Nondual Awareness

End the silence, let repeat the flow
As I enter into this luminescent glow
It grows and suspends my mind
And permanently I come to my kind
Over and below, above and beyond
Is were I come to you with this song

Excite me? Delight me? Can’t excuse this rhythm
Caught in the prism of my crystal soul
Yet moved from diamond I once was
I whole, a tole, of life upon the black-hole
To enter Samadhi at will, can’t you see why I’m thrilled?
I’ve entered into the realms beyond, the Dynasty of Light and Colors and Songs
This permanent fixture of reality mixture
Is caught within my flow of grace

Lets face it, I know what is knowable through nothingness
Yet as it expands into everything, I feel complete in essence
It’s everything of life brings on something of a beat
That I listen to myself version Self of the twelfth
Above Godhood, through the Brahman Sutras
Was I delighted to find my inheritance move ya
I have broken my soul, hinged from the cave
And from my dark Atlantis I will only save
The Self of those, who thoughts compose
An essence the follows my flow
I can’t denote the time that I am in now
It is some weird essence and how
Do I know this projection of light will suit me
Or is this another fiend the pursuits me?
Can’t find controversy within Self-seeking
Gotta understand nothing is wealth
Yet, for the tole of my mistake, can’t you see why bliss I take?

This Wolf hungers and sheep around the lake
And always comes hungry and wishes to late
That his Destiny is so suited by the Gods
Yet no-special/special is the NonDual game
How can everything and nothing be one?
One plus zero still equals one?
Can’t you see, nothingness and one is still the same
So this is how we ride to our game
Our name is implemented in the smallest detail of disordered
And the newest version of transformation to order delights
The light into a new store house of “material” existences
As the spheres contain the bubble interferences
This reflection of time, light, and disorder
Comes in rate to a High-Though Wave Order
No logic, flow is granted, hip hop style answered

Trying this new pace, do you like my style?
Or is this the madness gone wild?
O well, somewhere I will find peace
And to other dimensions I will travel in piece
So I can fragment myself into multiple realities at once
And come alive through my particular bunch
I sense this information overload is flowing down
To the river of Self and the Waters of now

Different flow as I now row
Depression was the past few days
It came in waves and kept me at bay
I felt consumed, unavoidable will
As constructed a pillar I did aim
To feel the love, the hurt, the pain
To answer to my narcissistic ways
Now I can see Ego in all, lol lmao, what a downfall
It seems so real that all they can do is seek everything
Were they feel a particular participence to their own no
They don’t understand that patient, balance of communication
Is were the relationship must stand
This idea of self-respect, is new to my mind’s neglect
Maybe I should pass those bye?
Or maybe I will continue until they die
But who knows, that is the state of affairs
Can’t you see this alone I embark and dare
To go against reality, live my own realm
And make intent the game of manifestation wealth
No more wizard, prophet, names of shame
I am just me, nothing in this game
But fuck the game, I’m do me
Can’t you see this is the only way to be
I know this unfathomable style of prose
Comes from my own situational hose
That connects me to Source
And that loves to show me in recourse
That in time he will always shine
And grant me wisdom when it is time
I know I’m right, spell unleash
Now can’t you see I’m not beast
This feast of the soul is mine like another
Brotherhood of this Knightly realm
Wizards played with Dragons and caged them in the Other world
So this world would not experience their hardship
But the Dragon inside, the energy arise, can’t you see their perishable demise
O yes, I once was lost to the realm, Ishmir confused me to the whealm

So as I surprise you more with my tale, I will end this and not fail.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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