twas once upon a summer day
were the fields grew and random played
the breeze was cool, a rustling voice
that spoke beyond my world of choice
I grow in self, daily begunst
a new guise to show at lunch
in all my words excite this play
were the stage, behoofed, is in my way

so as I expand this form
I rise above the thought’s of norm
as thus I am a rainbow clue
I search and sift each morn a’through
so day upon this praise of life
flying through the will and strife

alas my will, I’ve found the naught
I rise into essence of my plot
to such an eye; wide open glare
provides me begnst what’s rare
o once upon a glimmering sphere
were the thoughts that I held dear
invoked myself in this essence
now I feel, I touch, I’m present

rising and lowering my abysses word
I come to realize all is twirled
in a gravitational bend, that-
will agunst my moments mend
the magic of my song expells
through the conduit of self impell

as Poseidons sea reaches in
I feel as wild as Artemis kin
the force acting upon my will
tries to tranquil void and still
so such I write in untime
were in myself I am sublime
a sensation of white power
flusters me away in this hour

let me now sing a song
were hours prolong in a bong
that holds self close to my heart
and thus I paint my art

rises from the logos I compell
an art of what I foretell
visual array against my eye
sound of thought beyond my kind
essence in one; white power fuelled
thoughts expand so I may use
a perception that I infuse

as I begin my journey in pen
the wand, the dagger, producing sends
me to a plane of oversouls
to which I know I am whole
so my soul, a mysterious guise
that can see the truth and many lies
abrupt my passage in this realm
were I muse and use a unhindered felm

so ask thou self upon this time
is my heart and soul divine?
so subtle and sweat this nectar treat
based upon Apollo’s seat
Achilles your heroic form
stretches far and wide in a storm
thyne power of land and naught
performs in a magical thought

per chance this poem I invite
to my all seeing knowledge white
procreates a self, a being, an essence
that lives inside my internal presence

this presence of self bewilders me
as it is apart of the ocean sea
capturing lost Atlantis inward gaze
I see clear, I am lost, in the haze

so which upon a night infact
was a vision, a dream, a subtle trance
that shone its way to the sun
Apollo’s will on Meldack be done
as the abbey closes my mind
I relinquish this song of nine
capturing entity in the mist
o I know I must subsist

earthly hours upon this realm
an universe that toils and swells
to a beat, a flux, a moment well
all we see is what we foretell

this song invites me into it
a stratus low harbouring my wit
I admit that I am lost
to all in all of this densities cost
gazing around all I see
is controversy of an iktomi
fuelled by self the moment gain
is plain to see the time again

as I reach deeper in
my brethren; white will win
in the fin of what I hold
now I am hot and cold

raging fires and Zions core
unlock the labyrinth each knocking door
a way of passing beyond
for in this light I am gone
so light and dark, both entwine
a master fate debased in time
musing to what I hold close
emotions run rampart at most
and my song now ends, I close.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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