Circle of Energy

circles of energy, spiralling motion
spheres of thought beyond reach
let me enter, voice your command
as such, only light through this hand

common commotion simplified verse
external notion, on composite herse
so as the relation endures the thought
I fly beyond your realm of naught

slowly I breathe this simple air
contrary to peace I know what’s fair
singing in tune with hertz beyond
my mind is tuned to a beautiful song

O my mind, travel away
commerce my soul to takeover today
the fealty of time so slowed
is the beat of pulsing lightning shows

beyond now in sphere seven
I know that luck per chance is heaven
relating it’s song to you now I will
as life on this plane seldom stills

voices here, let shine the light
we are many on your Earth’s blight
concealed to you are our many forms
that go beyond the realm of norm

and as justice and virtue are perceived
we show you bliss in sound waves feed
no greed to show the echo inside
we in demise the song grows a confide

we are the makers of your chips course
moving from lake to stream to ocean force
we like to relate to you a simple tale
that beyond the world it comes through veils

the light of man now enhance
pour through this soul’s matter chance
we build the many for the one
whose charm and essence is of sun

the sun in earlier days revolted
against the planets in never bolted
with flares of light, lunar array
was sent at first in it’s own way

the planets were first coarse and hot
only larva of cold nature could respot
yet thus as the elliptic mood swayed
all was put into an orbital flay

so such the earth was goldilocks then
and reaches the larva ate the swam
when the state evolved due to order
it was when all was disorder

this field games and cooling water
was the pretence for growth and matter
so as the water kept the fierce
evolution developed and caused the herse

so what came on day unto land
was on toe, two toe, three tow hands
slowly over billions of years
the land was developed and cleared

and so at first the fish outgrew
the normal set and curfew slew
all and all that magic enforced
that all be put alive in its course

and so thus at the rate of gain
the Enoch provided the guardian plane
the domes were set up to populate earth
as the animals came from other berths

within the land the tree’s had grown
and animals raged at a throw
that seeds a sown of hierarchy then
was always within the masters plan
yet as they grow the higher beings
wished for earth to be more serene
they came at once through portals flashed
and gave insight to the land of grass

so once they came and came at once
was when man first seen this bunch
they entwined with the son of men
and simple was lost before the apes plan

so when these men of ritual right
were placed all over the land insight
they felt inside the love above
and they fell into inner Zion Jove

as they grew in force and spirit
the land gave gifts as its coherents
plants to bring the mind of men
back to the basic of knowledge plan

so they grow in cold, hot, snow, and rain
and love was their reason to only gain
sought in trance they went to sights
that thought forms above placed on the blight

again they started to become reasoned
and thus the tribes split to treason
they must worship the sights not of men
for the gods wished them to their den

gone was the unity of brothers
and they forged blades to go against another
the knowledge and crafts los to self
as they only wanted power and wealth

lost were the ways of old and life
they were in a battle made of strife
as the once again showed their natural roots
they put ascension back in refute

so as I now at once know this song
I hope to ever bring along
you so close I can feel the heat
that pumps in motion to my beat

this song of tales will once again show
that to harvest light we must ascend and grow
so once now I end this prose
be at pace, no lies, let flow


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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