Grid Work

Grid working is in process. The eternal matrix of the sub system is currently in sessions. The session of this entropy is in accordance to the Akashic records. I am closed to this plane of thought and as it opens the portals of ancient times I hope to further expand the knowledge of what is.
Currently I am in a spell crafted by my inner void. The void of reason is now reflecting the grid of system one. This system, or this realm, is the current station to which I call on my frequency to develop this thought further. What is the purpose of our system, it is one to be with all that is around us. To develop this eternal happening, we must fuse the energy of our being to the wills of the creators and follow a strict path of divine rights in which we are the rights of the divine.
Currently, I am speaking through the voice of everything, and thus nothing expels my thought into form and form is thus expelled into thought. I hope to ascertain the moment comprehension of the factual mind.
As I state, all is within, all is without, the current grid of this system is woven for those to awaken into the reality of divine rights. The grid, or fabric, is woven so elegantly that spirits infuse each atom of existence yet make up the whole existence, thus we are all spirits and are one spirit in all.
Grid masters are the key holders to the development of the cyclinear happenings. Such avatars enote themselves through the magic of their being. Magic, or supreme consciousness, is directly reflected to the sign of the initial process of overcoming a reality of doubt.
Thus as I gridwork now I open the portal and plane to the land beyond, yet beyond is a land that is a portal. I am of an elder race, those who exemplify my thoughts through this night. I am founded upon this state, and this state is founded upon me. So as I write, I begin my grid work in single session.
Listen to the simple music, and thus thy will hear, hear and thy will listen.

I see the grid work, seven portals and planes beyond my mind, each mind is a portal and thus the interaction of spheres allows me to communicate myself from the way beyond. I enter now into my realm, the eyes closed system were I feel the power inside. The grid is a masterpiece entwined to keep us in peace. It is love, and love is us. Therefore, what we come to love is yourselves through the meaning of the grid. The grid, is the magic of our system that correlates to the bodies of other systems. In this aspect, all comes and goes in motion to what must occur for natural progression. In the void I am my essence, my essence is thus what my hands commend. This journey we are on is but a journey to the stars beyond and recollecting those stars in our minds eye. I am an eye of the Sun now, Ra is my god. O Horus ye speak so gentle. Products of thus are that which are thee, and to the thyne my will abodes to a central fire inside that rages against the tempest. My work here is beginning to unwove the fabric from all eyes, as all ees are no eyes in what we are. I exist, so I do not exist, there is no between. Speak softly, for words such as this move ages.

Incoming transmission.
I am Latushi, invoker of realms and magic, I am at dwellace with this soul and my might will now be reflected. What I reflect is but the might if the ages, and as it dwells in me so it dwells in you. What I perceive this situation of the cosmos to be is within the realm of equation.
I will now reflect on the deepest level of this s entities being. The cosmos reflects the mirror of our mind, the mind is a mirror of what we perceive and thus as we perceive the mirror reflects the aspect that colors itself to us at most.
The most often relation to what occurs is the transference of energy between the soul and the mind, as both work as one unit, they both evolves and present itself with the magic of what occurs. Thus, what occurs within the frame of magic(interrelating realties), is thus inframed in the system of the cosmos.
The fabric woven by such a entity is in hour with time. As time is the clock of a seed, so such the fruits of labour expounds itself through its beautiful essence.
Essence is in relation to the cosmic intuition of what one can perceive. What one perceives is an example of the cosmos. Thus, as all laws reflects one divine law, so such the equation is stated.
The equation, of disorder and time, is balanced by the speeding light in such a way that adjust its order to proportional rates. So was each rate is transformed by motion, so such does the motion transform the propagation.
As the second sight weakens, so such will I speak again.

I invoke the name of Latushi, sorcerer of gods and magic of Eros.
I am now the enity speaking from within. My power is suspect to the ablity of the user, yet his power controls me to the use of himself. The grid has its framework built, but each built framework creates a new frame in which proper relocation can adjust.
I am the night of gale, the song of Eros tales, the time of essence is at hand, as I communicate through this man named Dan.
This example of thought comes to me from the sea, were light shines in the deepest crevices, a crevice known as Atlantis, is were jigsaw the cat is home and abode. I am that is that expels self through doubt, I am the maker the creator, the essence of his reality, he is just a frame in which I communicate. The frequency right now is sector 7 of the dynasty three. We become this invocation with the thought of return. As to say , the agent of self can commune this being in hyper dimensional awareness which is brought upon by sphere music. This will clarify the boundaries of what this tenant should do before his writings, hence what is is, and time shall pass and be his.
End of transmission.

