Bass hit that zone

Let me freely verse

Rewritten as I rehearse

Into a muse of the twilight home


Emerald Cities capturing the skyline

As the people of masses fail

To understand the works, works that understand

A temperature of cooling tales

That heats from the core of time


This new capture projection of nothing

Excites this notion of emotion

A thought stirring deep inside commotion

As the beat flows and rhythm becomes everything


Glowing in the fields of daises

Swirling around my head in many ways

To say that the Fairies come all day

And try to disrupt fate’s crazy


Being of light in the highlight

Coming into the song of Self

Were elements transfuse in golden wealth

Alchemy that is upon the blight


On, two, Imhotep dance

Magi come to me in this new trance

Open to a new portal scheme of lyrical stance

Let me control the time in this essence


O alas! I am here! Lethunia of the Seven Realms

I come through this channel of the undercurrent

To emotionalize the disruption of frequency communication

This turret of ammo, comes at self in all directions

The guns are loaded with core-breaking bullets

Yet fragmented, lost; crevices, -the blight


Yet who can overcome the darkness to the light?


Come contrite to write a new verse that Occultists wish for

Can’t you see this Age of Muse coming infor

A new commotion of lost decency

Let, bet, consent

To the Highest Order and Intent

Can’t you see the bubbles of Reality shape the Ether

The flowing viscus liquid solidifies the shape

And creates a dynamic range of intense taste

These things are intense, coming from the West

The dawn of the Rising Sun at Night

Can’t you see Apollo is always bright?


This new relationship to the cosmos

Comes through the center of the unknowing

Known, shown, torn and tormented

Was this guise of my last time

Now I move past old self tendencies in crime

So beat this, release this

Let the flow invite this

As I come to be in essence of sound

I move around to the ground

I create iambic patterns of words through lyrics

And I enote the highlight interference

Infinite, highlighted in me

Can’t you come to be Self set free

Ocean bound, down to Atlantis,

Past Lemuria and the Mu

Can’t you see that everything is NEW!


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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