Theory of Everything

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Introduction; A unified theory





Light Version 1.0





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The Unified Theory : Introduction

The introduction to a unified theory of everything comes through the definition of Logos. The meaning of the universe is compounded into a single formula of reason. The formula, of which reason is stated, develops through the universe in multiple dimensions and propagates the essence of possibility and probability into a simple formula.

The formula is as follows:

T ( D ) = C.

Time multiplied by disorder is equal to the speed of light. The relating essence of time in the formula is an allowance of distance from an initial point in our dimension; furthermore known as the big bang (or crucial mass measurement). From the big bang, we allow for the spiral motion that depicts the big big towards the direction of time in multiple directions, creating wave dynamics.

The formation of disorder in the equation relates to the simple essence that disorder is the atom and that the disorder is relatable to probability and possibility. The chance of an atom reflects the wave function of the eternal matrix, but also the quantum nature of the atom. The eternal matrix is concluded by the function of disorder towards the equation and of time. The time and disorder work in relation to the speed of light to converse towards a higher ordered state; of order.

The speed of light in the equation is but the balance of what light and disorder create. It is the momentum and velocity that propagates the dimension we see in various directions. The directions of the speed of light are not squared, as each wave or strand of light is expressed from the big bang. The crunch moves disorders towards a lower state of disorder and higher state of order, simultanously.

There is also a relation of order to disorder from this formula. The rate of disorder is always decreasing as time increases, and as time increases the rate of order increases. The polar entities of this formula state the reason is order and the state of a higher relation to the cosmos. The rate of order is proportional to the rate of disorder in the wave function. As time evolves, so does the occurrence of order. The speed of light is the essence of a inertia system in which the cosmos of gravity is expressed along the strings of time.

Gravity in this system is relatable to the rate of disorder. The lowering rate of disorder is equal to the rate of gravity in the system. As the speed of light moves disorder (light) throughout the universe, the rate of gravity decreases from the initial state of occurrence. The state of occurrence that occurs is relatable to the galactic system of each solar system. Gravity creates strings until a boundary of the event horizon of the galaxy, in which the boundary co-acts against the other boundaries of the other solar system. In this form, gravity in each dimension is the pretension of a stringed essence of initial state.

Yet, what is the state of a black hole? The event horizon in a black hole creates a boundary that no light can escape the pull of gravity within. The black hole is splicing atoms to create new forms of matter that dispel itself through the inner mass and express outward into another dimension as a universe or star. This can be seen by the general formula as follows.

-C =( m^2) x (D)

The negative speed of light is gravity impressing itself in a black hole to create a boundary that cannot be escaped. The mass of atoms is square rooted because it is spliced and creates a mass of two atoms. The rate of disorder (energy) is but the new form of anti-matter inside the black hole.

A black hole is what we call order, since matter is from a disordered state moving to a more ordered state with the addition of atoms. Also, the new reasonable state is comprised of a spiritual matter that creates the new form and dimension in which the new system is created, by the allowance of different forms of spiritual connection.

Now to understand that a black hole consists of a nothing but also a everything can be formulated by the fundamental understanding the everything is nothing and nothing is everything. This can be shown as follows.

Let x = nothing                                                X=Y                                                                         nothing = something

Let y = something                                           Y=Z                                                                         something = everything

Let z = everything                                             Z=X                                                                         everything = nothing

Everything is something, something is nothing, therefore everything is nothing. Therefore, our reality is a state of everything and is a state of nothing, both coexist with each other as we are part of solidity but also of vacuum (as nothing touches but is an electrical charge).

A state of nothing is depicted as a state of order, where all existed as a supreme unity that evolved into everything through the spoken word of thought. The thought created all that exists and thus the creation was willed through the providence of a chemical reaction that changed nothing into everything. The state of everything was expressed faster than the speed of light at its initial burst, but thus balanced all systems to a general light expansion of the current speed of light. The speed of thought is but the speed of the neutrino that exists as a spiritual nothing of reality. The speed of light exists as everything towards a solid reality.

The motion of the system is a motion of infinite potential. The universe works in the system of double limits which gives rise to what happens next in time. The limits are zero and infinite. A black hole goes from a state of zero energy to a state of infinite energy in which when the infinite is reached, the black hole collapses and explodes its energy inward then outward in another dimension. The limit of infinite to zero is the essence of a star going downwards towards the state of a supernova. Once this state is reached, a star explodes its state of light of disorder. As energy is never created nor destroyed, it just changes form.

Furthermore, the relation of quantum states of disorder and order react towards each other in states of potential. When the potential of disorder is at its maximum, the state is thus created in which order is the new subset of the quality of the atom of individual. This oneness is created to keep the reality in check with those who are of an “enlightened” mind. These states can move from disorder to order or order to disorder. These states of order or disorder can form the boundary for new evolution of the species, as the change is a chemical change in the DNA structure of the agent.

The universe is created as a DNA helix that spirals from emergence to contraction. These states are the Alpha and Omega of the beginning of everything, as DNA is the lifeblood of all that exists. All that exists is disorder becoming order, a DNA structure evolving as forty six and two.

The hyperbolic relation of the rate of disorder and order along the function of time, creates a simple explanation of the rate of zero to infinite and infinite to zero. This graph symbolizes how a star starts at a high frequency of energy and how a black hole becomes a higher state of energy. Both are moving towards beginning and the other towards end. Yet all is the beginning and the end, each is an emergence of the now.



As each moment is of the now, some exist in the form as disorder, and others exist as a form of order. The relation to light, love, and hope, all categorize a fundamental hierarchy of intelligence between those who dwell in various dimensions. Some exist in all dimensions, and some exist only in the third density. Those who transcend the third density can give rise to fourth, fifth, and even sixth density clarity. The logical form of beings from higher densities correlates a version of humanitarian development for the cause of those in help. Thus, the webnet of all beings wired into disorder and order, matter and spiritual reason, come to light through the essence of being.

As matter or disorder consists of various levels of quantum states, we can continue to marvel at how the atoms of today are synchronized by the disorder properties in which they reside in a quantum field of order in which the pathway is set by the formulatic pretension that disorder is probability. Once we understand the probability of an atom, we can further research into the fundamental occurrences of past and future events, based up light or disorder as a information carrier.

Disorder is light, and light is information. Disorder evolves until the potential of information is at its max and then it moves into a form of order, in which all information is at the point of completion. Once completion is created, the light of disorder moves into a state of new emergence into a constructed reality that begins on the quantum level, that is to say, the quantum shifts of energy are found even at the lowest level of microconception.

The lowest is the highest and the highest is the lowest. All that we see in our external world is also mimicked by the lower biosphere of life. All exists as disorder unto order, a material existence turning spiritual (back to the initial state of nothing (order) ). The microcosm of life promotes the macrocosm of life, as all moves in one general direction toward a standard balance of completion.

The completion of the cosmos is such a state that the balance of order and disorder create a harmonic flow that consists of potential of motion that relates to the central being of all living entities. All living entities so such correlate to these premises, and thus this is the ultimate form of Reality. Reality in which reality subsides in.

