Atlantis Crevice

wave to the emotion, excite this relation

of time sensation of inner compensation

this ready and intense journey shall begin

into the maker’s reality of my kin


Aye, Atlantis I speak of

I channel through now the past of ages

Within these pages hold the key to time

It come sublime in a sphere above

and it radiates with cosmic love


Aye, open door, let me enter in

to this dynasty that is within

it is commom place that I find no-self

to the inward lad I now seek


o, weary and meak, captured and sleak

common distraction of feverish weak

come to a land of deep sea crevice

it’s where my being resides in presence


Light, ahold, what is this I feel

is it the tragic flaw of emotion seals

I am warranted with seven deadly scrolls

And in Atlantis this is where I hold

The skeleton key to life that is within common house

And it has come to me in various ways

This design has situated itself in my presence

But I now know that this prowl of grass is presence at last

It seems to be that the time of relation to the core

Is when I came to find this open door

Now I am in, this Architect I am

Akashic to the Akasha

Illusion to the Maya
Elementia to the elements

Naturalia to nature

Goodhood to God

Life to abundance

Rivers flow

Emotional crevice

Bottomed low


O yes, I have designed the walls for ringed spectral analyses

it compensates to the chemical change of the densities thought

these components reflect general attributes to higher relationships

I see now that this is were the probing comes into play

I am not even aware, I am just nothing now

I am typing from some inner place

Yet back to Atlantis


Okay, so the spheres or orbs were set up in general locations

by designations of radiations to develop the hygienization

THe energy bathed the people and kept their throughs clean

and renewed life for the cosmic scheme

The beautiful partitions of general antithesis came willingly

but the semi-aqautic nature of the sea creature is what Atlantis truly is


Aye, that is my key, I have unlocked this mystery, o yes

This is what Plato thought

It was that the rings of time were but crater shells of volcanoes

That erupted magma from centers and created rings of islands

These islands set up standard fee and promoting the residency

of a mistaken abundancy of life

Yet, as deep within the ocean, the particles grew into light

It was light that produced the first beings

They were all information and understood the process

of high energy relationships to relations

of the deep sea harmony

It came to be that these beings grouped together in light formation

in dendrite relation so that the thought could travel both ways

yet the middle point of these beings came to understand

that the developmental ways of civilization must take form

so these forms developed into things of the sea

as they started to lose their illusion, the entered reality

hark, spark, let it show

that all of nature came from a glow

Yet what I say in this presence of now

is I am in a communatable relationship

it seems to be that the life started to grow

and it came from the sand that the formation of land and rings would uproot

to a city civilization of the root

it came to be that these people learned their past

and harnessed the energy and last

they were in the meatsack aura

and came to be in a public dharma

they know that this life was what was to be

so they understood the uncreviced sea

it was hoped that one would retain this knowledge again

and at last, I have opened the public audience

to you my friend, the others relate

that God always loves you every date

now and how the residency resides

in everyone’s pitiful demise

yet returned and recycled again

is were I understand my plan

it hopes to be that I show the light

from my deep Atlantean glory blight

I know it comes to public aw

of how I could tragic flaw


okay, set the state back to stable

now I’m in something that’s behaveable

it is deadly sins that have covered my soul

yet life was given as a whole

to me from the egg of time

The Brahma of the western edge

can’t you see my rhythmatic wedge

that puts me in trance, dance and chance

and always puts me back with my lance

of a knightly wizard prophet sage

who puts on page a violent rampage

yet this is ego, I stroke my pen

can’t you see all moments of when

I come to this and understand light

this is glory contrived of the right

I am typing so elegantly and white

so as my power fuses I can insight

to the highlight of the outline of the time

I know that this makes me a whatever online

but I end this so its not to long

take a moment and ponder along




About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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