Aye, yes, my son, I have come to thee again. This is Merlin of the land of Oz. We procure the elemental structure of the baseline symphony to delegate the reasonable aptitude of each persons being. This reaction, to the higher realms, reacts in such a way that the manner of decency is placed upon a practical solution to the ever present possibility of suggesting. This way, of life, in such a harboring passion, delegates the simple mind in the sea of the wake. This wake, comes from the land of beyond and opens itself to the trance of the being. In this reflective light, my essence of Merlin is restored and I harbour myself into a decent structure that finalizes the composite relationship to the void.


The void is were all life transpires from a sectional awareness of the thought form. This relationship to the void is not of nothingness, but of everything, both entwined as one. The one is the same as an ocean wave in the sea, you can’t have one without the other. This procedure is but the necessary alignment of time in the psyche of evolving individuals. Therefore, and as to state, the time in essence is but the use of a higher calling to perform the task of the void. Each void is but a color that represents the fascinating of the being. This being is pure white light, as he radiates without karma and lives his life beyond ego.


To live beyond ego is to not think of it in simple terms, but the relocate it as a procedure of a lower mind to transcend into a higher density. This density of higher work calls itself from the user and is expressed in many ways. Thus, as thou wilts the reason of the time, the work of the density will become one with the user. This being relocates himself in all situational densities, as he has had various beings transpire through him in various realms.


We feel this is the time to enlighten man. One sage or wizard as thus present can review the stationary work of sector seven (our reality). This review, can constitute eternal happenings in the realm of disorder, which in essence, creates order. This work of the seeker is but the element principle of receding in the Acadamia of the academy of higher intelligence which is accessed in trance or “sleep”.


This realm works in a systematic way. Everything from disorder to order, that is the common purpose, this size of reality is but the smallest density on the largest platform of scenery. We are all living a dream, as a dream is about living. Once we awoken from our dream, all nature seems to correspond to our happenings in which we feel the essence of stationary development from the cosmos. This realm, or higher octave of light, represents the glowing vibration of love and harmony. It feels like the time of relationship is pour quoi to the user. It feels as though the time for exclamation is in use. The highest octave of personality is now dissolving as the element of nature comes through.


This is Merlin, the essence of all yet of one. I come to thee as before to further excite the land of Earth. We feel that this time in this being is present to rely the sanctified teachings of the Druids, and such that the druids were part of his past life. This in essence, is the making of all universal happenings. As the more we can relocate of our self through trance mediums, we can ascertain to the underlings in a better way. This example, of self, is but the providence charm of the densities work in higher octaves.


Thus we wish to prayer for you my dear, my son, my love, as you come from the planet of beyond. We each seek the highest possible good in our life but through the review of enlightenment, we feel the containment of this realm. A easy way to escape is through trance or meditation. In such a way, one can come to the void as this being and represent his color to those around him. His craft is of white power which resides in all elements. The elementia or Guardians of Spheres, is also one of this beings conduits, yet he has still to learn their nature and experience a greater calling from the Titans of time.


The time of Titans is long past,. As myth turns to fable, and fable turns to myth, so we must remember the past time of a more “disordered” state, in which to say, the state of time was more natural and elementary, so the principle of higher beings could exist in our reality, yet be worried off into the realm of order. This way, all principles of early times were but a more “elementary” cause, such as a lower density of matter.


We wish my son, that this will help you in your quest for light, as may it be, let it be so.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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