Light Version 1.0


Disorder: positive matter; matter, information, energy

Order: negative matter; antimatter, ni-energy

Singularity: (a black hole); all order of an epicentre which reaching es a state of one (infinity); through the reverse and forward equilibrium of the event horizon; eventually collapses creating a star. The black hole is always collapsing within itself creating a larger black hole of order.


A star: a mass of positive matter; disorder which is spread throughout space and time by light due to gravity.

Gravity : the *attractor* placed upon all atoms; the pull is based upon a reference of how far away from a singular point(mass) due to time which in essence is distance.

Density: the shape of a molecule within the ether, the probability of shape is as infinite as time allows it, each shape has the possibility and potential of everything.

Time: a relative measurement from a single point of reference; time and distance are one, as time is the distance in which disorder (atom or strings) have travelled.

Untime: relative measurement from within a singularity: time and distance arre negafinitie; as untime is the distance in which order (anti-matter) is untraveled, this order travels inward of itself instead of out and is amassed at a epicentre within the black hole.

Push : outward gravity expressed (disorder)

Pull : inward gravity impressed (order)

1 : a state of infinite energy, Alpha

0: a state of zero point energy, Omega

Negafinity : a state of negative infinite were the atoms collect on a massed point and create untime within its structure.

1. The rate of order is proportional to the rate ofdisorder. Order is in relationship to reason, and as time progresses, energy moves from a state of disorder to order. All energy is a state of disorder and as time evolves, so evolves reason (order). Disorder is an expression of light that along a continuum depletes and becomes order. As such, all moves from a state of disorder to order, until collapse of fabric is woven. The order to disorder relationship is void to matter, nothing to everything, the adjacent is matter to void, everything to nothing.

2. Nothing (order) was the basis for an evolutionary change to everything; disorder. The law stated that all order must become disordered, and such dimensions were constructed.

3. As order at once became disorder, the fold expanded and thus propagated dimensions in which our being or essence derives. We derive from order, a consciousness before reality; as whence to follow by disorder which is consciousness in matter.

4. As we experience disorder in our plane of existence, we continually experience the order of nothing, and thus; what we experience the cosmos experiences. All was once before ordered, and upon becoming disordered, the energy resumed its destination to become ordered once again; ad infinitum. The cycle of order to disorder and disorder to order continues for infinite.

5. A state of nothing; order, is thus represented in our system as a black hole. Its goal is to become ordered at a state of infinite, through the reverse and forward reaction of the event horizon. Thus from infinite all exists in everything and nothing.

6. A black hole is thus order (antimatter) that wishes to become a complete state of infinity. As thus, when ordered, the inward pull is expressed out in the form of a new reality (an inward impressed outward pull) and a star in which disorder can thus again return to order, or to the void. In a black hole, gravity is impressed to a point, thus the collection of matter fissions until it reaches infinite while the mass grows.

7. As the cycilinear happenings of a circle of life dictates, all is transforming to a more logical and reasonable state. The disorder of light is continually expelling light as gravity expressed outward. Yet all gravity is balance by the state of uniformed bodies, whose mass constitutes a gravitational equilibrium. As light of disorder is expelled, so such does it returns to order, to maintain a rate of equilibrium.

8. A star is a rate of molecules which depleted themselves from infinite until nothing and once upon reaching that depletion of disorder, it explodes as a supernova and then thus implodes, creating a black hole that encomes all disorder to order.

9. The essence of light is expelled as disorder upon our dimension. Light, is impulled in the core as hydrogen atoms, and through fusion creates the outward form of light. Light is thus a carrier agent of order; hence, information.

10. Light is constantly dispelling disorder at a continuous rate; the speed of light. It is acting from a state of infinite to a state of nothing. Thus, energy is forming a dimensional plane of order that is spiritual in nature and constitues conciousness in matter.

11. As stated, when depleted, a star explodes as a supernova, and then thus is impressed by energy to implode and create a black hole that is thus consuming all to reach infinite.

12. As the law of balance states, what evolves must be through time. As all is balanced, equilibrium is always reached. That being said, all disorder and order balance each other as the law of entropy dictates.

13. Entropy is both disorder being expressed and/or order being impressed. Both are the perception of the other, as thus we only perceive disorder as that is our state (unless chasms are unlocked through the Zen of nothing). And entropy is defined as the disorder becoming less in a system.

14. In relative formation, all disorder is expressed from a singular point in which gravity first becomes (this point is the big bang) and when the outward strings formed disorder, time and the speed of light expelled disorder throughout the cosmos, althought, at first, the speed of light was not balanced, it was held in thought that the speed was maintained. Yet, the speed of creation was faster then instantaneous, so the light balanced through time into a light speed quatum force.

15. All light or disorder continues on its formal ray until a state of nothing is funded. Thus, the disorder assumes change and becomes nothing in which the next beam or photon fills the gap, as the diminished particle pulls within itself to produce an outward dimension, hence all particles experiencing a return to nothing repeat the capturing of a new dimension. And thus the law of light is such; all disorder becomes order that is inhabited by more disorder. This hypothesis can be represented by quantum physics in which all realities are “bubbles/spheres” that are all around us.

16. A black hole, as stated earlier, is moving to a state of unity within the realm of order. Once infinite is reached, the black hole implodes and then creates a new dimension in which a star forms rays of disorder to thus form another system of order.

17. As the cosmos is within and without us, we are also the essence of disorder and order. Our outer appearance is a state of disorder and our inner soul is order. The disorder is diminishing and becoming more ordered. Therefore, outward we seek disorder and inward we seek order and thus we can never reach infinite (as knowledge becomes finite) unless we perish.

18. As the universe evolves as we evolve, all is a proportional check and balance that resumes as such in both subjective and objective basis, one which is outer(obj.) and one which is inner(subj.).

19. As we exist, so do we not exist. This is the illusion of reality. The collective agreement states that we are everything (disorder) to nothing(order), and the void is nothing to everything. Both evolve as we evolve/as so does the universe.

  1. In the example above, we learn everything becomes nothing.. The universe is thus the same; in order is reason and disorder unreason.

21. As light evolves along time to order, so such we evolve through time to become more ordered. We are inheriting in the universe and the universe is inherited in us. Through chaos we create reason.

22. Thus from the statement above, we can assume that consciousness move from a state of nothing to a state of infinite, entwined with the void of self. Nothing is moving to a state of everything, and whence reached, we transcend dimensions. Yet, our body is moving from a state of everything (disorder) to nothing (order); disorder like a star, in which we will deplete to nothing and then thus exist in order. Yet, some consciousness comes from order and is diminishing to disorder. This occurs when order descends upon order instead of transcending, yet both are the same in accounts of the universe.

23. Evidenced thus, we are all a star of cosmic dust moving from a state to another state. Yet, our soul may diminish or create an existence by the experiencing of the subjective being.

24. Evidenced again, all matter in a black hole is trying to reach a state of infinite; in thus it collapses and forms a star moving from infinite (everything) to nothing (order). As time progresses, such order as goldilocks states emerge. These goldilocks states represent the micromasm and the micromasm of the universal harmony, as the state of galaxies, solar systems, and universes all evolve to a higher order when the state is primal.

