes adieu


Crystal gazing as a sign

To the realm of divine

Capturing me afar

Light as bright as a star


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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