O yeah, come to this moment

listen to the sound around the flame

that lives inside people’s name

can’t forsake the game, yet I’m the fame

of everlasting eternity in self

yet I can evolve beyond my own health


This way, a token of light to me

has come to be a standard fee

that toles on my life in particular ways

And saves me from the light of day


O yes, darkness around the sensation

currently a dimension connection

that bridges no veil between this and that

yet I still always wear my hat


Various rhythms I have come to understand

and I wished that I could develop my hand

that strokes my hand, in all ways and strands

This is the point were I shift reference

Listen to this new style and preference


Up, away, higher, dealt in the fire

One step two three listen to me

I am the light, the master of keys

I can unlock your Great Mind’s wage

And I can balance your code through my page

I wish to relate to you all these things

Over the span of my life in the slings

That outward express in light and gravity

That is an expelled ratio of disorder

Yet I am not going back to that

I will keep that shit away like my hat

I am in my Higher Self now

But ain’t I always in my essence some how

This rare spectacle of dazzling metaphors

Was were the element came to me more

I sense that this pain of a million years

Has come to my heart far and near

I can sense the hurt, the anguish of my days

Yet is that as much as humanities plays?

Yes, so what, I think we all can move on

This beat of song is what excites me hour long

Rhythm to the tide, the sea, the crevice below

As Atlantis rises and seed’s do a sow

It is beyond belief that my mind can see these things

It’s like a reality that is so beyond

What do I do when I come to my own patterns?

I delegate which way I’m gonna go mad’son

I can’t invite these times back to my life

Then all I feel is worry and strife

It is like a knife that wants to cut and splice

All facets of my linear feats

One, check two

Let me repeat this essence through

I love life, life loves me

I have reason to restrain the random key

I dwell away from woman and others

For they bother my cosmic consciousness

I am conceted the Emerson, Yeats, Melville (by the fates)

Jean Satire of the others comment space

Bhagavad Gita, Koran, Keys of Enoch

Can’t you see I am in a stream lock

Yet this flow is what gives and goes

And my essence has now once again changed

Back derange, center the frame

Now I’m going back to my normal self again

I am tempted by fate to echo in late

Of the self righteous path those others take

These shortcuts to higher consciousness

Come to me in the bake

Yet I am not fake, I have created my style

And now like Artemis I am gonna go wild

This child inside me wants a voice out

And I am gonna charge full force; without a doubt

I love this flow, I am in a highlighted glow

The God’s gifted me with sensual Samadhi

For two weeks I have battled

With a statement beyond the middle grounded rattle

So I came to understand, yes I did

That the depression comes and goes

Yet that low has taught me to help myself

And learn the version of my own wealth

I hope to ascertain higher strength within

To remain confident to who I am inbetween

The time has almost ended for this flow

Now do as thou wilt upon this day and grow




About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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