Coming at you with this verse

I rehearse

Into a cathartic reason of burst

Can’t you see the hurt?


Okay listen, open that wound a little more

Stab me, grab me, fuck you hate me

Can’t you see that I am not my Father

And you just create realities that bother

You from me, me from you

I am honest you have no clue

That your life is in steady stage of growth

And now the Wolf growls at his meal time boast

Can’t you fanthom the bottomless abyss

Because you know, I am the gift

This time I come to you in muse

I will show you that my hate infuses

With the cosmos, my being, the essence of fire

Can’t you see you always want your own desire

Caged by faith, unfaith to belief

Can’t you see you are the only one truth

Reality fabricates tension and comprehension

So you can’t beat to your music sounds complete

I ill advise you to consider the try new

Can’t you invest in the focal point of true

You have no time for your kids

You are so developed into materialism fits

Your clothes are always new

Your makeup always kept

Can’t you see the outer beast is the one you should reject

Listen to the rhythm, flow with your style

Grow into love and interrogate the wild

Back and forth from many reactions

You don’t suggest that your own practice

Is a swarming element of destruction

No reason to age, only an ageless reason

That beyond your Ego, everything else is treason

You wish to control, hold, indoctrinate

Yet when it comes your date, you don’t tempt fate

You listen to everyone else, not your inner guidance

Can’t you see that you are a frame of insolence

This way of form and development

Is coming from an uncaged elephant

Now in the room, spraying water everywhere

Can’t you see no beings attract my fear unaware

I am my essence, I alleviate your presence

Can’t fuse your reality with a subjected dissonance

For faith hope love, is a simple construct

Yet you never come to your peace through your lost truck

Those things which resemble the fate of verses

Is muses and kept in my elements courses


Flow change, let me rearrange

This is my vision that estranges

I see you in a time captured by nothing

You are so unaware of your surrenders, you judge

And formulate new styles of drudge

This sewer that rots your lake is your mistake

I see your soul, it’s a non-conditioned bowl

It’s elements swirl in motion and captures commotion

Then it realizes that it is trying to control

Everything in life that she beholds

Can’t you see, you pushed away your life

And all it has is created materialistic strife

Can’t you see the kife in all beings

It is a projection of the ample scene

I hate you, I detest you flow

Can’t you see your energy is drow

It is reasonable to say

That you are not with you on this day

Many lives you will wander

In heaven you still sight and ponder

Why did I treat my kids in such a way

That diminished through hopes in a relevant bay

You thought you could lose

You though you could win

But as you know, your time is fin

The wolf now resides in ample time

And moments of thought come in sublime

I am a God, You are Two, Three is Me and You

Can’t you see

That if we exist in God’s image, are we not thus God?

How can you see your Universe estrange all you fleeting flames

You lost your power, your feel your hour

Can’t you say there is nothing but flowers

That cheer you up and block your courage

And now you know that this flurry merges

With a being, and a voice, can’t you see this anger choice

It is within the express without

And I ponder this without a doubt

The version of time is that of me

Now go find yourself in the sea


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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