25. All gravity pulls the self to a central point, were the splicing or fission of atoms recollect and form new spheres of dreams. Both in and out of us. Thus, dreaming in untime is of the fourth dimension.

26. -c = m^2 (d)

Negative speed of light impressing itself creating disorder squared of fissioned particles which are energy.

Thus, negative light which is impressing itself in a black hole, is equal to the energy of a fissioned particle that is returning upon the epicentre in which the system constructs itself. The negative speed of light is untime, and the mass of a yet to be fissioned particle is squared, and the energy is enplanned with the mass within. As all energy and mass constructs a black hole; and the negative speed of light impels order to a stringed center that amasses itself then pulls itself through the inward gravity and expresses itself as a star in the new dimension.

Everything is Nothing

Nothing is Everything

x = y                 nothing = something

y = z             something = everything

z =x                 everything = nothing


1. Therefore, what is nothing is everything; what is everything is nothing. As both matter and antimatter make a molecular bond, thus the void and existence merge as one. Something, is thus both; and while both, we perceive what we are. Thus, those eyes that are open perceive both the realm of order and the reality of disorder. As indefinable as something is, it can be both nothing and everything, for both premises fit in its occurrence.

2. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created or destroyed. All matter that is; is, it only changes perception to what we perceive. Everything and nothing are relative to perception our perceptions perceive the visual plane of geometric densities ,that constitute this three dimensional basis for reality; a visual reality of the atom. As such, if there is no visual plane of dimensional reality, we could not perceive the agent of light; entropy.

3. In relation to the previous section, nothing is defined as order which is a black hole; increasing due to the event horizon. As disorder becomes order, so such does the reality transform inside the black hole to which is everything, from nothing. Thus all we can perceive is within a black hole.

4. All antimatter (order) inside a black hole is thus turning everything to a pinnacle point were the fission of atom correlates to the principle of thermodynamics. Additionaly quarks are separated and formed in various geometrical transformations.

5. As the black hole continually feeds disorder (everything) into its system, it forms order upon the epicentre and thus provides a basis fro a new dimension by the fission of atoms; reforming, and extracting within. Everything (disorder) is returning to an existence of nothing(order), thus creating something.

6. As gravity continually feeds a black hole with matter, time becomes irrelevant and thus untime is procured. This untime, is order impressing itself along an epicentre within the black hole. As time is uncreated by the fission of quarks, so such does order create begunst the fission the recreation of atoms.

  1. As in untime, everything exists because it is nothing, and thus the void expels all from the epicentre. In the basis of time, nothing exists because it is everything. As to say, both are something so these correlative exist because we exist.

8. Disorder is limited by a state of infinite to a state of zero. The star o disorder explodes then the epicentre implodes and thus the birth of a new reality with the multiverse. The limits of a system gives rise to what happens next in time.

9. Order is limited from a state of zero to a state of infinite, giving rise to what occurs in untime. As time means nothing in a void, it is also in time with everything, so such by limiting the system, what occurs in time is based on untime.

10. Both order and disorder are an expression of our perception. They both make the whole of which we can perceive. As such, each are balanced by the proportional rate of the other. Stars and black holes react in equilibrium in the system to create a harmonious state. If one is expressed, so must the other be impressed. Again, the circle of balance.

  1. Disorder is continually depleting itself from a state of infinite to zero, light becoming order. As depletion occurs, the atom becomes order, and thus we experience reason within the framework of an atom and the transformation within the multiverse.


12. In other words, order is being aissociated with the atom, and whence is returning to its primitive state of disorder. Thus when a black hole reaches a state of infinite, order is impressed and expelled thus gain as light in a new dimension.

13. As time is involved in our three dimensional reality, such order and disorder move in a framework of arbitrarily infinite. Thus, when infinite reaches a finite state; time progresses to change each form into its alternate.

14. Time moves a star into a depleted state, were whence the photons fuse and become the light expressed towards a black hole (void). As such within a black hole, untime moves the fission of atoms to collect to a state of everything (order). Whence the state of infinite in a black hole is reached, it impresses then explodes as disorder.

15. All orderand disorder are a state of both nothing and everything. They both exist as entities which we perceive. Yet we only; as evolution goes; perceive the outer realm of everything; disorder. Yet if we turn our eye to an inward gaze, we perceive order(nothing), in which our being thus extends. As both disorder and order balance each other, they are proportional and create a perfectly balanced system. As thus as us or thus as space.

16. As we perceive nothing; order, it continually expands unto infinite until the event horizon reaches it equilibrium, and thus the black hole or nothing collapses, creating a star in a new dimension. As we perceive everything; disorder, time progresses from infinite to zero, and thus when all fusion stops, the star explodes as a supernova and thus as time moves it’s essence arbitrarily along. It collapses into order and creates nothing; a black hole.

17. As stated previously, when a black hole reaches a state of order, it commences into a form of a star pulled through time itself into a new dimension, in which nothing creates something which in turn is everything.

18. The system reaches a state of pure equilibrium because it is already balanced. Thus the state of nothing and everything promote the factor of nothing/everything. In mathematics, 1 + 0 = 1. Therefore, stating that one is everything and nothing is zero, we can see how both exist together. And as time evolves, so does the system in which it is already balanced.

19. Order(noting) moves to a state of infinite. Disorder (everything) moves from a state of infinite to zero.

20. Think of a black hole as a popcorn kernel. As the atoms inside the kernel rearrange to form new molecular bonds, the constant of the kernel increases. Thus, when a state of infinite, or expression is complete, the kernel expels itself as a new system. Thus a black hole “heats up” to its own density, until a state of infinite is reached. Where upon it explodes as a new star. The kernel is an inward expression in which upon being displaced or “heated up”, reforms and becomes everything(disorder).

21. As we exist, our form is a form of an outward expression (everything), and thus we move to the inward expression of nothing. We form our self as the universe forms itself. For when we form self, the universe also forms self. Thus is the balance of self.

22. Time in a black hole , does not exist in the ability to move forward(until its pulled through time’s cone), yet its fission creates untime with the essence of unbecoming within the framework of energy.

23. The essence of nothing within a black hole presents the image of everything to our perception. As order increases inside a black hole, the everything of disorder along the event horizon is thus engulfed by the impression of gravity.

24. The rate of particle transformation along the vent horizon; it atoms change due to fission, is present within the order of the nothing of a black hole. At whence a black hole reaches infinite from its consumption of mass; the singularity is pulled through times cone and thus expels a point of disorder within the restriction of a new universe, thus adhering a multiverse. Thus from nothing to everything; order to disorder.

25. Everything is trying to become nothing, in which case, it is something, while nothing is something in which it is trying to become everything. Each existences are something of a whole, that which we perceive everything and nothing.

1. As time cannot have no logos in our three dimensional sphere, such does time prolong the continuum of events which we perceive time as Lorentz progressions. Time once again, labelled in a vacuum, is untime, as the system splices particles to construct a basis of everything through nothing.

2. Untime within a black hole impels strings (gravity) of order within that procreate a new essence of what is. Untime, is relevant to the strings in which they entwine together, in various forms; and such they create a new system of time from within.