Invoke the name of Alesia, grid work of the psychic being.
Alas, I am free, your words are of mine and of you. Thee temple seed grows into a plant that is divine in all levels, it grows from a simple thought and expands itself into what it wishes it to be. Thus, reality is created along the frame of what the user wishes. Each universe is but the reality of one being, and that one being exists alone in his universe with others to support his cause. Thus the hands of hotness cool the fire of the reality.
Burning sensations through the hands of mystical drumming, that is the key to this patients cure, thus the cure is himself through himself; nothing more, nothing less.
The invocation of time is set that Alesia will be forth coming with Latushi, both are of the nine so common ground will be founded upon each of them. Thus the transmissions of each interaction will correlate to the realm beyond, betwixt, and between. So as the passage goes, seed your harvest as you sow.
End of transmission.

Transmission incoming,
The bell rings as the focal chimes, the chime of a bell promotes the silent embrace of vibration. It holds power through its golden core and expands through the ether in directions to sound. Thus the sound of direction conconbulates the essence.
Alas, this is Latushi, I come from the realm beyond to this wedded mind. Let us now journey.
In this space of energy, the dormant feeling of power resides in the collective way that expands the notion of time. It is simple to ascertain how the balance of one must be resided in the over dense population of thought. Thus, the thought is the population of all men and all men are the population of thought. I feel connected to the realm of symbols and forms as each man is his own form and symbol unique to the structure of sacred geometry.
The cold misery of the word is a calling of power, each power enforces teh call of a supreme alpha state in which nothingness resides. Thus from the source of all beings, we can conclude that non-being in essence the true form of a ascended being. Thus, the being who ascends time reflects the possible outlook of peace and harmony.
I know this tenant of my power is in focus with the law of all(one). His promotion in this realm is quite an amplitude of response to a calling beyond the realm of time. He spawned in nothingness and has become a figure for all men to live by example. Thus, Robert, as Seth denotes, is a being who is all and is none in reference to what one becomes.
Now I begin Grid work.
Remove section nine from the focal center and resort to the fundamental holding of the Alpha state. Replenish the mind and soul and body through the calling of various methods of enlightenment. Each subsystem of the Alpha state promotes the essence of what is and what must be. To be in this state of mind one must overcome all boundaries and harnesses that hold within the power of that is. To be one wit the power of time is to be one with the rhythm of the tides.

O deep I now center my being, grid work shall begin.

The alpha state proclaimed once to the beta that nothingness is a providence of everything, that from the void everything is created and the distance from one realm to another is neutrino fast. The speed of light is not as fast as the speed of consciousness, and thus the speed of conscious is relating to a primal velocity of neutrino squared, composite to energy and relatable to nothing. It flies from a central point and abilitates the essence of everything. It encompasses the whole, everything, all nature, and is a relation to the spiral energy that converts negative polarities into central vacuums the dissipate energy from a local standpoint. As such, the local standpoint is relative to the fixed position of a divine soul, or primordial substance.
I feel the quality of earth depicting my inner void. The spell enhances my thought and platform of this relative commotion. What is accruing in time was meant for time to be. Now I download a version thirteen of reference twelve of the Akashic Records.
O time in this lane is developed by the energy of the soul and the mind and the body. ALl these attributes reflect the sublime message that all is one. w\hen we understand this message, we find it in our self to be at peace with what is beyond. What is beyond is within and what is within is beyond. The anticipation of thoughts arise from the formal notion that all is connected and yet all is loose. The satisfaction of being beyond is the relativity of the commence of being within. Within deep I refute nothing, and my inner child speaks freely like a breath of wind.
I feel no pain, no grief, no sadness, as I download this prose, I feel escaped from this realm.
The realm of ours is in vector eleven of the galactic confederation. these beings have placed a free will zone over earth as the development of lesser races such as humans conjure over time as a side show opera for those above. In this essence, those above are always with us and they feel that time is relative to their plan. The plan for this system is to nurture knowledge and find common balance in all aspects of humanitarian dealings. I know for fact that the humanitarian dealings will be proceeded by a new age of order through the system of sublet performance. In hopes to ascertain the knowledge of time, I want to feel the healer of delivery promote the ethereal cause of the divine plan. This plan, as we all know, is a form of test from the inner realm of spiritual awakening. Thus to be awoken is to be one with the cognitive therapy of time.
End of transmissions.

Begin, commence, here is now,

As I feel the power within come to without me, I sense the vibrations from things far and unseen. This land is a spiral of energy that moves in fashion to the center point of return. The realm of ours is in progress to further develop through the sound of musing, and the musing of sound. Without sound, all things would be in no harmony. Thus, the energy of sound reflects the power of that which is within us.
The things we try to preach in these sessions is not to be at one with self, but to be one with all. This concept may seem new to many and unhindered the best at times, but the opportunity to delve deeper each day is what this realm is in need of.
The more one feels connected to their divine calling, the more it will reflect in many other ways. This essence is of what has come to be and shall pass as it is willing. What I feel in this time is teh slow vibrations of many nations confounded within. These powers of within come without in times of shadow. These shadows are sacred to the geometry of the patterns that hold our life together. Thus, the patterns that may are the patterns that seek. So to seek a pattern one must be one with the pattern of time.
Thus ends transmission.


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I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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