Beginning first to understand the land of Rhine we must look at its educational system. The old prevalence of poetry to redefine that voice of reason and gymnastics to harbor potential energy was a structured force in the Rhine, but each color (order) had its own system, so lets take a broad perspective and look at the whole.
The main goal of education was to maximize the potential of ones being through education that see’s into the soul and knows the full. It has use of the necessary skills of math, language, social, serenity and health, but also specializes in areas that are unique to the individual; to realize their potential of motion. Each day also was the training of meditation to see deeper into their soul.
Education most transmits the goals, theorems, and beliefs of all men unto the student. All these items are based upon location and the logos of the terra firma. It must build upon basic understanding and develop the understanding of potentials.
Education should have the variable to help understand the constant deemed of change, Guidelines of education should be met, but yet so should it allow the freedom of classes to diversify into the world through educational means.
In Rhine, education operates to maximize the potential of a student. The teacher is trained with the eye of perception and locates motivation, stimulates response, habits discoveries and theories of perception. These key features are used to locate those with more potential of those more willing to relate their potential. Once found, search is expanded upon.
Education in the Rhine helps support the factuality of creative vision and further pushes creativity into the depths of imagination. The early years of a childs life are the keys to unlocking their future.
Each mode of method to analyze in the Rhine consists of connections and relations to method of inquiry, and method of evaluation.
This is not the blind leading the blind.
The use of education is to promote the intellectual ideal of the potential of oene mans voice. It is this thus thou wilt how art should be.
The basis of intellectual finding is for the child to search himself, a void of nothing, and commerce with everything that is possible in their subjective experience.
Deep thought is scientific until proven otherwise. Yet unscientific thought is also deep and must be ascertained as it is.
The main goal is to free the mind and realize the potential of one that is inside, a complete nothing through the voice of reason. What pure thoughts may a child have?
The uppermost class of education in the Rhine insists on instilling the mode of virtue into all men, and to realize the nothing within and to stand upright wit the harmony of nature. As nothing less than the whole character.
Education of the Rhine subjects the interests of potential success in the passion of happiness. The memories of the past and the hope for the future falls as the motto for all education.
Education in Rhine is all for one growing and one growing into all.
The ends the discussion of education.


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I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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