Ode to Deception

Ode to Deception


this is the song of the Celtic flower
who amongst its petals budded all of power
Brahma the dogma of serpentine shower’s
denote the rain of the upscale dower
-who can deny the fickle meal devour?

eat eat eat my nectar sweet treat
screams the newborn who just a meets
an insect that infects the pollen base feat
ying and yang perfect balance every weak
-no more than more of no sweet

travel far travel fast unto each Celtic last
a new music of song for stems past
who hold sweet to me honey our their crash
in the nitrogen shock of fiery past fast
-enrich the soil of pollen base blast

titans arm titan farm of quest unto me
natural of all elementia nation fee
can’t start singing bee until hive pollen creed
is met each day for a honey Celtic being
-all drones are slaves to miss queen B.

power of sweetness power of all that’s nice
power of energy in Euclidean space splice
nectar a particular in rudiment trigonometry
can’t we all see we are part of the fall of sea?
-never stop trust; never stop faith

praise is far form the flower of praise
for each day is anew in situational gay
play with your fire wait on last pollen graise
grass is made of drugs is not nectar a phaze!
-all is greener on the side of daze

one two three pollen grains
four six reversal Styx brains
seven heaven right late drains
Nile the hive of ten hatched hen refrains

Celt like Celt tight lost in color flower
given is mean and de means the pen ocean sway
beyond the home is unknown so grown
of current swell of praise
in the Myst unlikely mystic of surreal ocean haze
the color of nil the colors of nigh
promote the new day sound sigh
round around to the ground all nature
is a factitious sound grace

the deep sleep must weep and pray today
deep in lost thought I must op stop
the feeling of emotional meteor gay
relate in one sea of all breeze
the feather of pigeon hatch way
way to me far from you hope this fades away
can’t sleep or eat nectar sweet until trust is a May
rough winds do swim in poetic field of the day

in between the cross serene was lost a happy guy
who is the man of sorrow comes to lost beehive play
play with me far from you listen guy fawkes hay
straw barley out eaten soap earth return to one by

flow free my flower tree
sesame seed earthly free
grow tall uproot they all
begone all fate today.

stall tall low hill
meet my maker night

deep roots will sink into the soil
and make all earthly thoughts boil
in my brain all tears and toils
must become clarity of snake coil
unwrap the serpent to heaven foil
-aluminum plastic way

stop drop rehop unto the train
flower start to hive depart
recycle the earthly gay
haze of my own self soil
is the maker contrive heat broil

heave hoe axes and throws
Celtic line of usurped grows
in the flower power truer earthly hour
all restarts and resets
by one button push; pulled

cloudy showers ocean mist flowers
rain today on the earthling ring praise
sing along twee twerp yerp sing a long
in the hum diddle dum of pollen strum

strings of time denote the haze
of the druidist reincarnate ocean maze
fly high beyond the particle leaf
for the stem tree sap is a Narnia thief
honey hot honey spot meets ode tree
blue is night content the high
in ocean swelling blues
make to me made new to you
that sets the clue to all few
few to me many to all
beneath an Eden tree fall

this place is great and new wake
behind the new day earth restake
wishes on two poof should of wished more
caught up in my all time thought bore

truth of myself must only help
Celtic flower is amongst the whelp
a small dragon puddle of blood
caught in between the clear blue mud

vulcan caught in between the earth
for the complete truth is the first
for the avalanche is but the earth
green go game of earthly fame black.
a chip the states all evil race attack
each new day the ocean current play
grows like the Celtic flower of May

how do I make a clap into reversal slap
take to sides hot a medium slack
whack is black and tack is sack
watch the rhythm in the universal map

directions to the hive directions to the pollen
triangulate the mangle of a fickle listen doppler
on two fly straight or be late
balance the honey nectar sweet propagate
leverage of a propagated respect date
for begonst is a all lost defrost mate

irony is the greatest of the humor
for what to joke is the flower tumor
that grows and sows to the snow
for pollen is all but a bee’s blow



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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