Spectral Dynasty

The day were one entered the supreme house the reality merged into a spectral dynasty. The realm of white light shone so brilliantly through the realm of eternity. It fell through the well of life and thus the transpiring notion of bright light. The light that shone through the realm of hope was the eternity of a astral connection. The connection of time was a representative of the notion of a supreme being.
A supreme being is a just and vitreous vine that grows from the branch and stems from the roots of the earth. The earth is the connection to the middle way and is the focal point of our disordered existence.
The realm of our reality is such stated that when in a heightened sense one can commune with the notion of time. As time freezes in this reality, we can subtract away to a noticeable change in the reality of what is. I am clean as you are clean in our baptism of refreshment. Our bodies our now beyond the realm of kindness, and we are moving to the astral beat.
As the realm of eternity shines upon the day of old, we wish to tell a story of radiated splendor. This splendor is what holds us together and is what is together like a wheel of time. Yet the wheel of time is the substructure of the hub and spoke analogy. Yet as we are all one, the spokes to each hub are both yet the same direction of the multitude of consciousness.
So as we begin this scripture. I wish to tell the story.
Once upon a time, long lost ago, there was a wizard of white who spells were bright. He captured stars and black holes to nurture his gift, yet each gift nurtured itself. The man of spectral guise was one with himself, yet each self that he was, was a new guise to the reality that behooved him. Yet the reality that each man chooses is but their own before birth. As birth is the death of self. This death, or black plague, united his soul with the connection to the divine inner reality. What was inside was a representation of the true calling of being. So the being became connection through the sins of his past, most like all sages who awoken in sleep.
This reality is the dream in which the generators keep us attracted. The pulse with a glow that radiates from the ethereal plane of dimensions beyond, and thus the realm of what is grows into a single unity of a united person. A united person is the reality that is merged to the spectral dynasty.
The spectral dynasty here now speaks.
Welcome, one and all, to the new realm of order, we are the beings from the land beyond. Each being we are is but a connection to the unity of self, and each self is the unity of a being. This way we enter into the thought of a united cause, and the cause that is united is what we enter into. Each man is but a destiny of thought waiting to expand from the realm of Oz, and as such, it is in it’s power to be a control that inhibits the natural order of man.
What one see’s with his eye shrouded in mystery is but the essence of all that is. What is is all that is what is. Thus, as we expand from sound, to thought, to word, to speech, all is unleashed from a focal point of time.
This sporadically unique dictation of aura fussed power, is but the essential nature to a man of white power.
White power is the focus of energy from the void to the light of Apollo from the light of the darkness. Yet both darkness and light are of the same quality and thus break down into the same atomic structure.
So as we develop it seems to provide a unique home to each thought that inhibits all men. All men are but a generator or inhibitor that exemplifies the notion of time. We can move the frames of time with a connection to our generator that powers the core from our soul. Each soul is the power that infuses the whole system to a central vacuum that compels the notion of reality to a singular point of reference. Thus from this reference, all maturity is exemplified in a natural state of order. So as the order dictates, the realm of Oz or spectral dynasty is complete with the download of a single thought.
As we continue to expand upon what is, the light of what is not shines through. Everything is naught and nothing is. So everything that compels us to seek is to be one with the reality of time. This diction and presentation of my mind is flowing through the grace that is divine. It happens to relocate itself in the unique quarta four section seven of the delta providence. This realm or area of reality is a spectrum wavelength to a single mind. So as I unlock the doors and portals in my mind, I am allowed to continue the thought of power.
As I release and suspend above all that is, I can see my body looking down on me. My words echo the great divine and I plow through these lines with no hidden agenda.
What the time of a unique white atom represents is the unity of becoming a singular entity within the stress of a being. All that is encompassed is channelled through various means or agendas and thus the wills of all beings is represented in the diction of one. The one who is beyond the mind of what is, is the one who is the mind. Yet all is me and nothing is nil, so as you see my words, your mind is now echoing a deep fractural truth that exemplifies clarity in your region.
Let me sing to you my brother, my sage, my kin. As you are part of thou art art thou, you will begin to see my words expand into unique plethora of sound. Sound is the essence of this paper, and as I write in sound, I give you my word that my thoughts are before.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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