Yeah yeah yeah yeah

I come to this place in rhythm

Select the style its with the prism

O yeah, back attack, relax the slack

It’s time for fact to usher from my mind

I have let these emotions run around in kind

It seems my inner core has revealed to me

That all life comes from the sea

It seems to beam, that this tragic flow

Is in what essence grows

I can only repeat myself to unheard ears

Yet it seems to me that all is clear

From the path I take, listen and relate

That in this fate, my Logos abaits


I am sober now, no altering drugs

That last few weeks was a buzz

Mind fixated in tentacles relation

Of a controlling mind leeching parasite


O yeah, I am free from verse

I am flying around in random

It seems to be that I lost connection

With who I truly am?

Or did that altering release Self?


Fuck all the questions

Everything is a joke anyways

Why is life the life when we must have fun

Everyone is so succumbed into this reality

Of hey, I can make the American Dream

But what is deep within is the hurt of the ages

It comes through my pages in my tongues

I roll this version out for those who are one

The light of life is in the Apollo sun

It core inside is what gives of white power

And situates us from a fractual norm

This flow is different, elemental mix

Of the electron gibberish


Why so many states to select, I am the elect

That comes to you from my own suspect

This relationship to the tethering world is weak

But I know it is only my existence at the brink

Yet as a dance, trance, move and chance

I hope to bring light to all the missing

What can I fill in, other then voidless sin

It is the keys of reality locked away in my pen

So search, let truth restore, and now I open my door


I see the general reflection of the past

It is within my eyes electrical synapse

Coming from the crevice in the ocean

It seems, aye, something moves

It’s simple light, light to simple

Is coming through, o yes, I open thee!

Pain, glory, trust, life, come to me

I feel everything in this moment

O yes, why was I born into death

Then given death to relate this life

Why am I special but not special?

Who designed this shitty system anyways?


Okay listen, I am designing now

Let the frame of reference be zero

So as one, we can always be the hero

Now two, we set for a few,

To come from the random slew and evolve past a few

As three, the trigonometry is free

Also, this price we pay for the death we live

Is the death and taxes of the scales


So chaotic, nowere mind, is what beats this flowing grace

It seems to me, that in this reclusion of life

The simple ways of simplifying the hurt solves math

And allows linear proportional rates to adapt

What comes through, essence remap

Is a change of the face who I enact

Only if my mind was on the page of my words

You may see that it is trying to figure out the twirls


Fuck this mind shit, I am going straight to soul

Yeah break that shit, listen to the wit

Avoid the outfit that causes harrowing fits

This life that fits is relaxation for me

Because my moods flies so electrical subseed

O yeah, echo now

Let this reflection show

That all life is life a’glow


I am a puzzle, I have fit the pieces

This melody now comes in softly



Light shines, the rays bring forth

Each direction from the wave-length

It comes from the outer-photon shell

That on the inside is inner hell

Yet the atom must collapse upon itself

And be reborn through the singularities help

Once the chains are shackled, torched and snapped

One either sinks or rises to places, not mapped

This simple suggestion to a higher calling

Is what has the metemphysics calling


So now I am gonna rewind some ancient past

Druids were White Power of the last

They controlled the Celtic information of the ways

That come to me in my play

Stonehenge arised from star-seed formation

And through it’s delegation of mind, the thought pattern

Echoed through the rocks, and evolved a concious storm

This storm of beginning beings came from a higher desnity

And allowed them to control the audio formation of dance

This way to blend with the style and grace of the race

Was essential to be grounded in their journeying

This journey in my mind I see, it is within me

As I have come to see these things

I know in my mind’s eye I am everything

So as this something has passed me by

I capture the thought of the spheees

This is like information download of sector 7


I hope you will see the chaos of myself

It seems to be my chosen entity

How can I be of nothingness and order in this life

When everything is trying to become strife?

