Invoke thy name Thoth, let me unleash your power. In your name I transcend the ethereal realms of common-place.

O thy light, I can see thy beautiful prayer, it’s song is in tune with the Reality of realities. I am thus that reality. I Thoth, commander of the Atlantian hope, have come now before this being in a unique way of constructive creative genius. Through nature, I have created these forms of mind that come through in waves like a song. This song, or the dance of waves, is supported by each atom who mimic the pattern of three dimensional clarity. These waves, function as a whole upon the wave of initial clarity. Once the direction of spiralling motion is confounded, the waves and particles express themselves in lunar array from the direction primal nexus. This nexus is but the catalyst to all that is.

Furthermore, the way of the galaxies is thus; each galaxy contains an event horizon that gravity supersedes itself in a form of magic. The magic of this form is but the prerequisite of a boundary from the next galaxy. Thus, the fabric of reality dissolves and the event horizon of each galaxy, and this from the break in galaxy form, the word of thought expels itself throughout.

The word of form of these galaxies comes through the slowed motion of time. Time and gravity are linked to each other by the binuaural beats of sound. Sound is momentum from the initial bang from whence gravity and time are expressed.

O I invoke thy power, the power is fueled through the song of the cosmos. As I come to this place, I feel the decency of this being. Each galaxy is a being and each universe is a co-being. As a co-being is the creator manifestation of the universal sons and elders, it comes to pass that each elder has a time in array to the dissosance of the supreme reality. Each reality that one finds is but the primal core to the initial state of things. All things work in flow, so each master must so sow. I am now sowing this beings mind as initial state harvest has come to him before.

The galactic harvest is but a process of time to the beings of each galaxy. Each galaxy has its own initial time frame in which life can evolve. Whence life is at its primal state of order, the harvest is thus recalled from all natural life, and all moves to a higher density. The density of each reality is but the new thought of how a density can relate itself to love. The more love a being feels, the greater the relationship to the density. The more we recall the previous forms and after forms, the greater the love we can experience upon these forms. Forms, or matter, come to us through the being of the primal nexus and thus expands through the eye within the eye.

The universe is constructed so. The light spirals and thus the light expels. The expelling light comes through a central vacuum point in which the transition of order to disorder occurs. Thus, the light of this matter which is changing form from nothing to everything, or everything to nothing, come to us through our perception of an early three dimensional birth. Without this birth in the third dimension, we would never be able to experience the love of the creator in this realm. As the higher the vibration, the more love one feels. So as we come to this, the universe is based upon love of the creator and attaining a higher attunement to source. The greater the attuement to source, the higher the calling of life.

A galaxy is but the portion of the universe. It forms in a goldilocks state and thus performs the active clarity from expression reason evolved over billions of years. After fourteen billion years, the world has formed, after five hundred and eighty billion years, the universe is formed and expanded at max, this is necessary to the time of gravity.

Thus ends invocation.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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