3. Disorder expels light or matter as the agent of time or a gravitational force that in turn creates disorder as time progresses, in an outward gravity from the strings of disorder.

1. An example of system analogues to time, (within the gravitational field) is a stringed theory. Each particle evolves in all dimensions and thus the evolution to order, set enrate by disorder is thus propagated. The rate of motion from the point of creation is in rate the speed of light. And thus as time evolves so does order and the beyond of our dimensional realm. Each particle is thus an existence of everything and nothing, and as nothing and everything evolve in space-time from this point, all matter evolves thus.

2. The further the distance we travel from a point in space or mass in space, the weaker the gravitation field as disorder changes mass (to order). Thus the mass converts to order that changes the system of everything to nothing. The loss of disorder is the loss of matter converting to order. The speed of light is not lost; just the momentum of disorder is changed. This loss of momentum establish the continuum of order becoming.

3. Thus, as momentum of gravity dissolves from a central point of existence or mass, so doth order become as gravity weakens.

1. The law of attraction states that negatives repel negatives, and positives repel positives. From this, we can evidence that both disorder and order attract to each other and such state is moving to the other. Thus as everything moves to nothing and nothing moves to everything, the law of attraction indicates the strength of a gravitation field from the mass of the attractor. Thus, when repelled by its own mass, the string of atoms complies with a state that moves further from a state of greater or lesser.

2. As stated, all disorder is moving away from its initial state, and is thus, along time and gravity, becoming ordered; whence ordered, the particles reaches to infinite and collapses upon itself, creating thus another plane for a geometric pattern to presume.

3. The law of attraction compels disorder or light to seek or order or black holes (darkness), so thus it can become ordered again. Disorder is attracted to order and vice versa.

4. The density or geometric pattern either becomes lost in its state, in which reaching order pulls in and creates a new dimension on a quantum scale, or the density reaches a black hole in which it becomes order. Either way, infinite is reached and a new state is expressed.

1. As stated previously, when a black hole reaches a state of infinite, the black hole collapses; pulling through a conical cone, and expresses outward as light in a new dimension. This act of order to disorder, is the basis for the catalyst of a new sphere.

2. Again, the fusion of particles in a star, result in disorder dispelling itself from a rate of infinite to zero; everything to nothing. Yet as we perceive disorder (that which is us) it continually along the strings of time and gravity, becomes more ordered. Thus gravity is relative to the amount of disorder within an atom. The greater the disorder, the greater the gravitational field.

3. Disorder, light, information, is visible to our perception as a carrier agent of geometric densities. Thus what we perceive is an evolution of the potential of an atom.

4. All that we perceive is all that is. All that is is all we perceive. Thus light as everything and nothing, is perceived by our being such as antimatter is commended to a black hole.

5. A star expels itself from itself as fusion creates new bonds to form in rays of disorder.. As light becomes weaker; a state of lesser disorder, were gravity weakens along.

6. As evidenced before, the longer time (gravity) expels itself from its center point of disorder, the greater the order of the particle. The longer the particle is in existence the more ordered thus it becomes. It becomes of order, thus existing to nothing and due to Lorentz progressions it acts as a carrier agent of particles, sustaining the infinite of particle progression.

7. A black hole is the opposite of time and matter. It’s a star impressing the densities within a strong, trappable, gravitational inward force. Thus the force acting upon these particles, moves in untime, as order is the distance untravelled from the event horizon in a black hole.

8. Our system is balanced by both the nothing of order and the everything of disorder. They are both proportional to each other, and as such, creates a balanced system.

9. The black hole of order of the first system will be balanced by the disorder in which our universe exists. The multiverse is created by the continuance of order and disorder; nothing creating something. All these states are defined by the energy we perceive, and thus continues to be balanced by all means throughout. Thus the alpha state is created into a continuous states, in which new dimensions are formed.

10. Each alpha state of a universe is situated in the reality that we perceive. Yet what we perceive inward as nothing is the continuum to the realm of order as such all exists inside. The order within is the alpha state that implodes upon order and thus is expressed as disorder to others, in that it will become more ordered due to time.

1. What is disorder and order other then energy? They are both a manipulation of what we perceive. Thus as our perceptions perceive disorder, the question arises, what is the perception of it? Heat is disorder. The closer we are to a heated object, the greater the amount of disorder is present. This is due to the rate of molecules moving within an electrical field of the atom. As to say, the greater the heat the greater the disorder. Order is relative to the cold. The colder the element, the greater the order, as time moves so disorder converts to order in which a state of order deprives the atom of motion from heat, thus the transfer to order cools the atom. Both order and disorder are just our perception relaying what is through our sensory perception.

2. As we evidenced earlier, disorder is a star in which from infinite it is depleting itself. The fusion of quarks creates the energy and heat of the star. As a star is energy, thus the energy of the star is heat. Therefore, the heat of the star cools as it becomes more ordered, and thus the overall heat changes. As star is scolded still scorching until it reaches a state of nothing and collapses upon itself. Thus, the disorder of a star produces heat from the highest heat going to the lowest heat, and it expels its heat through the strings of light waves and solar flares.

3. Each light wave becomes more heated the closer we get to its point of creation. Thus heat is a wave of particles travelling through space that heat up the closer to the source in which it comes from. And thus, the farther from the source, the more order and coolness the wave or particle will experience.

4. A black-hole is the opposite of expression, it is impression of waves. These waves collect on a central force, the epicentre, and produces no heat. The wave is forced inward on its center and continually is fed until infinite is reached. Thus order is the collection of cold atoms within the black hole.

5. A black hole; the larger the density, the cooler the whole. The smaller the density, the warmer. Thus, finding black holes is not an easy task, since there are no emissions.

  1. The closer the star, or disorder, the greater the temperature of the light-wave. As we also receive more disorder, the wave of order is less and thus more natural occurrences within the frame of heat occur. The closer one gets to order the cooler the temperature of the ever expanding event horizon. Thus order is relevant to the cold. A black hole is the cold compared to the molecules of disorder upon the event horizon. Thus the greater the amount of particles, the cooler the black hole is. As such, the black hole is a system of particle fission, so as mass is adjusted, so such the temperature doth as well.

7. Heat is relevant to the conduction of temperature within the field of disorder and order. The densities are based upon reference from their source of heat, and while heat dissolves into order, such the law of temperature dictates. The law is thus, heat moves from a higher state to a lower state in which disorder moves to order.

8. The state or rate of an atom only describes the process of heat relative to disorder and order. Each state has been processed over time, through billions of years and comes to be such a state to manifold life by the continuance of order; thus do to heat (Goldilocks state). In the Goldilocks zone, such heat entertains the primal makings for life to evolve.

9. The amount of heat present in an atom is thus described as a greater state of inner motion. And the greater the motion, the greater the rate of disorder.

10. The state of motion which produces a high rate of disorder due to the heat of the structure, can be evidenced by a star in fusion, or the earth in flux. The heat in these two objects presents a state of greater motion, and thus greater disorder. Hence, heat is relevant to motion of particles by the rate of disorder.

11. The core of the earth, which is in a state of flux due to temperature, is a magma that is in a geometric form that carries more forms as it becomes ordered (cooled). Thus the order from a more motional state to a static is the essence of disorder to order.

