I come before thee with my mind open. I invoke the highest of realms and I usher in the white light. I am that is and I come through to you as a per channel. I feel the light come through my veins and pulse through every matter of my existence. I am coming in as the Oracles, and thus I wish to expand my knowledge of the craft.

O yes, yes, I come before you with wisdom and grace, I am EL(love), one of the Oracles. I come to this being in present light to overdue the maintenance of his soul. He is within and without, and he comes through this channel as an open conduit to the higher realms. I feel his presence subsiding and I am rising in my tempo and rhythm to his tunes song.

O thou, hast thee delivered me from the inklings of patronage. Why do the times recall a forward movement that comes through the shift of minds? It is but the ability of the dimensional clarity to forgo a bypass to the realms of higher intelligence, I come through this hypnotic state to reveal to you how trance begins and begots.

When one opens their mind, to expand in form in all directions, the seeker of development beseeches the worker of time. It comes to be, that in the opening of the higher calling that the one shall reside with the many. By coming to this alignment, it comes to show that the work of one being is but the work of the alignment of souls. This soul alignment, brings forth the densities awareness into a higher calling. By flowing with the times, one begins to feel the subtle trance of hypnotism to their state. When awoken, the state of asleep is well broken and fragmented into millions of shattered glasses. It comes to be, that so such thy will hast the power to be. I wish to overline why the ability to trance out into certain states is a directive course of Akashic downloads to the realm of third density.

When one comes into a trance, the state takes over. It fuels the core from the heart and soul and mind and maintains a perfect balance of what comes to be. This reflection of time is but the direction of a unique displacement to the awaker. This instance, the realm of maturity has come forth into a enlightened visionment of occurrence. This time though, is but the representation of a void channeling and a higher calling to the realms beyond. This realm beyond, the land of Order, comes into be that the displacement of reality has a new effect on those minds who are in the state of awoken. By channeling this present mind, we come to show that the element of circumstance has a unique way of adhering the positive flow to the ambiance of the character. This ambiance, is the direct conduit of reflection from the state of trance. It comes from a higher plane and suggests a calling for the being to radify what state he is becoming.

To enter a state of trance, one must give way to the harmony of the music of life. To feel every breath and become still with the mind and flow with the environment. By allowing this displacement from reality, the realm of order comes through and breaths new life into the system of balances. This relation to the balance, comes through the mediums attention of what comes before. What is before is after and so inbetween. This time and communion to the higher being connects the soul to the reality of a calling of everything. Thus, by knowing everything one lives in nothing, and by knowing nothing, one lives in everything.

So such as it may let it be so.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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