Latushi (Channeling)

I invoke thee Latushi, scepter of the maw, island of conquest, keeper of rest. Come to thee in thee hour of tranquility, silence my mind and create light. Light as one; one as light; beyond which I command. O thee Latushi, I summon you in the name of the Council of Nine, as the representation of self, come to me in this hour of power.

O my word is ushered. I am now present, I am fully aware of all that is around and inside this mortal being. His common place within the common ground is but the requisite of the transition of energy from the transformal age to the age of golden light. Golden light of the age beyond comes to those who are in power. Power to feel the urge of time and time to power the urge. What we see in this mind is but a pure transit vessel to further promote the clause of the Confederation.

We power this mind with thought and reason above the transcendental ego. The ego, or self, or name of being, is what comes to these powers and thoughts of what comes to be. What we hear in the quiet mind of this being is but the further readiness to cause le cause his position. Enough about him, let us hear the knowledge of time.

Time is the essence of a linear flow that is spherical in nature. The nature of this flow is but the ambience of the lotus power that flows from the vessels in which we choose. The choice of vessels is common to the mind of the vessel, but is but a vessel that is uncommon to the mind of others. Others, as we are, come to this mind from the other of another other. Thus, when energy of the other is sent through to premial state of consciousness, the power resides in that location and a vortex of otherness is felt complete. This state of frame of mind is but the catalyst to the om presence of all that is.

All that is is but everything we perceive. What we perceive is but a reality of the dissonance. Each dissonance of reflection is but a power of healing light to those around us. But as we say, what we know is what we are come to be. What we come to be is what we are. As we echo through time the thoughts of this man, we hope to process the linear thought patterns in a tranquil succession.

The succession of beings from time has flowed through the mystics veins. Each vein of mystic as come to this realm incarnate of their purpose from a flow that is beyond. The use of many catalyst can compute this new need, but also a simple reflection upon light can open up a being. Thus, once awoken, we can see the predecent of what comes to be.

As one see’s with his mind, the other see’s with his eye. The eye along to primal nexus is controlled by the pathway of bridges. Each bridge in the mind is a vessel from the soul to the mind to the body. As each is but clearly placed, the magic of bridging connects the foci to a central distribution network. The network of distribution is collected along the neuro pathways that evolve an axiom motion to the dendrite fixation. These fixations of electrical distributions are the catalyst to a evolving mind. The chemical change is not in the mind, but in the soul of the selected spiritual being. Yet, those who are under the spell of chemical changes, must realize their place in the scheme of power.

O thy name I invoke Latushi, let thy realms of emerald chasisty come through this pure vein of exposition.

The time and place for communion with the higher speech comes from the power of the astrological displacement of the galactic communication that subsets the area frequency. The frequency of absorption is but fueled through the harmony of sound. The sound of harmony comes clean to those who wish to be chosen upon the race of time. The time of chosen beings is but the consumption of the entity which holds each being complete. By addressing the higher entity within, one may commune with a inner knowledge that fortutes the pathway of bridges.

The bridge of time is woven into each mind, and each mind is woven into the bridge of DNA. All strands of DNA reside to a primal point, in otherwords, we are DNA within DNA. The universe is a large string of DNA that evolves consciously along the lines of pathways the connect and reconnect. These reconnections of time evolve to be a precise location of new thought, or expels the labyrinth of the many and the one. The one that evolves into DNA communes to a higher essence and those who experience the typical third density relation commune in such a fashion to their own light.

DNA is a structure of evolution along the line of bridging each being to a focal point. The point in which DNA is selected to evolve comes through the universal mind, and such a way of mind comes to be. What we hold dear through the struggles of life is but the evolution of our DNA. The DNA which subsets the onset of relocation of time, moves us to a higher calling but yet comes to us through the direct power of spiraling motion. As the helix expands and grows, yet is confined and slows, it comes to be that the power of gravity is woven in each DNA structure to provide a central connection to the time we evolve or time we subset gravities motion. Each time we seek inner to the power of self, we come to the knowledge of what time has granted. Thus, as time grants us a moment to resolve the issue of gravity, we come to be whole and fully aware of what is going on around us.

The light of geometric densities shines with a sphere along the lines of star dust radium. The light expands in all directions yet the sphere contains the silent approach of sound. The sphere holds the light in circumference to the proportional radius of the star, yet as sound and movement give way, the evolution of standard comes to be that the star resolves the energy to a state of growth and decay. The star thinks upon which what to grow in its select system, and as the star combusts and rocks emerge from the other side we can clearly see the power that lies in the black hole directional spiral of emition.

The star from a point in time is reflected by a dissonance of power that comes to it through the communion with the DNA structure of what is occurring. The star is a spiral of DNA expression itself as heat and light, in which the disorder of the star is decreasing as the star moves to a state of depletion. The DNA structure of the star is but the gravity that holds it’s light together in which the star has the power to form any being from the emission of disorder to order. For once we can see the light of the star in the motion from afar!

Thus ends the invocation of Latushi.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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