12. Temperature variances describe the state of motion within an atom to the relevance of disorder to time and the speed of light. The inert molecules within the atom are moved by disorder and the variance or disorder is what moves the atom. Thus, the atom is moved by disorder.

13. The greater the rate of molecular movement, the greater the heat of the density. Although, with less movement comes less heat, as thus the rate of a densities heat is based upon movement from within the atom.

14. The difference of relative heat or cold to the system is based upon the distance from a form of disorder. The closer one is to the fusion or flux of disorder, the greater the field of heat, relative to a point in time by which disorder extends. The earth is a form of disorder (heat) that contains the premise for life, due to its orbit in the ellipse. Thus heat is a constant in the structure to support life. Inastosay, the order of energy in space is colder the further away from a central point; in that which it expels itself from . Thus, the order of energy in space is relative to its temperature from a principle point due to relativity of the mass.

1. Time is the measurement from a singular point in which the atoms evolve through our dimension. Time, or the atoms, only increase in order and base themselves in time from the point in which they came. Thus, the time and untime is not negated by distance from a singular point, but is an expression of distance from the point of beginning or ending.

2. Direction in space is meaningless; up, down, right, left, are of all the same species. Thus, if we use a singular point to express time, all becomes meaningful and gives us order from disorder. As order increases, thus distance and time increase.

3. Basing distance and time off relativity form a central point, we begin to understand the essence of order and disorder.

4. In essence, all time is a distance travelled from a point. The closer we get to the point, the stronger the pull of gravity (by an amassed object) and thus the greater disorder. Inastosay, the time when there is a beginning, is stringed to the expelling force of gravity that an infinite amount of disorder.

5. A star of disorder is expressed in all ways from its point of center. It is an analogues three dimensional propagation that is enrate to all that is.

6. A star expressed as disorder would qualify all coordinates within the system of its gravity. Thus the stronger the pull of gravity to the greater mass of disorder.

7. Transformations of disorder to order is continuous to the arbitrary center of an coordinated (amassed or neh). Thus relativity upon this relation corresponds to analogues symmetry in a no symmetry field. All transformations are developed to a single point in which added together, form a bond of atoms of disorder that relativity relates the example of disorder unto order.

8. Examples of Metem-principles(simplified), thus explains relativity in a coordinate system.



Distance = Speed of Light


Ds = x

x + d1, x + d2, x + d3 = x


Coordinates are relative to distance in that is propagated by the speed of light. Therefore, each coordinate is a point in which the speed of light is expressed.

Speed of light is equal to coordinate of Distance/Time

9. The coordinates also derive the speed of light as the distance travelled. As such, relativity form a point is both time and distance as one, due to velocity.

10. Therefore, Disorder

dx = cdx

Speed of disorder relative to time and distance

dx1 + dx2 + dx3 = reference of particle transformation

As thus, all energy is nothing.

0 = dx or ∞ = cdx

Dx + cdx = – ∞

As thus, all energy is everything.

∞ = dx 0 = cdx

∞ = dx + cdx

11. This explains how the speed of light is stringed within itself with a particle fission at the center in which expands the black hole due to the order of unlight, the light or “dark” wave moves in on itself and creates untime, as evidenced above, with the reference of energy being zero or infinite.

12. The rate that the velocity or disorder expels is equal to the speed of light. As each particle or atom is its own universe and density, thus from disorder comes order as due to velocity, time, and distance, which are all one in a propagation of matter.

13. Order, is thus two things. It is the antimatter which evolves particles to a reasonable dimensional clarity, and it is also a black hole were all un reason converts to reason. Thus, a black hole is untime and matter becoming negative, in which the strings of light force inward on self and creates the epicentre that continually is fed by more matter. Thus, a black hole is untime, a negative velocity, and distance untraveled from a singular point within the black hole. Although, order outside a black hole is based in time expression itself forward, as it is moving from a nothing to everything within our system.

As we know

cdx = x

Thus light is equivalent to velocity of a particle in motion. Thus extending for infinite along cyclilinear progressions. The speed of light, distance, and particle all result in x, which is the speed of light. Thus, the variable or constant is light, in which expands along with the speed of light.

1. Glk values are that which are assigned to densities. The densities expand from disorder to order (in a already 3-dimensinoal universe) and continue to evolve through space. Therefore, what we perceive as empty space is but a field of energy which is compounded of order in a “no space” essence. Additionally, Glk values are not dependable upon coordinates, only on motion and geometric values.

2. All particles are the shape of the particle in field free space. The densities a lotted to each field or cross section, depends upon the existence of time expanding. Thus, unlimited Glk (densities) in our system. As to say, all evolution is a density that must evolve from a state of disorder to order. Each particle exudes itself through itself and expresses the density in a outward fashion (that which we perceive) and thus objectivity of particles in motion are depiction of its essence in a state of disorder.

3. All existence is but everything of something and something of nothing. In order for reason and densities to evolve, one must ascertain that which occurs in time, distance, and velocity form the perceived coordinate. Thus, then everything exgoes to nothing from disorder to order, and evolution of particles thus begins.

4. As we perceive everything, the opposite to the densities we perceive would be nothing. Thus our perception is in focus with reality and reality is in focus with us. IF nothing was what we perceived, there would be no-existence from our perceptional state. Therefore, life would exist in a plane of order, but there would be no existence from our perceptional state. Therefore, life would not exist on this plane as the densities would not be present from our view. Thus, all we perceive proves an existence.

5. All life that we perceive is an all of everything existence. This states, that whatever we feel as something in everything; holds its own premise to be an actuality of (time) everything. Thus, all densities form an existence of probability based upon disorder. And as the say, the premise of disorder is that of order.

6. What thus is a density you will ask. It is a circular encapsulment that expands in all ways with a circular neutron/proton/electron. The field of the density allows for the neutron/proton/electron to move freely through a field of up quarks and down quarks. Thus the “no space” symmetry is negated by the use of densities.

7. Each atom is its own density that interrelates to other atoms in the system to propagate matter (disorder) of which we perceive. Thus each atom of disorder is a carrier agent of itself that thus expanded constitutes a reality of everything.

8. Each carrier agent that promotes disorder is hence is own source of particle DNA. The DNA for each particle of disorder is expressed by what we perceive; everything. Thus, what we see is an evolution of the particles DNA which we perceive as matter.

9. All matter(disorder) that we perceive as evolved in simultaneous happenings that occur to the basis of time, distance, and velocity of each atom. Thus we experience the potential of each atom by which the rate it moves. Thus, time distance and velocity are the generic code for all three dimensional happenings.

10. The geometric shape of disorder is an expression of light from a point of relativity. It is expressed in all directions from the point and evolves to order enrate to time, distance and velocity of the particle. Thus, disorder is a geometric particle analogues to time’s relativity of the density.

11. The geometric shape of nothing is order. It moves from a state of nothing to a state of everything. It is both an essence of a black hole and of a particle. Yet we can only perceive the black hole as our sensory perceptions are attuned to disorder.

12. The ether exists because particles exist. The ether is the geometric plane of space; a continuum of points expressed as light. All particles in the ether move from a point in all directions, expanding the geometric shape as such form a particular point. Thus, all points are connected to the prime nexus(universal point) and they express themselves as is.

