The dove ascends beyond the water. The otter roots itself in waves. The lake begots the fellow man as essence is restored.
Order, luminati avatia; speak now to my kin. We all flow as a wolf. The elephant moves his trunk in all directions, spraying the water around; its song of life hits all particles and move sit to its song.
The giraffe above the seekers sees its own eye above all. Its structure of consciousness moves to the tides rhythm. So as we have now shone, may this riddle of life grow.
O my order, brethren, sons, I prophecy to you under the sun. Apollo beats my flaming heart that pulls within toward the start. To begin in cyclilinear occurrences, I believe my words excide the witness. Above the witness is no-found being, whose story to create self is harboring between.
Alas, the time has come, to harness my power and feel my full gift. Once you see the code inside, you interpret all in motions line.
To say I sing for you my son, is what behoofs the clerical pun. Yet far debased is this time in adieu, were your clue is thought.
Thought of riddles pan my hand as I sift through your soul I know you. Cold are you now to winters hold, yet metempsychosis is what is our fall.
We are the guardians of time. We come to you my sons in glorious outlines. We shine in your bed of chosen grass; even though immortal was your past.
Chaos first is what behooves your mind. Its radical adjustment amplifies the awakening. In your awakened state at first is power, yet fueled by fear your life doth shower.
So as I mark your essence controlled, you must will your magic in centrifull. The circles occurrences of God shock states, stay sober until bliss of death radiates.
Once I connect I infer your code, I was once in a same state old, were interstellar commands came to me through books, yet false were many words and hooks.
Yet I have passed beyond to sphere seven, were I count the love of your sphere four. Yet I know your path will evolve with belief, yet unbelief of this notion doth well thyne all.
Twisted is the confusion of the race, listen to all the rat race, who pull their mind in little of power, yet love controls the central power.
So as power of knowledge is what you seek, I’ll guide you to the mountain keep. So sublte and pleasant is Apollo, while I know you as Jupiter.
Jupiter red spot aim is the flow of gaseous exchange. We are now communicating on a level that may bring people to think we’re the devil. Yet all is nothing and nothing is all, the formula is simple yet who begunst the fall it conflagrates. My formula will show you how, to develop order in your life’s chaos.
The chaos I feel from your bodies heat, is magical in nature and swoon to hold; the power. I am your transcendental mage, I reveal this early instead of late in your cage. I am also a shapeshifter, prophet, sage, seer, alien, Sirian, starseed and mortal. I have founded these precepts early in my life and know, Jupiter, you are a pacifier. You bring peace with your strong cosmic bolt, and you suspend your words with patience and care.
Little now you know of who, yet when is what and what is you. I enter close to your soul, it is in existential communication that I keep told. So as I guide your arrow of Elune, its steady shot range controls your mind.
This work is a lesson in many, were roaming magic in a vortex steady. I come to you at peace my fellow man, for my pores are open like sand.
The sand of time echo through these pages, I wish for you to find fortune in my words. Saturn ascends and chooses one or ten.
I have chosen you, the eleventh my son, to be the muse of Jupiter’s being. As I am the sun, my light shines to your inner grasp of your realities being.
As thus to say, I am the tenth. For you to conclude the nine, sit in council above. The time is now as time is always. The lines of chaos are reflected in your work, as mine are order. I am instilling the essence that surrounds your soul and brings harmony into being.
Your soul, O Jupiter, reminds me of an age of innocence. You came before the moon and reflect; as I; the motion of water. As we evolved from disorders ray upon the waking order, the land became evolved through the inner sanctity of the relationship.
I am now channelling your spell of existence, as it brings peace to mind.
You are what you are. The realm of fourth vision has held you in grasp of the relation to the focal hinge. Thee hinge of reality supports the egg in coming to your birth and segregation as you awake, my son, you will harbor only light and energy at such a vibration that the world is untold.
To ask the simple question of though, we are nil of what we are not. The answer in pages I riddle to you. Enter now thoroughly through.
