Grounded feat, repeat the beat

Flow and grow in the essence that slows

Be at peace suspend relief


Verse rehearse, time sublime

Busting each line in linear signs

Can’t you go to the let go

In the crime of projections flow

One, two, two, four

Listen to me open this door

Floored upon the roof I sit

And capturing Self is in my wit

I love energy and energy loves me

It resides in the core of the sea

Flowing controversy of the Iktomi

That has caged my life inversely

Forward, now, again, the pain

The gain of righteousness through my muse

Open up, let love infuse

Every being in this heavenly scheme

That rides the system in between

This betwixt motion is essence caught

Beyond the thought of what is bought

It comes to me through you you see

We are coming to the New Age of free

This will that so designates the reality

Will universally domesticate the fatality

Of each life, life to be conversed

To a two step tune of the nondual verse


Split, separate, come back together

Rewind and let birds flock together

In this heat, I come through in my seat

And another brother comes to meet

Me in this subjective state

Were I fly free above the linear gate

I am floating above the sky

And I realize we all must die

Yet I come back down to Earthly realms

For in this place I do foretell

That all knowledge will be unlocked

Through a system that opens antimatter’s clock

No-time to un-time to progression in waves

Can’t you see that it is time that saves

Beats of motion create the sound

That from the ground moves us around

So we know that this way of life

Is caught up in the folded slice

Of Earth between the heavens, a middle grounded war

That opens the portal to the minds own door

So what we know is this way of creation

Has limited itself to propagation

Propaganda, media, masses of collaboration

Has fell into the hands of the Elite with alienation

Their own dynasty set up to control the people

And keep them all in the steeple

This sheeple must overcome their self

And die to their reality to realize their wealth


What can I say

I harbor my play

In a way I develop and sway

To a form unknown, masses are shown

That the known is nothing outgrown

For how could the sown be the stick that shatters the bone

For what we know is how the now

Enters into our linear consciousness of how


So as I come to this flowing time

I want to create a single rhyme

That comes together in forms and relations

To the time of negation

A quark changed, anger fueled rage

Ares bloody and hot in haze



So what do I do to keep myself sane?

I keep the answer and the riddle to my name

For shame unlocks the door of blame

And concurrent self’s always sell their gain

So what do I do to keep myself insane?

I go to the realm of Otherness and beat the flame

I travel and scan the Grid’s ley lines

And set up portals to funnel the crime

Into thought, action, active layers

That flow from places unaware

It gives life to the place, reveals the face

That is behind each merger of their own haste

This is my time, I come to shine

Always unware aware of nothing blind

I see in my light a fabric of heaven

And it comes to me to save


Here is me, capture Higher Self

Let this new beat show you how I grow


One, one, check mic rep

Listen to this new version of respect

Aliens have shown their name to the game

They have come to illuminate the frame

So why did they come through their verse inept

To show the world that it was crazy’ept

The mountains wept of their rivers scorn

And this beat is what is torn

From the torment of many forms of norms

That underneath the shelter cages for storms


Pump that flow, listen now people

I am coming from the land of the keep

I want to know why my walls are down

So you can see inside this lad I lay bound

What do I know, other then this flow

I wish to let go and enter the Druid

As nature becomes a life giving food







About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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