Inside deep in my turtle shell
My minds energy only gives me hell 
Formulating basics waves and attacks
O why o why cannot I not detatch

Once lost in a time were bliss was kind
I found a notion, a branch, a vine
That held me in sway in a debased time
Fleeting moments were caught in crime

This mood a state select elective
Produces demons and monsters that fright defective
Insisting on harboring the anchor sediment
Hells hope in short a settlement

This time in pen a write to you
How long until this state is through
This mind of mine fuels the core
As I open wide my hopeful doors

Why can’t my mind just live in peace
As it is a part of the vine, a leaf
It comes and goes with no relief
This demon o so sensual, a thief

Why o why must my mind detest 
All the miracles in life that were given blest
I feel as though I know the best
Yet moving forward I seek only rest

Energies capacity to feed the Cyclops chastity
Removes my mind from the feeling happily
Once again I feed the happening
I live in now and remove the suffering

Now as I write my mind in full
I live my life by the Zen of whole
Where I detest myself from were I came
As I know my thoughts are to blame

Yet once upon a night of this
My movement touched the dreams a kiss
I felt as though the now of then
Was written in my hand my pen

And now the spell which chimes my life
Was a trip, a death, a moment strife
And to which when and how the who
I live in what I know is true

Release from me this thought of mine
As skyward to the stars I shine
Without control without my sight
I see deep into the dragons mouth

This dragon of wonder is mine to create
A ponder thought at bay my lake
The soul in which the movement takes
Me away from all my woes and hates

So now I see this tree inside 
And it roots deep in the bog of crime
A motion of self to beset my frame
As I sing free from my name

As once I forgot my place in swell
And forged was my makers hell
Today I’m free from this place I fell
And as you know I can only tell

That once you feel my words and rhymes
You will be moved to a plane divine
For all the evil of life insists
That all energy inside must dismist.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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