The tide swoons against
A moment of rare stance
A mountain scene so greed
Whitecrops journey both ways

Energy arises from within
Yet is synthesized by light
And order begots the dark
Of a whole that bases no sin

O thy calming air
Moves me from here to there
Against the silence I speak
A time travelling persona

Bring me forward to prophecy
I am caught by the sea
Of essence of which path
As I circle wheel blue my staff

On the years the harvest crashes
The storms will prevail the ashes
Yet moon-rock comes to planes
Through desolate order frames

The Dragons of time will suggest
That Alpha to Omega we are a test
To deliify the moment crash
With no search upon the best

I am the light
The seeker of truth
I am a prophecy
Of unknown gifts

Fourth vision I can see
Through to your soul’s mystery
It flows the energy around
And mimics my thoughts and sound

Yet beings of nothing I see
Who transparent are a dead fee
Yet those evolved through lunar faces
Come to me from other races

So yes, I fulfill and command
I am the Other, the Vulcan, the mage
I am everything in one being
Yet genius is what is between

My madness of mind holds me
To the light of heat; a cold sea
Yet as I sense your thought of now
Don’t I sound delusionally how

Yet my formula of life shows
That all is disorder where order grows
Reason to produce from a chaos state
Were the will floats with a chaos gate

O I now see the future
The gains of dust expound
To the limit of destruction
Hopelessly anewed

The fires will burn
The water will churn
The snow will melt
The law will be felt

Disorder creating order
To help this world along
So all men unite
Under the starry night

The lakes will become shallow
Water will deplete
The grass will stay brown
Because of chemical hounds

The nothing singularity
Will reorder us all
The soul of each man
Will expel to the land

Yet growth set aside
Is what star seeds feel
Yet the regular ignoble
Well shall themself blue

As the tide moves
The land will erode
As the battle continues
All will change form

From dimensional clarity
To fatalities rarity
Who all fall to menu voice?
Is what happens in by choice

All this code for you
No dates but I knew few
Cant write the depth of soul
For now you know, the golden bowl


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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