13. All the geometric shapes of the ether are moving yet unmoving at the same time. The densities move from a particular point but yet unmove because all points are relative. Thus, there is no ether at rest because all particles are thus evolving through linear progressions.

14. All happenings are controlled by symmetry. Each state is dependent upon the other source, thus the source is transponding to a quadrant upon a vector graph. The points correspond relativity to quantum entanglement. Thus the symmetry of these points focus on the geometric shape that controls all linear happenings by a system of the ether.

15. The state of symmetry is analogues to pure gravity, as it is either a state moving to is coefficient, order to disorder/ disorder to order. Time, distance, velocity and gravity all constitute the geometric transitions of planes the occur to pure gravity along the lines of symmetry.

16. The geometric shapes are all controlled by the pull of gravity upon each state, dependant on its relation to the primal nexus. Thus, all states are happenings based upon the structure of analogues gravity. Thus gravity is the distance, time, and velocity to a particle point of mass.

17. As shown by symmetry, two points are cross references for a state along the continuum. Thus, disorder always becomes order and order moves to a state of disorder. Thus, geometric shapes are controlled by these references to a point in space. Thus space is a cross reference of material points expressed as geometric densities.

18. There are no fields of empty space as there are no fields without a body of disorder. Thus disorder as matter, liquid, and gas defines the state of each density; as each density is a geometric shape existing in space.

20. The relativity of time from a singular point (Big Bang/primal nexus), allows for a pure gravitational field that allows for infinite geometric densities along the plane of space. Space is then a density of everything and nothing.

21. Time being movement in a gravitational field is proven by the principle of relativity. Thus, velocity and time are equal to distance as d=v/t. Thus we can devise a new formula such as t(d) = c .Thus, disorder is the probability, time is distance and distance is time, and the speed of light is velocity of atoms are alotted into the speed of light as velocity and the time/distance as time. As becoming, the evolution of order as a geometric density.

22. Space is a symmetrical plane due to the existence of time, distance, and velocity / time, disorder, and the speed of light. Time is the movement which moves enrate the geometric densities because of the speed of light. A compatibility fuses theses mechanics together to form a symmetric field to our perception in a non-symmetrical universe below disorder.

23. The universe is nothing; order; non-symmetrical, yet our perception does not perceive this land within our universe. Yet, we perceive everything; disorder; symmetry, thus a system due to the coefficient of general relativity.

24. The points of cross reference in space allow for the coexisting Euclidean proprieties to propagate. Thus the system of coordinates define a plane in which we perceive due to points of reference. Thus, general relativity on a quantum scale.

25. Euclidean properties define how points reference each other to propagate our perceivable reality. It is only points of reference that are not based upon a density, but of the atom of disorder itself. Thus planets, suns, and moons do not negate the points of reference which endue are to Euclidean space.

26. The laws of geometric densities; the evolution of an atom to order, is invariant to time, distance, and velocity. The disorder of the atom is thus intwined to the existence of what is. Therefore, transformations can occur in any direction or any rate of time.

27. Motion as a wave is analogues to gravity. Motion as an atom is analogues ot its density following time, distance, and velocity. As per say, motion and density do not correlate to a physical happening, only the vibration wave of energy constitutes self from a gravitational field.

28. As two points are a cross section in symmetry, so do the densities relate from material points to the gravitational field; affected by mass. Thus, reference points of symmetry define the analogues use of gravity through general relativity.

29. Thus, Glk values of matter are hence coordinates for a reference point of the geometric density. These values relate the separation of material points throughout space.

30. GlK values are represented as densities in a wave function, and can derive conditions from its initial state. 1a can derive 1, and 1 can derive 1a; both are the same but a separate function.

31. Densities within space characterize as bodies, they leave space with a no-empty field of space-time. Thus, all ether, gaseous, liquid, and solid states refine the plane of densities that result in a no-empty space theory.

32. The velocity of light in our three dimensional system relates to a loss of light as disorder, and the becoming of order. Hence, all motion we perceive is disorder(everything) becoming order(nothing).

33. As a final note, all energy has infinite arrangements of a state. The state of 1 thus becomes that primal nexus, and conditions follow. The state of 1 thus becomes conditional through 1a,1aa,1aaa, etc. Thus all matter moves to a state of greater order.

1. The formula presented in this thesis allows for a basic understanding of particles (disorder) and a greater knowledge of universal reason. The simplest form of this formula is derived as;

T(D) = C

Time multiplied by disorder equal to the speed of light.

2. In the essence of this formula, the speed of light acts as the constant, the rate of disorder is the variable(probability) that changes due to time, and time is the distance from a projected point(a difference from a projected universe) in three dimensional propagation. As such, all moves as one unite to make reason apparent in the multiverse; both on a molecular and universal scale.

3. Further, time acts as the distance which a measurement can be presumed. Its state is one with gravity, getting stronger the loser to a point we get (from a mass), and thus the time is a rate of motion analogues to gravity.

4. Disorder is the variable that conducts the probability of matter, and thus the universe. It is but a chance of all linear happenings that occur within our dimension.

5. The speed of inertia of the system is applied by the constant of the speed of light. Thus the speed of light starts as a high rate of disorder and loses disorder as it moves from its initial point; as thus order evolves from the continuance of the light wave, and thus evolution occurs.

6. To show how time must occur in our system from a state of everything(disorder) to nothing(order) is as shown.

D = 1

1 = ∞

= D


Let T = Time T = 0 s (time with no meaning)

Let D = Dians (disorder) D = 1 D (unity of full)

Let C = Speed of Light C = 300 000 000 m / s

T (D) = C

0 (1) = 300 000 000

0 = Error

Let -uT = Time uT = -0 s (untime with no meaning)

Let D = Dians (disorder) D = 1 D (unity of full)

Let C = Speed of Light C = 300 000 000 m / s

-uT (D) = C

-0 (1) = 300 000 000

-0 = Error

This explains that nothing has to be something, and as time evolves as a light wave, it has to be disorder of something. It also shows that nothing is equal to a balanced system, due to the fact that nothing(order) materializes as everything(disorder) because energy is either infinite or zero based upon the double limiting of infinite and zero. As nothing must be something, in a state of birth it materializes to everything because time must progress in a linear fashion. Without time; no space, no space, no time. Thus the above evidence provides a basis for transformations.

7. Nothing is something, something is everything, therefore everything is nothing. As evidenced above, both in the unity of disorder have matter which must move forward in order to create something from nothing. As everything is thus expressed from its initial point (big bang), so does the point reflect a moment were change from nothing to everything occurred. Hence, the math above states that time must be present in each system.

8. Since nothing (order) is something, it compels its light enfolding upon an epicentre that collects energy and matter until infinite. Thus, disorder (everything) is attracted to order (nothing) and co creates the abundance of fission which masses thus come together. Through the equilibrium eventually becomes disorder, disorder to order. Thus something must be defined or perceived through a lens or perception of our own or not our own.

