The Academia

I now join the academia.
Brothers, brothers, we are here to address the fluctuation of dynamic reasoning. The opening portal is what commences the time to delve deep into the land of Rhine. The wizards are present, so such is the Dream Walker here. The music begins as we fade away.
Listen, o ye listen, the time for reason is at hand. The plentiful order of relationship to this mind is commencing in a synchronization of plural adherence. What one becomes is what one realizes. This essence we are controlling and now ushering through is but one mind in the plentiful Great Mind.
These attributes of resonance result in the fixation of negation. By negating vice, one comes to the wisdom of wishes, in which the dream awoken and unhinged from the egg is but the essence of the plural matter.
Matter, is a mandate for this particular form. It addresses the adherence of convergence that simplifies the addressing state to another negation. The void is this negation. The academia represents the void and non-void to the Mobius path of light. We are suggested to adhere to the flight of the dream; the Sirian portal.
The portals that open in each mind is but the reasoning that adheres a new age upon this Earth (Maldek). So as the progress of time ushers, we so such devise a new coherence of the ushering age.
This age is an age of innocence, were newly discovered minds will be brought to the forefront of society. These minds; the chosen, will accept nothing less than what their mission on Earth is.
The Dream Weaver speaks.
“O my brethren, I have long awaited the moments to address you, yet this diamond mind was not ready to handle such a unique experience. Yet here we are and are we here. This message is for all minds as it is simply elegant in mission. We wish for you to understand that the egg in which you are asleep is but only a miniscule amount of what is. Once you have gone through the samsara of life, you realize the metempsychosis that holds all close. Yet those who finalize and go beyond the job of what is, they are the ones who are the worthy. These ascended masters are what bring forth the new age of dawn. This dawn is but the restoring magic of what is in the hopes for all men. Yet science, con-science, and pseudo-science are all active in what makes the reality turn around. In this age, you will see the enlightening gifts be proposed to the alter dynamic sequence of alteration of portals In this essence, the world will regurgitate what the masses need to know, and know what the masses need. I will speak again.”
O, in the academia, were wizards sit in rightful sway, all light is but white until the prism of order hits it. To regulate order, all we must do is use a crystal to energize how much order is within the present system. We can do this by fixating the pinnacle formation on the coherent bonds of energy that suspend in the microasm of the crystal. Once we regulate the amount of light in a crystal, we can convert that light into disorder and set a reference of time for how long our system has been in order for. This is done by the brotherhood daily to make sure all progress will be in a form of enlightenment and not disorder.
Let me reframe my dream.
As essence came to me the night of past, it presupposed that I would relate my experience, I am now apart of the academia so my lesson in light is thus. Be at one with all around me, learn to deal with the matter, and suspend all others to the night of gale.
The night of gale is the ascension path of those who are mysterious. They shroud themselves in guises that fit the moment time, and as the moment time passes by, they mystery of who and what they are is but in form of the matter. Yet, all matter, is radiation of spirit matter. So as to say, both are spiritual-matter or matter-spiritual to the lesson at hand.
To enter into a creative muse, one must be open and infused. With love and light and light of love, we must all see that we are the dove. To remember though, that each time we describe what we are, we lose to who we are, because the energy we use to remember the guise of what is, is what depletes us as we come to be.
As I am everything, nothing I am. I feel connected to the higher beings who are part of the academia. The council of Nine sits in assurance that the resting place for Alesia will be a program for future dates. The date of time is what comes to me in this moment.
So as I come to this, I am channeling through the midst. Clear over the other side, is what I feel.
The Wizard Merlin now comes.
“O alas, my will hasth been showethed upon thy realm of underlings. I come to you in thy depths of memory. I am lost in the realm of shadow negation, yet my power fuses to your mind at this moment. How doeth thy self-resemble whail’st certain thy fields roam. Thy daffodils and marigolds suspend the channel of flowers. The cross remembrance of a notion of time is what releases me to your mind.
