Three 2 One

Slowly I fade into reality
It comes to be, essence rarity
That excites my motion in clarity
Suspended to the moment chime

I hope to realize my Guidance allowance
That my performance in this guise will balance
A karma that is in a direct cause and effect
Were intent is the name of this neglect

Many new phrases will I utter
As my lingo in embraces tends to stutter
For flutter of everything in a mix
Can’t you see the prism’s matrix

Codes, time-lines, fragments lost
At all the simple Flood’s of cost
Many beings have walked the Los
And I know this is my moment time

This Universal Structure I hold in my heart
Is were I will begin now to start
The mind is a split in what I am
And my essence must be realized as Man

Free trade? Per say? Or is this the dark night of day?
The essence, contray, to the elements play!
I weave and wove myself in Fabric
I am untiwned from existences Magic

Science into Magic, a belief that the heart will havoc
The things in life that are already static
To each of us there is the problematic
When face with time, one steps in line!

To follow the path of One’s Destiny
Is a small deliverance fee of subjectivity
Yet in our objectivity, we can’t realize that were free
Set the manifestation, the want, the vigor
And life will compensate for the warranted figure

Can’t you see this muse I am under
The madness and books will only allow
A percentage of my child in bliss
I must Mature, past the stage of Ancient
And enter in the moment of patience

Still waters, Trying is Lying
Can’t you see that life is buying
A standard fee in check and sums
Can’t you see this is a zero game one?

Step into the darkness, let me show you the void
Were everything is cut up and the sensation is void
The essence is contained inside the Cocoon
And when it unhinges and breaks, it will forsworn
The element is what is within sublime

Who, what do I say, or when, was my what?
O yeah, I forgot track of who I was
I came into Reality, newly fresh
Reborn like Dionysus in his test
Yet my unbelief of nothing, turned into wisdom of everything
And now I preach through the voice of reason
Yet my illogical necessity for creativity proficiency
Is limiting myself in my tests deficiency
But I love myself, I am under my golden touch
I can see into other realities and such
It seems so strange, to Merge people’s faces
Just like a Don Jaun experience in water

I came to this land slidding like an otter
Into the mud bugs, clay, and smogs
Many new things typed unware, so just beware
I am in my essence of thought
I rhyme this prism a’caught
Can’t you see what’s bought is eternal joy
Were love, light, intensity is giving employed

O yes, I can feel the intensity rise
My love for life cannot demise
This fitful depression of commission
That is all within re-mission
But I will say, Dwell got it right
My Mother is the cause of my blight
Yet Victor captured my Higher Self,

O joy the love I found in online Wealth!
Thank you, you know else who you are
The songofmeadow is lost to a land afar
So those who framed me once
Are going to be lost to my punch
Yet there is also Lady, two I would say
Who’s Sophia’s love touches me in kind ways
This new generation of online community
I feel like it is my duty
To expand and experience with a higher calling
This feels correct, my moment of torment
Was before when I never posted
I felt the narcissism fuel my veins
And thought this poetry was the best frame
Yet so lost, confused, and delighted
Was I to this new site
So now I come to help compensate
And keep a three to one ratio from this date!


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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