the sound I hear comes in clear
a white light of expression
it mellows my soul of consciousness
and delivers me to realms of old

this time, a death, a cup refilled
is stilled by the presence of will
I am, a what am I
I am selfless and have no desires

this epistle of waves rush through
and light, love and guidance rules
the astral body moves my mind
and restores me to feelings of order

beset and beseeched so am thus
were thyne self expands in light
over all beings, spheres and orbs
I radiate so clear and free

this movement, this vibrant sound
echo’s deep within the life
the strife I know is within
as outer shines from my whole

so as I gaze inward
I see the temple of self
my eye and scrolls develop
and I transmigrate beyond all planes

so this experience I now enter
is Dharma upon the Tao
I reflect upon my way
and see that passion is balance

o this spell it captures me
to all planes that echo thus
I meditate on nothing
and as nothing I am

such colors, movement and sound
all radiate in this white light
and communication with self continues
so as I feel above and beyond

I close my mind in simple peace
the soul now opens to my control
and as Atman I radiate all
thus is the frequency I’m under

I change, O I see
that inside is a tree
white light as photons race
the golden face now develops

so,so,so what is within?
a simple spell that negates fin
my eye is open to the void
were my ego dissipates

upon reflection I see everything
the universe of order is developing
in which the transformation bestows
light to all incarnate beings

and O, I prophecy here
the change of society will
undergo a metamorphosis
to were the development of light endues

so as we usher in a new age
that land and time grows
yet growth is restricted by self
that the inner may overcome

so now once again I do change
and rearrange my layers of thought
I expel an aura of deep grace
and I flow within my essence

O geometry, the facade of angles
were I see these shapes commune
bright fluorescent light in my mirror
of turbulent transfixing gazes
so as I slowly open this self
I anoint myself with light
bright as Ra my voice of white
seeks nature in the lost tribes

as I come together and rearrange
I know my thought comes to peace
within life I am surely blessed
as love overflows my reality

o thou change of ready sight
allows me to control my gaze

I know deep and centered
is the way of my Brahma
who in itself is an entity
as I am just a witness of thought

so as I become soft like snow
I glow white radiant light
so heated now I am
to suffice to this cold earth

cold as jack frost I enlive
so my void sings free
this spell undergoes many moons
as I howl in early life

so as we change and undergo
we must balance the seeds we sow
so become at peace with self
for then light and love gives you health


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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