Spheres (Canto)

I see a vision, a vision below

Above, beyond all of matter

Inside deep, in the core of self

It is willing to be freed

O ye alas, soul of a brother

Anoint thy will begunst

Another motion to capture me

As each atom pulses free

Slowly I fix my gaze upon

You my dear, I live in warm

So essential are thee to thus

Expand, my vision, harbor flux

The soul a lake of growth enstilled

The river flowing thus revealed

This praise, a canto, version twelve

Of ribs in nature’s random well

Deep, this thought will entertain

In this trance I alter frame

As such my mood is as stable

As a fairy, nymph or satirical fable

Cacophonous sounds ready relate

As I flow this hymn from innate

Tabula rasa; sheet of life

Unfolded by the tree endice

O ye soul, thee pardon me

To rise again, set loose be free

I will reveal the spheres of thought

Seven deadly realms a’frought

Each dimension contains the spheres

In which energy is collected

Thus expands the dimensional plane

A thought beyond the status main

So as I wander into the first

I collect myself in herst

The first realm belongs to self

Were the ego is conscious health

As yet to say, why when what who

For the first realm is self in clue

Captured to the void abyss

The song you sing seldom cysts

In plane on the thought of bay

Is enstilled by portals the scheme

To source upon the manifold

To tell the tales that take a tole

The first spheres tells a tale

Of what is first inside

This unseen realm of inner sanctity

Is captured in moments time

Canto 2.

O ye my followers, petty guise

Live in strength and tell no lies

Ovid beyond the larva state

Glow at peace within the fates

A stream, a brook, channeling soft

Along the ground the frozen frost

Begunst with me I hold close

Your will is mine in this clause

O brother, who art thou

I see thee in my vision

You seldom show your precarious waves

Along the ocean current saves

So prose behoof your seldom check

Psychic beloved of the sect

In which thy eye stars shine

What in what you seldom whine

O spheres your song ignites me

Your furious fire excites me

Thou hast been freed again

As thou your seldom stand

Upon your feet a simple curse

That worse on worse you cycle

To hold within this thought

A ye pondering caught

O listen ye wise men of time

Magic relates the vine divine

As such a way alters mood

It is a form a sensory school

O Bacchus ye death, ye death of self

Twice through framed my myth of self

Destroy, inane, the abyss my friend

For words are nothing to my end

Yet the spheres insite my power

As thus the first is ego dissolving

Plenty as the school of fish

What is the second, i must insist

The second sphere is the sphere

Of which we love and hold near

It is agape, eros, philos, for lost men

And it is within our own mends

Thus the love of paternity and others

Chooses its path infernally

As choice become the life of sphere

To love our family close and near

Thus end this cycle of planes

Until my thought comes in again.

Canto 3.

Invest your time, time to invest

Upon the centrifical force that’s blest

Inmust being outward shine

To a higher plane of order divine

Listen, hear ye, listen here

Menu voice calls is all but dear

To eat your soul in fission

Stars of death in the prism

Of rays of orbs and spheres

Which radiate alive and near

Such a way to perceive white

The order of a brotherhood psyche

Now let me give a clue

To all the thoughts held true

Behoof the sublime of time

All are based in a crime

Together as one we may find

That all is part of the nine

Who spheres float tither & wither

In moments were we fissure

Thus the third sphere of planes

Is the thought, the home, the glane

Were we find our soul encompassed

To a linear state complete

Thus the mind above beyond

Soars free in we sing along

And such and such when and why

The living dead is real inside

The sphere of thought is boundary free

Were the give and take is always alive

For in a state conditional

Is a full, a soul, a whole situational

Let us recite the mind

For essence goes beyond its kind

Such a way to alter forms

As thus the mind is above all norms

It formulates self and love begunst

Because it is the forefront hunch

That sensory depicts; we relate

To live our life in midst of fate

Thus love of self and self of love

The Jove gifts to us above

Below the ground in the sound

Is were we beat the bush around

O logic, thee mind, self fulfilled kind

Expressing the expression of nature

Begot this sphere, common law

End this canto with the fog.

