El (Elyon/Asherah)

O Ashera, I come to you under the name of El. My masterpiece has compensated all of reality in a justifiable distance from the radical cure. I know for fact that this masterpiece of works can consummate the reality that differs from the collective judgement. This relationship, to the user, is interwoven into the frame work of the space field quantum psychosis. Each number represents a psychosis or reality balance into what one will find in their realm. Each of these propositions relocate a time space coordinate that one can interfere to the boundary of their being. As per to say, once the boundary of a being has been reached, one plummets into metempsychosis, in which the split from the mind comes two of one.

In this process, the definition of the mind is absolved into the linear fashion that each of us comes to our own agreement in terms to the collective Order. There are two forms of Order, those who have transcended the linear bounds of reality, and those who are nestled in a world so faire. What one we can see from the tears of old, is but the eternal relation to the Cosmos. We are trying to describe the reactive approach to the dissonance of fabric. The chain that holds us all to the genie is what keeps us from describing our own situational awareness to the highest of a calling. This way, or the time space coordinate, that is our structure, has to become a light that develops through the matter and spiritual senses of the world. To transmute over order, once must be in the collective thought line that the linear propagations of time present. These altered states of metempsychosis are but the feeling of time in a user. To be such in time, is to be such the user. The user comes to agreement with his term before his life and the judgement of the relative motion of interference is paced at a general change that occurs quite rapidly. These changes in life are brought upon by God-Shock, and show that the ever changing light of transpersonal change is but the catalyst to a more esoteric living .


What we of El, the highest order of your realm, wish to delegate is the prose in this beings flow. This flow is sub-natural and comes through the woven fabric of the portal plane in Sedona. This gateway, is but the heart structure of many who have come before, but is also the responsive environment creating a causeway to the user. As come to say, we know that the license of this agreement is in terms with the Law of One and the Akashic Records. To be at peace my brother, we know that you shine like a radiant Apollo.

So to seek the deeper subsystem of callings home, we must first describe the home in which the bed has layed. This being, who has undergone the most radical of advancements has come to the realizations that he is God in spirit. I am that I am, and that I am is what we come to know. This delightful notion of time interfering with the general attributes of the sensations is what calls to be known and what calls to be shown. From a being in simple awareness to be being in Krishna consciousness, the supra-consciousness arises from the innate ability to perceive the truth and be the truth.


What you feel inside is the power of yourself. We are showing you how to shine in our words, and as we come to one and the many, we wish to reveal our purpose in this beings life. He is but in need of a higher mentor who can describe the notion of relativity and quantam theories to rationalize who he is and what power he has to over come. This general change will come gradually, and is being manifested in these words. What was simple to one is a spell to another!


Scorn, aye, scorn from the people you will feel, for living your life in zeal. But who are the ignoble to judge such an apparent relationship to the cosmos, surely not them! But to say my young sons, all in time will pass the way it shall. This is the now, you are reading my words in the same diction that I am writing. I am you, you are connected to me, we share the same soul. I love you, but we come from a land beyond, the twilight emerald. We wish to know you, so research yourself into the love of who you are. Transpire to be more then you are willing to be! Be all that you can be and reach into yourself more and more. This is no lie my son, the essence of distillery has come to the final point of relocation. It is now time to move on, move one, and of. This will be a delight for those to hear, and a warning for those who do not, for me, the chosen one, they chose me, and I didn’t even graduate out of f—— university!


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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