Eden Tree

rolling spells; and wizard hall amongst the land
twisting fates reversal dates a story in the gland
pineal seen highly serene is moment past of now
reflected thought Apollo brought within the fleeting how
a tree stood tall, a fragrance smelt in grande

listening in to the sin Adam fell from his own might
woman sought rib produced knot is the love of light
betwixt within the midst the maiden produces hate
long last blight of the dark is now present in date

a tree stood tall, the fragrance smelt of blight

harsh realities produced fatality is the present day
forward in all who is is what; the normal present sway
rocking back and forth from one point is our path
a wooden oak in hand by circle blue power staff
waved back and forth in a spectrum of parallel way

way of time moving through past me to you
inside the path of outward movement true
held by a rock straight jut landing to a mound
that holds its sound in a oak tree summer sound
the tree stood tall, fell; dell computed the blue

a micromegas of inside torture produced an oak
the path led from the hill of Revelstoke
harsh path from tree hill on led all astray
each man movements in situational own way
down in the crevice stood tree tall of infant choke

test the waters holding still in fleeted luck
fortitude in fortune that past the hill a muck
foggy and rooted in mire caged all our hearts desire
for fallen angel from Eden is our first fire
the tree swayed by logic way producing a forest stuck

a stick in the mud only stays in point
by sinking slowly or floating on the joint
clear to see the otherside through all the mud
all negative matter repels the normal crude
the tree stood in dirt until at last it hurt

its pain seeping out in its own fruit
retrace relive reburn the moment past noose
caged in Eden and left for time to stall
is how began the dark reign of foxes maul
a hell that fits no foot in boat

hell from Eden was our beginning choke plead
for serpent speech is craft of cunning impeed
to stall, produce, kill, relive and relearn
for the maker of evil wishes us all to burn
burn in yellow snow for hell is all greed

greed manifests upon the fold in ore rock
to hold all thoughts like an evil lock
no key but a freedom of imagination thought
all to live as one and one is store has bought
no price for we are always on in restock

simple the tree kept itself safe and contained
for only all of humanity did it wish to maim
cut off, splice in three, heaven hell and purgatory free
is how the maker deduced the present day sea
now all man pays for the price of a tree slain

we need to further grasp this reality change
for why O god are we punished for what was strange
the tree was one mans fall and not our own
why must we all live in not Eden tree home
guilty all are punished for the fall of one man

now once the tree begot is evil slings
it produced the hark death herald king
who slithered into our minds as a devilish fiend
now we are the nature of our own natural kind
natured expressed through nature is the veil wing

rapid change and all known was now lost
erased the memory of good the balance cost
to know both sides of the paradigm of life
now we are all caught up in midlife strife
cold is this reality, it sings with Jack frost

the song of the tree that is rooted in glee
is a melodic tune of harmonic a lee
can’t we all see the passion fruit will
that has shiver spine chilled us all to stand still
we are all apart of the luke-warm sea

now nestled in the roots so fair
is the energy of a mountainous glare
to see, hear, receive, related and reconstruct
is how the beginning fall took its crunch
jewels and sapphires hidden in mountain rare

the greed found in evil is the first root of death
it flows with the grace of river Styx breath
in and around the sound so hot in the heat
is how we meet the makers at his keep
the tree stands tall, with Cherubiams and Sephs

angels team around the tree that holds all
for alive and well it has produced mankinds stall
retrace our steps and look through the past eye
for alone and single we all but die
we have all been in time with Eden tree fall

now around the three are flowers and nests
for all of life is living and blest
what is is right the upright held white
to hold between two pillar Samson might
why do we all have to relive the Eden test

muse to the sound and the heat around tree
for in this moment we are all but free
to live and learn and burn from the crash
because were slain due to Adam’s sword slash
the tree stood tall, the sword made of wood

this breeze flowing through the branches swayed me
a voice of reason that answers to the sea
rustle the living and keep us in the sound
for Eden tree is enrooted in the ground
hold tight to all roots to grow a lee

now the juices flowed from apple fruit
and put all our lives upon the noose
the tree is hangmans first test of time
and set up the beginning fall in crime
O how we live and how we newt

once the juice sank in the tree settled mind
and now knowledge of all seemed so sublime
how we live and learn is from disorder whence
unto the order the promotes the fence
we can see through the picket line kind

the wood was the food in the beginning
and from that moment we all are swimming
in the sea, on the ground
we live our life on a summer sound
start living now, restart yourself, to kill the Eden tree fall from hell


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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