Knight’s Armor (Iambic Pentameter)

one day a knight set out to an old place
he lived upon a glory stand and traced
all matter within his soul out of space

his armor shining as the sun wore out
to forge anew renew without a doubt
his path the road the self of an old route

wisdom along but road to his own house
of thought; a castle with walled fortified

to regain his shining armor; a quest
that was begunst layed down and total blest
a man a myth a knight in a conquest
to regain dragonkin scales true test

now once long past this story so untold
for how within a great state on the fold
was one to gain his fame and grow so bold

lets begin the journey to a land far
away; in a place of sages and stars

awakening the awoken in sleep
who behoofed behoved was in cold deep

the tale begins from the knights castle
and all that which he must he tassle

to set out to the wizard’s own a throne
to search to find all begin to the bone

now when and now past fleeting how again
he placed himself upon his steed a plan

to ride through the forest and bogs of Dar
a land afar and wide; greed’s rhythm flow
revelations of a way that sure glows
riding strong as fast as the wind that blows

was a knight contrived of glorious light
to find the home of the wizard’s own blight
a void ellipse of total eclipse; right

the Dao led him past the way of the sage
and his armor quest was begunst a waged

speaketh my kin of the old past old thoughts
as the knight ponders his course amongst caught
his sorrow of knowledge ascertaining fought

now his path led him to the wizard’s keep
and knowledge was presented to him in deep
power and death by your own hand in steep

the nation of Doa led to destruction
by its own annihilation construct
living; constructed death; both are the norms
as with the storm creviced in the new form

this was thus preached by the void of reason
the knight of light shone his temple treason
walk along in trouble on the double

zenithed by a crimson stone; understand
that thus his armor was one of the clan
thou speaks wizard of blight of the old man
peace, love, understanding reflection grand

fused with armor and thus thee wills happen
of what lives and dies both the same mappin’

encourage the courage brave of the knight
to hitherto behoove the new day light
his course refreshed reclaimed a new night blight

dragon scale armor akin, thou be
annexed to all that see clear through all me
now he rode to far and wide and clear sea
to find his one his armor fee of thee

the mountain outcrop of rock found restock
in the hopes of the knight who all else sought
his own clan his own light his will a docks

experience alots the man of all
the knight grown tall should negate the death fall
by this by that to which is the oak hall
that thus has called the knight to bay of maul

searching for his armor to found secure
the means that of which the promotes allure

allusions delusions follow the path
taken by the knight in his conquest graph

meaning of his scale in of dragon win
to promote the war of self in nothing
everything thus a knight of light something

war begunst the path taken by the knight
step away from the window safe from light
for in this night one is all; all is right
now along his path he found a new sight
a track a must a wonder lust of might

dragons here and where and there now a kin
in the system of Dark promoted win

thus the trail was hot and ready state
and amongst the knight his will was so late
to understand the black priori gate

now right then how the will was going slow
and the knight was ushered from his day low

a high a track to set the mood a straight
closer to his armor his self a bait
logos fate within the cyst of the world
and thus he came to a river fjord

to cross over the water his new task
a hidden time whence begunst his own mask

to further find the light in dark; a sound
his steed wallowed through the blue water ground
thus he continued from the place around

echoed over the advance a dragon
who of the reign of life was to slay on

a tears eye that which glistened to a strange
the knight that who was in mist of a change

wasted time yet so sublime along the;
lines of what I see and what you will read
his path of wisdom staff was now in tread

closer to the outcrop of rock he felt heat
of a magma that was red to beat
synthesia of all yet held treat

new day order of all that is nothing
so he came to the valley of death bliss
forewarned of love, peace, understanding tis
a lucid dream shone from the void’s ellipse

future of serene held within a day
of what there is where there is what to say
amongst the play of life the divine sway

now closer and closer to his goal’s one
he was a ghost amongst the land of some

roars and spikes shone forth from the dark damp cave
were in his glory his own chance to save
himself from being; a moment of brave
the dance of death his time of the deep grave

chilled to the bones he saw the shape of dark
and hark the herald the move of the lark

stark he began to formulate his rays
an arrow that was lead; bring forth to bay
all that empowers him to the light’s gay

witness the elune’s straight to dragon’s heart
that within all power was a shot start

to end yet begin the tale of dread
scales and scales, mail ahead
thus ends the tale of a transparent dread
as the light shines advanced so must we tread
begin in end; end in being; was said
thus shalt we wilt thee as a new day bread
upon the maker who has now been fed
be a voice of reason upon who led
thus finish begins the dream of the dead


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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3 Responses to Knight’s Armor (Iambic Pentameter)

  1. kvennarad says:

    I clicked ‘like’ here because this is very engaging. With my editor’s hat on (I co-edited a magazine for sonnets and an anthology of sonnets, so I guess I’m qualified to speak about iambic pentameter), I can’t say I fully understand what you’re trying to do here; maybe I will after a couple more readings. What it looks like to me is that you are letting the pentameter run away with you just for fun, not trying to make too much sense, and not bothering whether the prosody cuts across the natural rhythm of words and phrases. If so, the effect is startling in places, but, as I said, engaging. I can’t say whether I actually do like it, but you have my attention.


    • up2quark says:

      I can understand your difficuilty, I wrote this when I was heavily medicated for schizoeffective so the diligence in trying to form logical sequences of sentences was disrupted by the chemicals and missfirings in my brain. With your consideration I’m gonna write a new version more streamlined.

      Anyways thanks for the comments!

      • kvennarad says:

        “…I wrote this when I was heavily medicated for schizoeffective…”

        Jings! That thought never occurred to me! It’s amazing what an altered state can do to poetry (as a spin-off of treatment – I’m not advocating experimentation in that respect).

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