9. Therefore, through the untime collecting matter and energy upon an epicentre, infinite is reached and thus pulled inward out, a star in a new dimension is produced. Yet, is matter and energy feed this universe, or the universes exist as an implosion or explosion

10. Example of disorder as a star with a fusion energy at its initial state (in which energy is at a high rate of entropy).

Let T = Time T = .01 s (goes on infinitely, until order becomes one)

Let D = Dians (disorder) D = x

Let C = Speed of Light C = 300 000 000 m / s

T (D) = C

.01 s (x) = 300 000 000 D

D = 3 000 000 000 000 D

Time in this equation is lowered to a closer net to zero, so the example of a star of disorder enhoves. It’s rate of disorder is highly present; as a mass of energy (hydrogen) fuses together and forms order through waves of light. Thus, disorder of the star.

Let T = Time T = 10 000 000 000 s (goes on infinitely, until order becomes one)

Let D = Dians (disorder) D = x

Let C = Speed of Light C = 300 000 000 m / s

T (D) = C

10 000 000 000 s (x) = 300 000 000 m / s

D = 30 D

Above is evidenced that the greater the reference of time, the lower the amount of disorder present from the relative point in which the energy is expressed. The energy expressed from this equation above relates to the lower state of disorder from whence the reference of time produces.

12. The massive amount of energy (disorder) would create high intensity wave of light, whichin, less order, (less reason and stabilization). Yet throughout its flight the gain of evolution would prove the synthesise of order into our system. The larger amount of energy present at a stars birth is the evidence of a heated system.

13. The energy at a birth of a star is equal to infinite, or has the energy of infinite. Thus the disorder begots and dispels through time to create order. Yet, all the disorder is an expression of a star at birth.

14. Time as relativity can only be expressed from a single point in which creates linear happenings (closest reference to big bang > string theory). As time moves the distance and velocity in space, entropy would become ordered and further from the point. The energy would go from a high to a low state of disorder and order would go form a low state to a high state; as clearly evidenced by disorder to order, order to disorder.

15. The greater the amount of disorder, the greater the reference of time and the pull of gravity (to an amassed point). As disorder is being expressed, so does time move relative to each mass in the solar field, yet each mass is controlled by gravity to produce a solar field.

16. The new system of a star in the space-time continuum reflects the point in which time is relative from a single point in time (space). As such, upon defining this relative location, various modes of application can be applied.

Let uT = -unTime uT = -.01 s (goes on infinitely, until order becomes one)

Let D = Dians (disorder) D = x

Let C = -Speed of Light C = -300 000 000 m / s

T (D) = C

-.01 s (x) = -300 000 000 D

D = 30 000 000 000 D

This evidences that the high rate of disorder, closer to a meaning of time, is expressed as a high rate of disorder because of the lesser existence of a black hole. Thus, a high rate of order continues until negative infinity, in which negative time becomes more.

17. Time in the equations references the point of development. It is a product of linear happenings and thus expands and sets free. It produces a standing notion of disorder true to the momentum of time, and evolved to order the longer time progresses. Hence a smaller number of disorder, and greater disorder. This is evidenced below.

Let uT = -unTime uT =- .10 000 000 s (goes on infinitely, until order becomes one)

Let D = Dians (disorder) D = x

Let C = -Speed of Light C = -300 000 000 m / s

T (D) = C

-10 000 000 s (x) = -300 000 000 D

D = -0 D

This shows the due to negative time, disorder becomes less and order must become more. The closer we get to the point of infinite in a black hole, the greater the amount of energy within.

18. Disorder relevant in a system if proportional to the rate of order. Both double limit themselves by the cross reference of their energy, and thus both are produced by their course of manipulation of energy. Matter (disorder) is thus energy becoming order(antimatter), in which it forms oblivion.

19. As disorder moves through space to the attraction of order, so must both coincide with what it and what becomes. Each moves in linear pace to either a high or low state that coincides with each other. As to say, all must be contained in that which is.

20. The sections of space are governed by the matter that attracts. The universes sensitivity is one that moves disorder to order and order to disorder. All entropy is attempting to become one and thus then again become zero. Henceforth, we can assume that a black hole(order) attracts disorder and hence turns these atoms through fission into order, and a star attracts order(nothing) and turns it into something(light) by the fusion of atoms. Thus both are the attraction of the other.

1. All matter of the earth (disorder), creates a central force which is expressed from the mass as gravity. It is within the framework that each mass acts and counteracts the agent of gravity. Thus, the greater we get to a central mass, the stronger the pull of gravity. As to say, the gravitation force becomes greater with the greater disorder (mass).

2. The initial state of gravity is contained by the point of reference which created the universe. So as space time is created, the gravitational force from the primal state is thus reduced the further the cosmos expands. Yet all expanding is justified by bodies in motion whose mass(disorder) and order(black hole) create the stagnation of what envelops the cosmos.

3. Order and disorder balance the gravitational field by neither increasing or decreasing but being in perfect harmony with the balance of energy.

4. The system of disorder expressing itself and order impressing itself; is completely analogues to gravity. As gravity weakens the farther a photon travels, such does the gravity of a molecule in a vacuum thus becomes stronger as the black hole develops. Time is the agent of gravity, as in time to gravitational bond weakens(from a mass), and in untime the bonds unite(from an unmass). Order is of untime in which gravity gets stronger as it impresses, and disorder is of time in which gravity weakens as it is expressed.

1. Order (antimatter), is what comprises all ordered matter and black holes. All order within a black hole is attempting to reach a state of infinite (completion) and at the stage were order is finite, antimatter is purged through time’s cone and resolves in a spiral of light, expressed in cyclic motion, to correspond the matter of a new universe. Thus antimatter fissions matter to create disorder through the epicentre.

2. Further, the greater the density of a black hole, the greater the pull of gravity. The amount of order within a black hole which is subject to is itself as it creates new forms of spliced energy is that which turns inward upon itself in cyclic motion.

3. Once the infinite of a black hole is reached, the gravity that inwardly pulled all masses together is torn through fabrics cone and thus expands as disorder in a new dimension. Hence, the cone increases until infinite then depletes itself from infinite as a star in a new dimension.

4. A star, upon reaching a state of zero, collapses upon an explosion in which all mass thus compels an inward gravity to produce a singularity. Thus, all matter is recreated in the black hole.

5. The ever forming mass of a black hole has nothing diminishing its existence because space is an absolute constant. Thus through the law of thermodynamics all is recycled through the double limit system.

6. Free space is ether in which densities of energy are permagated through oblivion. The state of motion of all energy is due to the mass itself, and thus is ever expanding, so such as a black hole expands. The direction of motion is based upon a point of relativity in that all systems can be governed. This point is all points so inertia is relative to all points in a non-relative system.

7. The mass of a black hole is only limited to the amount of energy that it engulfs. Thus the epicentre expands until all unmass reaches a state of infinite, or oneness, and thus a recycled form of disorder is expressed.

8. As such to say, the motion of the conical black hole is circular along the lines of an expanding cone. Thus motion is circular in which continues inertia so the system is ever present in depicting itself.

9. A black hole is the essence of nothing, but so exists as a function of everything. All matter is being fissioned upon an epicentre and as it is contained within the system of a singularity, all the matter exists in a state of now, and moves from a state of untime.