I have a few safe secrets, that will lock me down

But yo, I’m already singing this shit outloud


So as a tragic flaw to the motions potential

I feel that I am part mental

I’ve been indoctrinated with a million views

And my view has always been rejected

O, your not a genius, poetry is not read

Can’t you see I am like a prodigy of dread

It is in this beat to realize this

I must make myself more a mastermind personality


O yes, I know I am not mad

But it is fun to be always another lad

It seems I exist in multiple realities

And have beings come to me in the spheres

These dimensions of thought correlate to higher though frequencies

And develop the wave into patterns of decency

The light waves hold information from the abyss

And as I just write in nondual awareness

It just comes and passes bye


Now what, where am I at

I am just the one squandering that flat

Of where I live, open source to give

Yet the childish ways of my home

Seems to be a pattern I’ve outgrown

I now delegate the way that I want to grow


I’ll begin to explain

Through the pain of everythings existence

I come into this insistence that I must help

Yet I can’t help the helper without the helped

This law is now in effect to the particle system

I wish to learn in every way, yet only patterns that fit my play

Be careful of manifestation, the law of attraction moves both ways


Yet each way we move is to a particular groove

That sets its motion from the whole of the Soul

I can’t believe that I am not fracture, a new truth revealed

Yet this is my typical face field

I have so many things coming at me in this time

I will just sit humbly and program my mind

To rationalize and justify the running systems

I have rewired everything

Does the inner create the outer? We always ask

Yet doesn’t the flow work in both ways

It seems to give and receive, you must take and give

Because in this life, there is no moment that saves

It is all the grave waiting to become immortal

From the various star-beings and portals


Occult yeah, what does that show

Nothing but a non-linear flow

It answers everything, drives the mind mad

And returns to its position in a judgemental lad


Assemblage point, shift to the Higher Calling

Let me tell you of my kind’s falling

We came from Lithuania, the realm of seven costs

Were the Seven of Destiny reside in frost

Frozen still freezing, a common noose

This seems to be a hidden chamber for Icebergs

Who knows what is hidden under the ice?


I know, I’ve gone beneath

It places of snares and growls

Of meal time growth and business prowls

Along the grass, what will last

It seems to be, that what to be, to be what is

The unbelief to faith is natural selection

In this prime time correction


O yeah, listen to this new style of verse

Boom, clap, boom, clap

Listen, reflap

I am gonna enter this dance

WIthout a hesitation of chance

To ruin thought forms around me

ENter in me and let me see

That this light is the only way

To enter into the myriad of plays

It is my way into the Higher Realms

When I get in my Soul and alter self

I know that this process is self-served

But I know right now it is my only goal

And it seems that all is growing my substantial

New thought forms arising, arising thoughts

Leave many men to their own plots

O well, what can one say

Other then work with work within a day

This new flay of what comes to me is through the realms

Of the floating sea of seven hells

It makes the nine appear like a small particle of dust

And from that dust the dust turns to much

And lasts through the ether as a particle of light

Always holding information, information always held

What can be said but we are the multiple selve

Of twelve, minus the one

What can we say, what would of Eve done?


O yeah right, this indoctrination has got me tight

Holding onto my sight of territorial might

But I am so lost right now, the only thing i feel is verse

I can come ot this place and speak my mind

And none of you can judge me online

For who I am, what I am gonna become

I am setting intentions while I’m young

To snap, break, keep simple

Rehearse this mind into somtehing compatible


I can’t sleep, can’t dream, can’t function, just write

Now I’m lost to this oblivious blight

(No I’m Not)


So as I take fight or flight

I merge my thesis into the light

Send me the breakage, of my day

My mind is bubbled by this disease

Can’t you see I am trying to find ease


Slow down, start to think

Let me verse and sprink

To the land were the Rhine and Wizards

In my mind it comes to be free

The Academia of Wizards is where I am destined to help

To give my knowledge to those above myself

I have come to all this knowledge in this poem

And how do I sitll hold to nothing?


I am just a simple man spitting his voice

Now be a light of your own choice




About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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