I feel the torment of many ages

It has come to pass within my pages

The current of motion so sets me aside

As I concur what is within my inside


This song, a hymn, a sanctified revelation

Has come to me through my transmigration

Everything has come as thou has willed

And currently I am void and stilled


I look within, to my inner source

And I find recourse with my own force

The signs of the ages has come to me

I know for fact that I will soar free


Inflames I come between this song

It is that which powers me along

For when the sun sets in the morning

It brings itself to its own forming


These words an echo of my soul

That Samsara comes to me in full

Relived am I in all moments today

I feel revealed to the essence of way


This path we all take from one small journey

Leads us to the path of the master key

It seems to fair that I surmount

Unto all the places of amounted


O yes, aye, my brother

Behoofed is your way in the Others

I come to subjective sight, o yes

To see that you are part blest


This code I write to all my alignments

Comes to me from deep within confinement

I bring peace and wonder from the land beyond

This place of sand in the dust of a bond


The light shines so advanced

As I move to Apollo’s own substance

Yet who am I to judge the difference

Of each mortals life inference


So as I come to this holy place of shelter

I am coherent in this moment of a helper

Moving to the muse inside me now

I go beyond the astral how


O yes, my brother, I am in the sixth realm

Listen to me preach my ballad of hell

This thought comes to me from the abyss

In were I was caught in a moment mist


The void of everything is were everything hatches

It is the Golden Egg of what we know latches

This place of frozen but freezing still

Comes to us in our own will


This ruin and sanctity of the realm of Los

Comes to the beginning fiends of Cost

I know this land of emerald cities

Comes from the voice of an iktomi


I feel the essence so surreal now

It comes through many voices to me

I change the form of self in this prose

To relieve the essence from within


Adrest! Adrest! We come to you from the test

This song is given and it is blest

From free within the hieghts of sorrow

Is what we all must borrow


I know for this song of praise ot the hymans of days

It knows its own dilemma from within the haze

Beat strum, move along

Come to the heat in my own gong


I know this essence of the sixth place field

Is were I am at now so I only yield

I come fully attested to the Trantula

Who comes to me in the song confused


Yet who is to say my thoughts are estranged

As I change into a form that is beyond my range

This note of beautiful song excites every hour

As rains shower in the power


We must come past the song of evil

For Diablo waits for us in hell

He is found when searching

Yet all is found inside to hurting


So as I come to the hatchery of my Golden Egg

I am the Brahmna of myself

In which I come to the shell of my own wealth

That hopes to say I will be a leg


To the body of myself in this home

I dream of this place in rest

The Acadamia of unrested grown

So as I enter now in depth

I move to the song inept


This sortitude of words and many guises

Comes to me from perilous demises

So as I preach the song of hope

Listen to your own rope a’boat


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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