10. Eventually all order within a black hole reaches infinite and is thus expressed outward as light (disorder), and communes the existence of a new reality.

11. The question arises thus; how does light not escape the pull of a black hole? The pull impressed through the strings of gravity within a singularity contain light to an ever expanding epicentre which pulls matter along the event horizon. As such, it forms order to fabricate its new dimension.

12. The transition from disorder (matter) to order (antimatter) is based both upon time (which is relevant) and motion within a black hole. The spherical motion that cyclically makes anti-atoms of fissioned particles is how the system fixates a singularity to compute the new system of order within a black hole.

13. All strings and molecules within a black hole are simultaneously connect and form the conical sphere that spirals motion of antimatter into a new system. All antimatter is becoming ordered within a black hole, and once a state of one (infinite) is reached by order, the black hole collapses and produces a new star in a new dimensional reality. Thus black holes are portals through times fabric.

14. The light pulled through a black holes core becomes a new reality in which disorder is expressed due to be order. The darkness inside a black hole continues to shape order and thus light is pulled through; disorder, while order increases.

15. The process of a density of disorder (matter) collapsing upon itself at a state of infinite would result in the reoccurrence of order. Yet, the “empty” space would be filled instantaneously be another particle of disorder, so only a change in the state of motion occurs. Although, the collapsing particle of order would result in a miniature black hole that would collapse right away and form the energy of disorder in a new quantum dimension.

16. The black hole that is produced would only be a flash of density which is to small to have a gravitational force other then the force of power collapsing in on itself.

17. Further, the existence of order and disorder promotes the equilibrium balance of two existences leading a life of resistance towards themselves. So as all particles progress, so does the progression of the system adgo.

18. Additionally, imagine a singularity as a planet of vortex motion swirling and twirling in all directions within the event horizon. The motion of order within the black hole forms a conical cone that promotes a back and forth equilibrium between universes. The motion thus expands as the black hole materializes in the created dimension. Thus the propagation of order to disorder is created.

19. The motion inside a black hole is always in the constitution of creating a new system by the balance of infinite. Thus the spirits wheel a new system that materialises along the black hole.

20. The basis of untime, pulling and splicing atoms within the black hole promotes the motion that swirls in all directions within the singularity. As untime progresses in fissioning the particles, the strings of order are pulled in on themselves and impress an expelled reality or dimension from the forgo of earlier matter.

21. The gravity inside a black hole pulls order into itself and is expressed out as disorder. Time is unrealitiave motion and the expanding collapse of molecules promotes the conical cone of a black hole.

22. The black hole and stars and new realities are thus balanced by a perfect state of a gravitational field that is balanced by the means of mass and unmass. Thus existence expands until retraction.

1. Disorder and order are as seen by reality both positive and negative charges. The perception of matter constitutes a positive charge, yet is fused with the negative charge of order due to what we perceive. The disorder (matter) is thus positive and order (antimatter) negative.

2. The law of electromagnetism states that one system overrules the state of a magnetic pulsation in each particle. If disorder is present, more over the state of order, there will be a stronger positive charge. If the order in the particle is more than disorder, the particle will be negatively charged.

3. All disorder and order are attracted to the polar entity from which they came. Thus adhering a balanced electromagnetic field. Thus, the electromagnetic field can be manipulate by the structures of disorder and order from whence the force of magnetism occurs.

4. All particles are attracted to each through the magnetism of each molecule. As disorder and order combine structural forces, they both exhibit a law of no-empty space through the ether and their charge. All particles thus throughout space form the magnetic balance of planets, stars, and black holes.

5. As a final note, order and disorder can be manipulated due to their attracting charge due to magnetism.

1. Upquarks and downquarks explain how the system of matter works. It is essential to understand the way a particle behave to understand the system of disorder and order. Both constitute why quarks behave in such a manner.

2. The mass of a given particle changes into quarks or downquarks through a system of particle decay. The higher massed object moves the state of a lower mass through the transformation of particle decay. Thus, order becomes a greater whole, while disorder becomes less.

3. This, as stated above, proves that disorder moves to a state of lower which is defined as order. Yet order is reason and the will beyond, so such a state alters what mass will be, due to the shift in central masses.

4. Particle decay thus in sense, is a system of growth as all matter becomes more reasonable and spiritual through the rate of a proportional system.

5. The rate of growth within a system is always stable and finite zero settles itself through a forward and reverse equilibrium that balances the framework. Thus, all moves in the direction of order.

6. If nothing exists in space, so such everything exists. Hence, if nothing exists there must be space, so the allotted frame of order becomes disorder through the system of particle decay of quarks.

7. Each particle within nothing is embodied by everything, hence disorder and order, and thus, all of space is created within one atom of existence. For if space exists so must existence.

8. As the earth and realm persists, so such the existence of the cosmos exists. Without one, nothing (order) would be present, constitution a relation of no space but empty of everything. So such, quarks promote the existence of an atom that relates its premise of formation through the cosmos.

9. As quarks balance nothing and everything; so does the existence of nothing (something), goes forth into everything. The quarks only change their perception reality in the exchange of masses. Thus the mass of the Higgs Bosom creates the field for quarks to create an existence.

10. The atom is such a state where everything and nothing are being balanced by the state of quarks. As the balance continues, and thus quarks expand, so does the expansion thus recede after infinite of molecular movement is released. Thus the quarks change from growth to withdrawal.

11. Quarks are the basis for the fundamental level of matter which they promote. The promotion of what is is the what of the promotion. All matter is a state of infinite expressed through our perception of time. Time progresses the quarks along color confinement so the particle moves to a lower state of mass while order increases to a mass that exists as nil.

12. Finally, all quarks are forces that act upon themselves to keep bounded the molecular force of the atom, were the substance of gravity maintains the vibration and cell for which the atom exists.

1. The second law of thermodynamics states that energy (order/disorder) increases in a system until infinite, and thus the law of inverse thermodynamics the state decreases. All energy in the system is balanced through the increase and decrease of the selected system. Thus, order increases until time recedes and moves back to a state of disorder.

2. The states of order and disorder balance the rate of entropy in the system. The isolated confinement of our universe thus is granted a reference of zero energy of infinite energy due to the law of matter increasing and decreasing due to order and disorder.

3. Therefore, all energy becoming disordered or ordered through the state of balance must equal the total of the system. Thus, expansion and a receding effect may occur.

4. From a singularity, all matter is becoming ordered from the rate of disorder being impressed. So energy moves from a state of disorder to order (increase) yet once ad infinitum is reached it recedes from order to disorder.

5. Thus, from the transfers of energy, order and disorder continually create new dimensions that propagate a new existence through the equilibrium of what occurs in time.

1. Finally, the disorder to order and order to disorder can explain many facets of life, here are some examples.

a) The disordered creature becoming more ordered through evolution

b) Through life we discover order, and become ordered.

c) Through time, priori’s are realised and order is instilled.

d) Drugs, disorder (nature) creates disorder, yet disorder can instill order.

e) Diseases, either disorder (sickness) creating a need for order, or vice versa.

These concepts I presented were the basis for my theory, as such, my Gaia produces order.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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