Trinity Affinity

a wizard, princess and a knight
contrived of bright upon a blight
the forest cabin mad of wood
life logs in mud stable stood

upon the earth a dragon’s den
crafted in gold to defend
upon attack; upon itself, – a place to hide
walled by jeweled greed’s fortified

evil-breathed meanness across the land
accounting for any who took stand
listen to us, he would take from you
any value or virtue you hold true

worst thing of all, he would not listen
mountain den wonder of sapphire glisten
dragon denned by Mother’s cistern
Nature’s spell of death condition

a wizard, princess and a knight
life stable stood upon the night
forested by a cabin of glory
trinity of a mudded story

now which upon the night of this
the wizard touched dream’s a’kiss
lucid about the spell of his
related Creation mother tis’

a thunder rolling across the land
accounting for any who took stand
treading and sleeping across the ether
lightning’s dream of wizard’s dark feature

a wizard, princess and a knight
contrived of bright of blight
life shortcut, – teeth of a beaver?
or waking up to dream fever?

nestled in the world so fair
the energy of a mountain glare
a volcano of anger erupted
magma of nature’s spell corrupted

Dragon of wise, Dragon of glory
steaming pot stoved each man’s story
ignited, set off, unleashed, controlled
Mother’s spells tectonical plate fold

rocks compressed, time stressed, metals hammered and flexed
dragon-scale armor, akin! – you be annexed!
time out of time, ferociously blind best
ceasing Cesar’s mankind to the test

a wizard, princess and a knight
upon contrived the blight of bright
whispered quickly a timely path
let loose the crystal of his staff

time unleash, magic twist a’loose
centrifical force; arcane of truth
a void ellipse, vividly amiss
static heard within the cyst

now crystal leaned on wise-man’s staff
a strategy unexplored and unmapped
might of The Rockies stoned in one rock
dragon ferociously elusive and hot

places to hide from unstoppable forces?
matter divorces stopping all courses
deep inside a voided spell
uttered madness of mankind’s hell!

a wizard, , and a knight
contrived of night of blight
light upon the negative sight
the rib of natures is “always right”

now vacuumed through a singularity
stood a princess of caged clarity
jewel washed between a shell
of constant pearl ocean swell

reflecting lightly off the lake
convexed eye light of mistake
lavish at the color taste
red nature that’s been forsake

O splendor the living chill
of living fresh dead until kill
Savor the sinew and the twelve
feast of Mother’s multiple selve

a wizard, them bones, and a knight
convicted light of night’s blight
digging thy own grave of revenge
hoping attempts to apprehend

the fortitude of eons;
workmanship of peons
who’s heart poured crying stream
chances to hold glistening serene

fleeted by the moment time
cracked a spell of wizard kind
a shift inside the conical
disorder upon once the fold

hallowed sleep, silenced weeped
voided constant upkeep
magic portion pulsing flow
light’s balanced nature bestows

a wizard, them bones, and a Knight
converted night; new dawn of light
messaged knight, prophet of right
relating glory; sighted in fright

” O Alas, the spherical flow
pulsed rate at zero low
bravery death knocks ajar
fearing heart’s sense afar
folded held by hell
ocean current swell
ever-long beaches tell
curvature of liberty bell!”

a knight upon the word of light
who preached the balled of the sight
unlike the Leo who time stood align
fighting lion to death’s family feline

henceforth within the past of now
the lions alone and on the prowl
into the night, into the grass
the final moments of the last

truth, valour, virtue stood tall
against downfall, nature’s up-hall
malice, greed, hate, volcanic anger
set the mood of set to danger

arcane and cosmos, birth and death
fire smouldering water’s still breath
of voids, magic flames, flying twists
a beast devours all who persist

insisting on existence persistence
existed an persisting insistence
a ripple on revenge lake
eye mistake, mother nature’s snake

the air was vibrant, full and elective
motives and blood feuds selective
objective balancing the winner
of who’s line could be thinner

energized lines as small as hair
the atoms of universal prayer
spliced plane of visual pain
overlapping energies picture frame

framing such a disturbing scene
fright was convicted to the serene
of nature of time, nature of man
dragon -stanced houses stand

inside the heat twisted fate
reversal of the almost to late
matter’s over mind ceasing to insist
that a positive matter battle should exist

ions changed to sceptre of destiny
single prophet sermon ecstasy
about how both master’s fell
to existential particle hell

may the war still rage in no-day
no jewels, sapphires, emeralds of the gay
for one’s mans treasure is another man’s chest
folded greed, earth’s mankind true test


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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  1. Clement David says:

    what is this, if I may ask.

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