Cold as frost the winter snows

Covering my heart in layers and rows

I feel the presence of the sense

Which guides me to this place of rest


So now I contemplate my skin

This body so radiant and thin

The circulating blood restores

A revolving hope to open doors


This fever I catch is an ill

That produces my mind to feel the will

To avoid and begot what my heart

Reveals to me from the start


Scorching heat now rages my core

As tempting loves begins to shore

So which upon my fleeting grace

Should I live in what my moments face


This mind I use is of existence

That mediums relate to my persistence

Transcendence in reality opens wide

To my inner thoughts and confides


My eye can see what others cannot

For my guise is shrouded and is frought

In a battle between philosophical rights

This tedious war gives me insight


As now for once I know my plan

To conquer rule, control the land

My deity shows his wizard control

And sets my mood in battles below


As dreams awake in disorder ray

The ghoul, the fiend, is currents stay

In the Styx the living dead

Controls through thought the moments fed


Perhaps these gods of long lost time

Will save this world from needless crime

I know for once my mind is mad

So must I see this inward lad?


This soul of mind is splendor chilled

To a noose of self that seldom kills

As a dove as a white racial blur

The linear happenings seldom cure


Today I sing this test of mind

As I am my own making kind

A universal being that follows suite

To a beat, a rhythm, a moment flute


The notes I echo are not my own

But a magical portion of a divine cone

That light years away in Andromeda nine

Were demons live in part of swine


The overlords above send earthly gifts

That I must search and I must sift

My poems are like no any other

For once perhaps you are my brother


As nothing I am and everything I be

I know in my mind I am free

To sing my song to you before

So let the truth now be restored


Religion is the death of self

No control or ability to seek your wealth

Follow me and all is well

For if you sin you go to hell


What a joke, am I not right

For truth is but our own sight

Hell is heaven and heaven is hell

As free choice is all but well


Reincarnation now that may be

Another joke about our own fee

How can one exist again?

For billions of years we were all but sand

As we enter through nature’s core

Mother gifts each to their store

Passing nature through nature to feel the people

Evolution is order being featured


The magic of creation is shown in plants

That evolve of conscious and our stance

But be warned of the threat of life

For addiction is all but strife


In the beginning existed nothing

A perfect order of chaos and something

Then by chance the word of thought

Spoke to itself and was ponder caught


It felt as if it needed more

So particles began to restore

A powerful bang that atoms collide

And thus the universe unfolded inside


The fold began as a single carbon

That evolved in linear progression margins

It went from on toe two to three

All was all thus expanded free


The first primordial things

Earth, water, fire and air were flinged

Into a raging battle scene

Disorder at such a high rate scheme


As nature was the most common law

The elementary particles were godlike flawed

The myths and stories so such go

That to false idols you shall not flow


As particles evolved into many forms

The calm was created after the storm

And such a way let all this happen

For once the world could only be mappen


So now we exist in short of fall

And all religion may perish stall

For how could the work of me relate

What God could give on this date



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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