Canto 4.

O ye o ye my thoughtful son

Were caught in moments bind on one

The sun of all events foretell

The bounding of a singularities hell

This form inside us, wills they will

And thus depicted a sphere a’still

Upon thyne romance of the soul

Were gravity pulls us back in full

Thus as whole the common law

Is do walt thee wilt, base no flaw

Excite your self to matters attuned

To live in the arrow of Elune

This song a praise, a foretelling spell

That poised, guided can only swell

A moment bell that chimes away

To the time in lunar array

Thus self, love, thought all shine

That to the nine of seven sphere flow

In which what we wake upon

Is the feeling of what we feel

Thus a feeling comes next

In this lunar system blest

It is what relates the previous

The first three are devious

So as the way of feeling tis

The spell of nature is a kiss

And the feelings through colors perceive

A multitude of selfless impede

So the feeling surrounds the core

Its high & low unlocks each door

To bore in thought towards the center

Were all is nothing, all is weathered

Feelings attack and are defensive

In moments were there is no comprehensive

Formula’s or minds can relate this

For it is a spiritual battle cyst

What one can relate in silence

Is the power of thought, self, love, feelings & magic

Were once the cause of feelings grow

It does not hinder, nor does slow

Each feelings moves in different ways

From our stage it directs the play

To say; what we harbor inside

Is surrounded by feelings alive

So as the source of feelings show

Live at peace let love a ‘grow

Canto 5.

In love and light, ye bid me well

For constructed is gravities hell

A fission of atoms that south douth sling

By bandit’s arrows and rocks a‘flinged

The love of self, the second guess

Of a sphere beyond, below and blest

Its frequency of self douth hold

A strong, molecular force untold

As thus the law of order states

Reason to restrain, logics gate

For the firth sphere of time beholds

That reason compels all in the fold

Reason is what nature creates

A love to invest upon the fates

Thee days of many drops of rain

Show how reason applies again & again

So as the fresh dewly morns

Your spheres of reason are all torn

Between what is before the go

How can one relate what he see’s thou

As such the answer always states

Give to others upon this date

For fate relates the death of self

Thus are we respected in wealth

O brother, who art thou

Are you just a cloud?

A phantom or apparition sought

Be wary, for my words are lost

Thus still, be stilled, stilly stilled

Let all along we voice our will

So as reason restrains the love of second

We being to realize the time

As we flow down this stream

Your boat is anchored close to me

To be; a float; as such in way

To void, be stilled, be found innay

So reason compels the ocean front

That we seek shelter in a hunt

As thus the water floats along

And thus reason is a sphere of song

Let us now close this sphere

Be reason to fly through fears

Canto 6.

This boat is following course

To a place unknown, by a force

The river is past, so by away

And close to the ocean I play

This ship of oak and petty slaves

Moves me to beyond the grave

So what we feel relates the thoughts

That through self and love we always are caught

The reason above all this we are

And logic compels this canto far

Logic a tree growing both ways

Heavens above and hell in plays

Both we muse upon such

And created dendrites along much

So then upon the ship of sea

We come to be logic free

Power in logic, compelling force

That in a way we always course

Upon the fleeting ocean front

All is within the love of much

So thus reason dispels

All the magic in my hell

As reason doth us well

Canto 7.

At long last the anchor drops

From the ship upon the ocean stops

As spheres collect in the final verse

What we give is now a herse

So what is the greatest sphere

It is essence, one with the divine in fear

As such to alter your form

Is an entity whose essence norms

As such a way I seek further

To replenish what is inside

The further thought, reasons and self

Continue to this being in health

So essence forms all above

And depicts the ocean full of love

A boat upon the ocean

Now constructs its own motion

Potential is essence and time

So thoughts, of yours, they are mine


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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