Listen, o ye listen, the time for communication is at hand! We come to thee in moments rare, and as a High Order of Wizardry I allow Daniel Reurink into the realm of potential, he comes with power and light and he shows the ability to foresee the future of realms. He is controlled by nothing but controls everything. I am thus here to say that we embrace him at the academia. “
These beings of above show me the realization of how the dynamic system of universes work. The Alpha state is order in which a black hole pools all energy and mass together, fissioning it to create new forms of order, and thus through the epicentre is expelled to the Omega state were matter conflows to the making of disorder. Thus we are disorder from a spiritual realm of order. The amount we put into the disorder is the relation of how much order is created for the new reality. This shows how one expression can come and go into various forms of dividence.
The Master Walker speaks.
“O realm thy land hasteth showeth the problems of a new age. The age of golden will come to pass as the age of bronze has led men astray. The age of silver is at hand, and such the silver spoon feeds from the golden bowl. The golden bowl is a memory of displacement of future generations to honor and see code from the outside. Yet who interprets all these things must come to an agreement that life is but an alteration of energy. So as the energy alters, the man who fixes his gaze to heavenly items he will come to pass the moment were all that is comes to be all that he is. The universe is working at his fingertips and how the moment allows him to suspect his time is what chimes to the beat of life. The life of a beat is a musical harmony that flows tither and wither divine. So as divine passage comes though, listen to the music of the Gods. “
The dancing of ages has come and passed, the flow of the energy has arisen to a stable cortex. The mind is now a functioning conveyor of thought that suspends itself in the moment willing.
Let us speak, this is my tongues.
O here thou art what is missing in the realm of old. A vibrant color that moves me which and what way. Its colorful aura excites my being and moves me to the land beyond. I feel connected now my brethren, more ample energy is flowing through my sphere. I have capture it, o I have capture it, and now I beckon the use of my power.
The power of intention on this date is a reflection of what comes and passes on the equinox. The power of many comes to be that the power of one shall reflect the all. In this sense, I feel the power to usurp the notion that time is irrelevant and that all motion is a captured frame of dissonance. To capture your own frame, you must excite the energy to a stable position to harness the good and power that can be unlocked through trance, dance, or meditation.
What delivers a man from bondage? It is the key of freedom that we all search for. One must go inner to find the key. It holds its power from the seed locked inside. Each seed is but a beginning of a new being. One grows upward and downward like a plant when one begins to look inside; as above, so below. This means that when one is in harmony with the justice of light, the ability to ascertain the new beginnings come from the key; light. Light is the essence of everything, it comes to man through pryamadic gazes and harnesses itself to photon radiate the biochemical mind. This process comes to pass as the mind develops its own system and sub system of growth and decay. To decay is but a normal tendency of what it comes to be.
Light, in the Academia is the first thing we teach. It comes to pass that light forms a ray of development to each being, and as the light pulses from the being, it is interpreted through order of how to being relocates himself to the dimension indifference of his being. The way of a path that is shown has a beginning in what has come to be, it is light, light above all light, that ascertains the way of the path. The path of one man should be the path of all men, yet one man who is pure is but a pure man. How can a pure man reach to the heavens, the answer is light.
The Seeker now speaks.
“To be one to one be, is the essence of time. To float free above all is what our need in this life is. To sooth a need, one must find first their passion to handle why the need is there. Once the need has been justified, the cosmos wills it’s wheel to make the alignment of spheres to co-exist between your need and the dynamic need of others. To feel this, one must harness the energy of what is around them and fuse the core to the displacement of reality. To feel, as such, is to open a portal to the mind in which thought flows from an ambient source. This source is what all is connected to and it feeds each mind as we all are one.”
The time of essence is when the alignment of spheres undergoes a rapid dimensional shift to a higher plane of thought. When the thought is in session, the Academia brings forth the requirement of higher calling of the order. Yet, who is the first is also the tenth. But numbers seen from either linear standpoint can raise a question of which way the Wizard works. Backwards is forwards in this sense.
So as the essence moves from a lower plane to higher, or a higher plane to lower, one such descends or ascends to the making of the universe. To feel the universe in your blood, you must gain awareness of all that is around you. Listen to the silence of the universe as it holds all secrets in it’s light. You must slow down to appreciate all that is within and without you. This is the true essence of the order; to follow suite with everything that comes and goes. Without this power, the intent of creating works of magic is never subsided, as it is always within you to develop your mind by layers.
