Plato’s Cave

One, one, two

Can’t repeat the past

Let me last unto this song

In essence all along

What we sing in this moment

Is that we are one of atonement

Can’t you see that with this essence

I have to be a presence

That lifts itself from the gift

One time I enter into a flow

And grow in what linear ways show

I am horizontal to this life

Can’t you see my vertical strife

It comes out of nothing and excites

The notion of time in itself

The wealth of nation’s is represented in my pen
And I am not in Plato’s cave den

I move to the music inside

Listen to the beat that fires

All rhythm and essence ot a steady strum

Moving to the bass and the drum

Can’t you feel this moment with me

As I come to you from the sea


Limited controversy of time in heresy

Limits my time in what I know

As I come to this flow I wish to know you

What we find in this place so true is the answer

That permanganate in all life and subjects the user

To an infused portion of relativity that uses

A likely information light that sends out products

Towards a higher state of allowance

This beat is so fast and steady

That I love to get in heavy

It is a meat and bones of what I knowledgeable

And it is the essence of the throne

It is known that the way to the core

I s a simple assemblage point door

It moves and shifts the particles place

And infuses self with the others face

I know this rap tap into the hat

Is one with the madder who is inapt

This is the reason of my treason

Can’t you see this moments season

ti flowers with glow and confusion

And it’s intention is the leave seclusion

Exclusion from life creates the mind

And keeps everyone to their own confine


Hell yeah, back and forth

Listen to this new form of course

The letters of time are written out in the fiend

It is the death of ego and our kind

It comes to be in the path of some

And it must be overcome

What is done shall be and never repeat

Until re-occurrence and paths defeat

The way of matter and spiritual form

That must envelop all this dorm

That keeps us locked in our light

As we try to dive into this night


Everyone says get a job

Can’t you see my mind is like God

I come in simple versions and downloads

That come through this prose of roads

That have connected me through the webnet

And this tenant I am is a suspect

To the ever changing green demand

Of the nature’s common man

The flow of the kush is within each line

And that is Mose’s burning bush


The plant lit on fire, caged his desire

And related how one can commune with the dire

Forfire the nation of Dune

But this example of self is what came this afternoon


Give me respect my man

Rap this relation to the sand

As the dust collects and forms the gland

We move from the labrythns hand

That gloves our experience in the land

And commands the wand that vectors overcoming

And shadows the dark side of the moon’s warning


Can’t you all see, this demon is gone free

Nothing left in my frequency

Other then a change and a moment to be me

This new way of life, caught up in the moment

Is what I wish to capture through our torment

So what I know and what I feel

Comes to me and I know it is real

Can’t steal the mind the captures essence

And reads the new way of the presence


Can’t you hide and keep inner still

Because still waters run deepest under nil.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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