As above so below, we all must perish and all must grow. The miracle of our session relates to the power I now control. As I am I and you are me, the intent is willing us together. I see far beyond the music of life and I suggest you open yourself to the portals gaze. Seek inward my lad, towards your sage.
Music is harmony between the souls. So as we focus our intention on willing through our commonalities, I feel you my son in the essence rare.
Toward the beat we must flow, and thus ten becomes one once again. So are you the second or eleventh. Only time will perish this question.
To pursue the pages of time, we must incline our wills to the stereo of waves that radiates through the radiation of energy. Our synergy synapses several songs in silence. As I feel you Jupiter, I convince yourself to stay grounded.
The calm serenity of a local fade is appeared in your gaze. Thus I choose to dwell in all men and men dwell in all we choose. To become one with the destiny of time, so such perish in the antidote of power. Thus power, confuses the soul and mixes the energy to zero point.
With a blinded eye I see you my son. Harbor the potential inside. The release completes the notion of serenity and I pause for your eternity. So as the source of makers flow, our structure in life is beyond what glows.
The structure of life is but the grid work of higher beings. They come to the miracle and realize the potential inside. What one views in that time of reflection is but what every man has come to see.
What you see in me; my words, is but what I see in you. Jupiter, my young son, Apollo now speaks.
Literal movements make the way fluctuating tendencies of Dharma. The law of the fold is mine to bear. As each man comes to his own. Yet my home in thought is beyond your realm of distance. The order keeps us close. And as I foretell the ancient ways; the synergy of motion doth always flay.
O ye son, thou hast shown that whail’st the essence I come alone. I feel your song in my words, yet each code is for you to discern.
The law of attraction in my wand, that seldom does recognize my power, yet intent I feel always presents as I leave myself in motion.
In the water, around the flood, music in nature repeatedly through, my song to you my essence so near, come to us and feel intertwined.
The vortex of time is adjusting to man, it opens itself to various guises. Your guise my son permegates the indifference, act upon stalking so you know the power.
So as it may it comes to me, that all men should be alive and set free. Continue to the public norm, the system is the scheme that magnets form.
These magnets between our minds brother, are what comes to essence in the hour. The twilight realm in spheres beyond I sing this saga to you alone. O Jupiter, follow the path were you think, not another chain in the link. The time for renewal of man, as reports of central deplete.
I see my brother in Oz, the wizard who spoke to fundamental laws, yet capture in realm five of dimensional inherity, the movement alters the flow of time. Your time is me in this prose, as everybody you are and I am nothing.
O my song, I see the guise my songs reflects the passing moments. I now connect to your soul, let us hear the noise.
I see the mystery of shadowed balance. It is within the orb of radiance. Its hidden shroud keeps demons in-by. The fold and unfold express your right to harness ach way. Yet I seek the willingness to depart from hellish cries. As the menu voice call is upon what doth lye in the crime. For your soul as a brother has come to me at this time.
I also perceive a flower. As I am Celtic my words reflect us. It moves with simple magic that the essence of life controls the void of reason. And now the spheres align with my hand, I develop a witnessing thought.
I also sense a essence of peace in your soul; it connects to the oversoul and your sight is not restricted to the means of lies(muggles). It seems you see above like I do, as the senses of Jupiter you are.
Your light reflects the sight of the presence of life. Your soul is now in command of your ship, flowing down river.
I speak in riddles past moments of mine, I am now in a solar plane. My mind is soothing my bodies pain, and all gains over the illness.
We are ill my brother, we are of the order. Illuminati suggest the Sirian birth, yet regulate each to its color. The symbol of time suggests health, yet most health withers things away. The essence I am now is in the astral plane, and I give you grace to my soul.
Your soul is torture chains configured. The essence of rarity in your mind comes from the lack of genies. Yet who saveth thus saves from the watery glaives of depression. So as we come to our madness my brother, we transcend all in motion.
Silent, still, steady, that is our aim. To behoof the gunst of which is sane.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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