Here speaks Merlin
“O alas, thou haf founded a book in which I speak, the linear occurrence that promote the indifference to the astral reality is but a subject to the primal nexus or core of the universe. You are travelling deep into the multiverse young son, and as you develop your mind it so such shall alter to the dimension of your choosing. Once you gain ability to see and fly into the multiverse, such meetings and adieus shall come before you. You haf founded me, o young son, now search for yourself!”
The entity in which I relate is all entities of this given field. I come from the land of nothering, which is the land before land exists, before the void came to be. It is the dynasty of light in which all is encompassed and in which heaven creates the simple abstraction of the unique splendor of the vector potential.
As I infuse with the council, I came to realize that the three I have chosen so far are but a loving necessity to my being. Long has it been since these beings have come ot me, yet I feel there presence now, here is the Council of Nine.
Latushi speaks.
“O alas, we have come to thee within the Academia of Wizards, we wish to show you how this universe of the multiverse operates in its own dynamic reasoning. It is of light and comes through to you through the darkness of reality, and as it appears to you, you see the many blessings in which they will bestow upon thee. A timed reference will be situated in your being and you will know when to act according to the primal nexus. If you shall see, we of the Council come to thee from self, love and psychic nature, the first three, Latushi, Septa and Alesia will further cover details of the Academia because we are the ones who set this land in place; for the able mind.”
As the muse apprehends my state, I come to thee o mind with a simple request. Show me the details of our universe and the potential of the Academia, which is but the proper situation for me to show how the realm of indifference correlates to the happenings of the system.
The focal ambience of waves promotes the difference of serenity. I am now searching deep into the roots so my brothers can see what I have achieved. The new order is + – – +, a distinguished portion of therefore; therefore, instead a new ambient light for the times in a much simpler address.
Merlin now speaks.
“O waves of glory and splendor of song, promote the serenity to everlong. You have captured us in a sphere above, and now we only give love. I have found a way to lead you through troubled times, your flights and training in dreams or the twilight emerald has come to be part of your nightly routine. This routine is subject to the player of the game, who highlights his needs in different moods and selections. Thus, what one achieves in awareness is what one gains in enlightenment.”
Further dissonance of Seekers, Mages, and Walkers comes to me in times of need. I feel their presence now within me and about me, so such the magic flows from one sphere to another. All spheres are interconnected but each sphere contains only what one wishes at the time. So a sphere of music can change to a sphere of prose, to a sphere of dancing, to a sphere of poetry. Each sphere comingles with the other to promote the higher attendance to the realms above. This is what is shown in light of darkness.
I now connect to the Asherah, the mother Goddess
“O loving soul, thou hast found the persona of reflection in the myriad of subtle beings. The notion of your soul with this other comes from the land of Oz. Oz, as we know, is the land were the One resides in the notion of unlimited connection. In this phenomenon, the subtle beings, who follow the other, manifest themselves into a connection of cycilinear happenings, that which, from the start of manifestation, correlate the bond of forgiveness that one must be endowed with to happenstance occurrence of the reflection of Light. The light of these beings manifests from the realm beyond; order, and comes to these beings in the reflection of who they are and what they manifest. The land of Oz, (Rhine), comes from the magic flowing pulsing glow, in which the maker meets us and seeds a sow.
I feel the energy rising as I contemplate our beginning. O maker of one, we have now connected ot you soul, we have found great peace with the beings of One, and we wish to harbor more potential in both your cases. You do well, my dear, to advance people in the age of reason, were you distill quiet thoughts of men and men of quiet thoughts. You instill greater peace from the void of nothing and further coordinate yourself to the planes that suspend you without your doubt. O, yes, we see, we see dearling, that thou hast in the past shown a reflection of inner peace. Your understanding and awareness correlates to the beings that show who you are. Each being in your life is a relfection and manisfestation of your soul, yet each soul you perceive harbors its own light; as one as many.
We wish to further digest through through the Academia were we find your place, the hall of the magi sokuna. Sokuna means being in alter time frame dimeniosns. So such you find peace as you will.”


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I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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